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A program designed for those who feel fatigued, lack energy, feel confused about health advice and would like to feel healthier!

Are you ready to feel great?

Life is all about lifestyle. Your lifestyle; the choices you make everyday, the food you eat, the thoughts you have, the work you do and the movement you choose all shape who you are and how you feel. Being mindfully aware of all of these choices is paramount to happiness & wellness.

I believe everyone can have access to great health and this can be achieved through having meaningful occupations, meaningful relationships, a deep respect for your body and an open hearted approach to life in general.

Design Your Life for Health 30 day Program is based on the 6 pillars of health; MIND - BODY, EATING - MOVEMENT, WORK - PLAY. We will explore your unique needs and implement weekly challenges to get you focused and moving towards a life that truly supports your health.

The program starts with a Comprehensive Initial Lifestyle Health Audit that will identify which key areas you need to focus your changes. This can be completed in person or via Skype depending on your location. You will receive weekly challenges or tasks in each of the 6 pillars of health and you will also do a Lifestyle Detox......out with the old & stale, in with the new & innovative. You will be held accountable to the changes along the way.

The program is designed for you to make lasting lifestyle changes that you can and will sustain, rather than throwing out after the 30 days finishes and returning to old habits!

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Look forward to working with you!

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