Crush Sales Fear And Turbo-charge Your Business

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2 / 14-20 Aerodrome Raod

Maroochydore, QLD 4558


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How to obliterate the fears that are holding you back from making multiple 6 figures this year!

Forget Sales without selling.

Sales is NOT a dirty word.

Sales is not something you should avoid.

Sales is where LOVE inter-sects with SELF-RESPECT.

And, as long as you avoid the truth, then you will feel uncomfortable about SALES.

If you're ready to embrace the truth.

Ready to stand for your client.

And, be prepared to say NO?!

Then it's time.

Time for the Ultimate Sales Evolution Intensive

At this seminal event you will learn how to:

  • Own what is holding your business back from mediocrity.
  • Adopt absolute clarity on the mindset of a sales warrior
  • Be certain of the who, what, when, where and why of EVERY conversation.
  • Smash through your fears and see sales as a force for good.
  • Know your numbers - to develop your picture for success.
  • Develop the art of elegant conversation - hint: men are often really bad on this.
  • Handle objections, knowing at the end of the conversation that you did your best.

Who is this event NOT for?

This is a safe environment, meaning all participants are invited to do just that, participate. You will be encouraged to take part, be vulnerable, and ask the questions. Cos if you won’t do it here, you sure as hell won’t do it on a sales call!

Reasons people have for not picking up the phone:

I can’t call my prospect after 1pm.

I called last time and they said no.

Oh, I know that person, there’s no way’s they have the money.

Aaah, I’m pretty sure that person —Bob— knows all about what I’m selling.

It's Tuesday and internet told me Tuesday’s are bad for sales.

His wife will never let him take my course.

He’s so busy, I know he doesn’t have the time to talk to me.

Sales is about Love and Respect!

It’s about loving yourself enough to to overcome your own challenges.


The self-respect that comes from knowing you are truly serving the needs of your client.



10 years ago I was so unfulfilled in my work that I fell into despair.

10 years ago I thought about sales as dirty word.

10 years ago, after failing so hard, I lost self-respect.

I had tried all sorts of things in business, and nothing seemed to work.

Then one day --right here in Australia-- I met my mentor who reshaped my entire belief system.

Gulliver gave me the tools to succeed in any business

A little over two years ago.

I was scared of people saying no, worrying about whether they liked me or not, petrified I might lose the sale.

Flash forward to today.

I have helped 100’s of people achieve their own dreams and goals.

Along the way, securing multiple 6 figures for my clients.

Save yourself the heartache, disappointment and importantly the time.

This breakthrough workshop is in it’s infancy and the learning’s I have to share cost over THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Critically, this does not count the 10 years of lost opportunities
, desperately trying to win in business.

I tell this story to find the one’s who feel moved.

And if you do, it’s because these things matter to you.

My gut said to charge $497.00

And then I remembered how I got started.

And it wasn't a $20,000 investment.

At first I took a small step.

So I'm not even gonna charge $97.00

This intimate, creme dala creme, vip treatment workshop is going for a song.

You investment is only $67.00.

Join me on Saturday 1 July, where the journey begins.

Will you choose to Step Up?

Engage. Breakthrough. Lead

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Date and Time



2 / 14-20 Aerodrome Raod

Maroochydore, QLD 4558


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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