Data Showdown 2019

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37 Reservoir St

Surry Hills, NSW 2010


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  • 7 min per presentation + questions

  • Panel of judges, scoring each presentation (criteria below)

  • At the end of the evening Australia's best presentation wins!


Talk 1)

APIs as a Data Foundation

Building a data pipeline to quickly process diverse, large, and complex datasets in an integrated, correct and complete data pipeline. We’ll show the design and implementation that we used to fulfil these requirements, which now produces the foundational APIs for financial data for the Australian government.

Speakers: Brian Cole, Senior Technical Architect, Australian Government

Talk 2)

Accelerated end to end data lifecycle

The value of any analytics projects is only realised when the complete lifecycle of the data is followed, the aim of this topic to cover data ingestion to data prediction in accelerated way, this could include multiple tools and technologies and cover specific use case on the prediction for propensity of a customer to buy.

Speakers: Karthik Murugan, Associate Director - Digital Customer Experience, Bridge Business Consulting

Talk 3)

"Dive into wearable technology and discover its impact on your future life."

Novel advances in wearable technology are bringing us to a new era of ubiquitous possibilities that were previously unimaginable. A wearable device such as Smart Glasses produces a huge amount of raw data per user that requires appropriate processing in order to infer the context in which a person is embedded. Creating robust methods to identify a person activity is the foundation in the path towards assisting users in their daily life. For example, elders can be warned when facing risky areas and Alzheimer patients could be reminded of forgotten activities. Come and enjoy with us the innumerable benefits of the awakening of this technological trend!

Speakers: Sheila Pinto Caceres

Talk 4)

Data Quality Assessment in Streaming Data Flows

Is your data refined to generate value? In this session, we converge on changing the perspective from “I hope my data is clean” to “How do I know my data is clean?“, to ensure that it is meeting the expectations of the data consumer and fits into the data quality dimensions.

The focus of our talk will be on building a robust data quality framework to automate data quality checks by visualising data quality and improve data profiling faster.

Speakers: Vinu Kumar, CTO HorizonX.

Talk 5)

Surfs up! Get prepared for the next world-wideweb wave.

The way in which the web is connected and is being consumed is changing. Unfortunately, hang-ups that exist from the early days of the WWW are adding friction to this transition. The tech giants are addressing this with new standards and requirements for those building for the web. We are on the cusp of big changes and the solution is deeply coupled with how data for the web is structured. The next 5 years will see sweeping changing leaving those that remain stagnant behind.

Speaker: Shaun Bettridge, Co-Founder @ ApointB, Lecturer @ UTS

Talk 6)

Ongoing Forecasting of Bank Customer Credit Risk, Expenditure and Income

Last year at the Inaugural Data Showdown 2018 (Melbourne) we showed how financial risk forecasting could be greatly improved with the use of data analytics, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, and now we also have long term forecasting of customer income and expenditure to build a truly unique customer 360-degree view. By also automating the DataMart and Model build processes we have created bespoke financial models for an individual customer, that can be used to improve financial IQ/Health, as well as enabling financial institutions to customise offerings to meet individual customer needs.

Speakers: Theo Adis, Finteon, David Brice, Finteon

Talk 7)

An AI-Driven Transport Agency of the Future

High velocity transport network in the state of NSW across Bus, Rail, Ferry and Light Rail generates an immense amount of data each day. As a forward looking government organisation, Transport for NSW is constantly innovating to improve services based on diagnostic insight as well as anticipating taxpayer needs using predictive foresight. Find out how Contino helped TfNSW implement an end to end data and forecasting platform for real-time network traffic predictions within 9 weeks. Using AWS SageMaker, DeepAR, Lambdas and Snowflake.

Speakers: Yun Zhi Lin, Head of Enginering, Contino & Lucas Rafagnin, Technical Principal, Contino

Rules for Presentation / Judging Criteria

- Contestants will be judged on the value that their contribution delivers. It is therefore important that they spell out the relevant KPIs, and compare with benchmarks where appropriate.

- Contestants will be judged on KPI performance, but also on the appropriateness of the KPI, and the context of measurement (such as benchmarks).

- Where sophisticated technology such as AI / Machine Learning are used, contestants are encouraged to explain the need for the sophistication, and the advantage over simpler techniques.

- Contestants will be judged on appropriate sophistication.

- Finally, contestants will be judged on how engaging they are in their presentation style.


Call for sponsors

- If you'd like to sponsor the Data Showdown please reach out to 0415306731 or 0420249111

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This is a sponsor funded event your registration details will be shared with sponsors for marketing purposes.

Also please read our code of conduct.

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Date and Time


37 Reservoir St

Surry Hills, NSW 2010


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