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We are excited to announce the launch of Cultivating a No-Blame Culture Program. This interactive and engaging workshop aimed at moving your teams from surviving to thriving is now available for in-house bookings.


Creating a psychologically safe workplace and thriving teams by cultivating a no-blame culture

The strength of blame reflex is dependent on how psychologically safe your workplace is...

Even the best workplaces encounter disruptors that cause stress and frustration. If these are not managed in a positive way, a good culture can fall victim to friction, low staff morale, and a culture of blame. This culture becomes a business risk in itself.

Blame is a virus; it can spread fast and deep, impacting an organisation’s culture, and personal and professional relationships. You might think you don’t have a blame culture but maybe you do. It only takes one person to start projecting blame for someone else to do the same.

  • Cultivating a No-Blame Culture helps your organisation continue to be a great place to work, and prevent a poor culture from ever developing.Instead of allowing blame to contribute to conflict, resentment and affect productivity, we’ll explore of the reasons for blame in the workplace, and how to shift blaming thought processes.

  • Cultivating a No-Blame Culture focuses on senior management’s approach to risk. Instead of allowing a culture of blame to negatively affect worker engagement, it helps organisations become aware how to use responsibility and accountability in a positive way. Forget about finger-pointing – what if you could focus on ONE THING for your organisation that would cultivate a culture of ‘blame changers’?

What is Blame, and How Big of a Problem Is It?

Even the best leaders are human. They may fail to give proper credit to those they rely on, and blame others for their shortcomings. The good news is that with awareness, blame culture is reversible. But left to spread, blame can be terminal to both physical and psychological safety in the workplace.

Where humans gather, so too does blame in some shape or form:

- Some people are self-blamers. They will just cop it and think they are the problem.
- Some people pass the buck, and blame others or situations when things go wrong.
- Some people have no acceptance of any responsibility or blame.
- And others are blame changers – ‘fessing up when they contributed to an issue, and not blaming others or the situation.

Your workplace is comprised of all of these people. How this is managed has an impact on personal and workplace relationships, the culture, and safety risks.

The Workshop in a Nutshell:

Cultivating a No-Blame Culture creates awareness to shift the thought processes that contribute to a culture of undesired risk.

We use a different, engaging approach – free from finger-pointing – that people will actually participate in, especially managers who want to do the right thing, but are just not sure how to do it. Often, people are unaware of the deeper reasons for blame. We bring those reasons out into the light, and take your people out of their own head to tackle safety from a different perspective.

The workshop challenges senior leaders and their staff to move to a culture where boundaries are clear and people take responsibility for their actions and omissions.

We will explore:

  1. The problem of blame and its impact

  2. Where your organisation sits in the blame culture quadrant, and where you want it to be

  3. How blame affects people’s attitudes and feelings, and ultimately, their work

  4. The health, safety and wellbeing benefits of cultivating a no-blame culture

  5. Actionable methods to replace finger-pointing with collaboration and problem solving


This program will inspire and challenge you and your team to cultivate a mentally healthy environment enriched with engagement, increased productivity and overall wellbeing.

You’ll learn how to manage the blame response, and how that can be turned into a positive for leaders and staff, to thrive rather than just survive in their role.

Participants will leave the program with new insights and actionable tools and methods tailored to their business that they can implement immediately.


Contact Amy Towers to arrange a program presentation


Senior managers
Decision makers

Wednesday 11th October 2017

Melbourne, TBC

9 AM - 4 PM (AEDT)

$700 + GST

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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