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Level 5, 121 Exhibition Street Melbourne

121 Exhibition Street

Melbourne, Vic 3001


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Currently there is no mechanism that can identify vegetation faults in a timely manner and more specifically what type of species of vegetation is on/touching (causing a fault) a powerline. For example, if a tree or branch touches the line a device could detect the type of tree and send a message back to the distribution business as to whether there is potential for a fire start e.g. urgent action required or that the tree is a peppercorn (for example) and poses no risk, however in time it should be removed from the line.

In line with the Powerline Bushfire Safety Programs (PBSP) Research & Development Fund’s objectives, the PBSP is looking for development of an algorithm that can identify what particular plant species is causing a fault if a tree branch were to fall onto a powerline.

A large amount of Fault Signature detection data collected throughout the PBSP will assist with the development of the algorithm.

If we are able to detect the species of vegetation on/touching a powerline we will be able to reduce bushfire risk. All Victorians would benefit from this, and potentially Australia and world-wide if an algorithm is developed that can be utilised by power companies or manufacturers to detect and alert operational managers to the presence of vegetation on a high-voltage bare-wire powerline


How do I acces the Fault Signature detection data?

Findings from this research have been made publicly available in order to foster further research, innovative solutions and business enterprise of improved detection equipment and technologies to prevent bushfires from powerlines.

The full authorised data set including 300GB of photos, videos, test logs and report, are available on the DataVic Website.

Note - A data navigation spreadsheet will be emailed to you along with the project Guidelines once you register to attend the initial launch briefing session.

****** Please note *******

We are currently consolidating the fault signature data available on the DataVic website for the three particular plant species that the project will focus on. This consolidation will assist you in not having to download every test video that is on the DataVic website e.g video test 51 - 100. We will email you when this consolidated file is available for download. However if you would like to download the data (including other vegetation species data) before this file becomes available please visit the DataVic Website.

What will be discussed at the Initial Briefing Session?

The Vegetation Detection Project Team along with a technical expert will provide participants with detail in relation to the project scope, provide technical details on the data already captured, application process and the purpose/aim of the upcoming workshops.

At this session participants can ask questions to understand the scope of the project

During the event the following will be addressed

    • Vegetation Detection Project Team welcomes and provides an overview of the Challenge objective and Challenge criteria.

    • Technical introduction including information relating to the existing fault signature data.

    • You will have the opportunity to link in with other participants and build a team. (Skills market matching session)

    • Questions and discussion regarding the project.

    • Next steps – Invitation for participants to attend Ideas Sprint to present their initial project proposals.

When and where is the event occuring?

The briefing session will occur on the evening of 2 May 2017 between 6pm and 7.30pm and will be held at Level 5, 121 Exhibition Street Melbourne Victoria.

If I register my interest what do I need to do next?

Once you purchase a ticket (free of charge) through Eventbrite the project team will send you a copy of the Vegetation Detection Project Guidelines for review and acceptance.

Is there prize money up for grabs?

Yes, the Challenge has the following prize money up for grabs

$10,000 for the winner and $3,500 for second place

What is the eligibility criteria to enter the event?

If you would like to continue your participation in the Challenge, the following eligibility criteria needs to be met by each participant.

  1. Acceptance of the Challenge Terms and Conditions (this information is outlined in the Guidelines that will be sent to you once you register your interest).

  2. Agreement to grant to the Department the appropriate intellectual property rights to use or adapt the developed algorithm for the purposes of the Proof of Concept and Market Ready stages, in accordance with the Challenge Terms and Conditions.

  3. Must reside in Australia.

  4. Participants must be 16 years and over.

What if I want to bring a friend?

The more the merrier, just let the project team know by emailing so we can send them a copy of the project Guidelines.

Will there be catering provided?

Yes, light refreshments and fingerfood will be provided. Please let us know of any dietary requirements.

How can I contact the organiser if I have a question?

If you have any questions prior to the event please email or call (03) 9412 4557

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Date and Time


Level 5, 121 Exhibition Street Melbourne

121 Exhibition Street

Melbourne, Vic 3001


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