Creatively Curious - Exploring Communication & Self-Expression
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Creatively Curious - Exploring Communication & Self-Expression

Creatively Curious - Exploring Communication & Self-Expression

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Perth, WA 6000


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Have you ever had that dreadful experience, whereby what you said was entirely different to how it seemed in your mind? Perhaps there are times where you really would like to better understand the art of communication (internally and externally) to make interactions with others smoother and more worthwhile?

This full day workshop has been designed for individuals who want to experience a unique and movement filled day. Being in a space to develop your capability in clearly expressing self. Understanding more about the depth of communication, and how influencing others starts with self and clarity of message. When we communicate for any reason, we need to develop clear flow and sequences to articulate meaning well in order to influence others. We need to understand and receive feedback in the moment to adjust and adapt to the interaction. Sounds a bit like an improv dance doesn’t it?

Whether you’re thinking leadership, parenting, relationships, friendships or personal improvement for self-communication - imagine being a part of a full day experience whereby you get to explore and discover communication and self-expression in an entirely new way.

During the workshop, the form of dance will be used a metaphor, and a way to actively outwardly develop stories, emotions and expression that helps you learn more about how to articulate and understand communication. Revealing internal dialogue and working with the group will further uncover your own strengths and give insight to your own communication style.

Just so you know, you don’t have to dance (there is a little warm up session)…your job is to learn about dance and choreograph a performance for the dance teacher to perform as the final outcome of the day! Saying this, there is plenty of movement and a chance to join in with Rachel, when she is teaching the group. The more you experience the more you’ll understand.

During the workshop you will experience and gain further insight into

  • Building confidence in communication for work and home life

  • Understand the aspects of telling a story to relate to others

  • How to craft messages and create clear communication with others

  • Learn to let go and accept the new

  • Understand more about body language and reading signals

  • How you communicate in a group

  • What happens when you are inside and outside of your comfort zone

  • Your reactions to unknown situations

  • Your own emotional state and emotional control

The structure of the day


Suzanne will set the intentions and aspirations for the day. Learn about each other and settle in ready for some movement and learning! Suzanne will explore the art of communication, sensory acuity (how we read others) and general principles of communication. You will also cover understanding human behaviour and why expression, communication and articulation achieve better results and relationships.


Rachel will teach the fundamentals of dance and how to choreograph a story, emotion or message through movement. Rachel is a very skilled teacher and will delve into how to design a 3-minute dance performance. Here you get to see her in action, then learn the basics of dance and what you will be able to design for her to perform at the end of the day.


The group will then have several hours to design, create, explore and check back in with Rachel and Suzanne whilst you stretch your minds (and possibly your limbs) and get the creative juices flowing. Rachel and Suzanne will coach and guide to enable your learning and experience of story telling, emotions and movement to really come through, whilst you learn about yourself and how you express yourself in action, doing something you usually wouldn’t be doing!


The groups will teach back to Rachel the final performance ready for the final act (anyone feeling more sorry for the teacher now?)! Rachel will then perform based on the design from the group. This will be taped and available to do with what you will.


As with any activity the best lessons can be in the debrief. Suzanne will take the group through an intensive debrief having experienced their differing levels of learning and reaction throughout the activities and make an action plan for future use of the learning during the day.

Suzanne & Rachel are looking forward to making your day a useful experience that relates to art, creativity and communciation.

They hope you can join in!

NOTE: This is day filled with movement. Come in clothes where you can be comfortable.

All materials are provided. A light and healthy lunch is included.

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Date and Time



Perth, WA 6000


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