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Cosmic Woman//Ancient Sound// Shamanic Journey //Sunshine Coast

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Secrets Of The Honey Tree Womb Space

101 Memorial Drive

Eumundi, QLD 4562


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Ceremony ~ Sacred Portal of Transformation //Wise Woman Awakening

Deepen into Anchoring in Ancient Codes ~ STAR WOMAN AWAKEN


These Immersions are always potent!
The FIre Energy is ON ~ like a mini sweat lodge
Smoking Ceremony to begin ~ cleansing outside to clear the way

Medicine Drum Healing

Medicine Drum Awakens ~We open the Medicine Wheel and anchor in our bodies Creating a Portal of Expansion

We open this space internally and expand our being
~ clear and Activate body channel

Yoni/ Womb Activation sequence~ to restore and clear the energetic flow
Unlock the energetic & physical blocks held in memory of cells
~ Awaken our SOUND
Our Voice and Womb are deeply connected to Mamma Gaia
This space allows the Ancient Portal to Awaken
Using Sound/Voice as Vibrational tool to clear, channel an Activate pure light ~
Unlocking and Activating our bodies allows the frequency to LIFT and transmute any density
This is a collective clearing ~ we are calling for this freedom!


Ancient Sounds come through with ease when our Medicine Woman Awakens ~

this can be playful, raw and so freeing

Star Woman Songs come through with ease

This Solstice turning point is where we expand even more NOW
If you have done so much clearing now is your time to really Anchor in your TRU Essence

If this is NEW for you come with an open Heart trusting the call /beginners are Welcome!

  • Bring your DRUM (if you have one)
  • Rattles are potent ( I have many to share)
  • wear comfy non-restrictive clothing
  • no perfumes or strong deodorants ~please!!
  • warm space with carpet and heating
  • yoga mats/pillows avail
  • bring a blanket to cover
  • no tight pants or jeans/loose around hips and belly is best
  • make an offering wrapped with your Intention (flowers/plant/photo/crystal to bring to centre )

Chocolate to share for after!

Contact : sherridanboyle@hotmail.com


If you require a Concession please contact me x

Kali River
"I don't know how I ended up there, I couldn't even tell you how I first heard of her, all I know is I felt a pull.

My first experience grounded me deep to myself and to Earth like no other.
Energy rushed into my body through the most sacred of portals, opening, warming, shining a light

After it finished I knew I wasn't done yet, I needed to keep opening. So I came to her full day immersion.Here amongst strangers in another woman's home, I felt safe, connected and ready to journey. My journey was unexpected and startling. It was not what I thought I was there for, but wow, what I discovered has made me whole."
I gifted myself the journey with Sherridan not knowing exactly what to expect or where it was going to lead me afterward. I was so nervous in days before not knowing what to expect. For the first time I found I let go in the circle, I let go of the fear and shame
that had weighed heavily on me throughout my lifetime.
I found strange comfort amongst strangers also going through their personal process.
Sherridan is real in her approach and in turn encourages you to find your own real what ever that may be.
I left this journey in a different way to when I arrived, I left with a remembered part of myself I had learned
to hide from the world, I brought back a piece I had been searching for since I was a young girl.
The journey continues and the amour I used to protect myself is now starting to falling away.
I have a new voice I can not return to a state of hiding'


Beautiful, dear medicine woman..

I am beyond blessed that our paths crossed & we have finally connected again.. thank you for yet another profound & potent ceremony..

I feel super honoured to have sat in on the circle of such magical women on Saturday night & journeyed inwards with the divine plant medicine.. YUMMY.. have not sang like that in years ! Or ever, as a matter of fact. & my goddess it felt gooooood.

Blessings to you for holding our safe & sacred space, to be our guide, so that we can crack open gently & access our inner priestess power.. muchos love to you Sherridan, inspirational Wombman


Like I was in a massive vortex energy that just kept building and it just felt so raw and empowering to be in that pure tribal feminine energy that is what I felt feeling so free, and wild just makes my soul sing I love it.

I have felt some big shifts around me, some bringing bliss other feelings of sadness, but being in the circle also feeling that total love and acceptance."

Michelle M Feb Immersion Sunshine Coast 2015


To be led into a meditative state was... simple, because we had ready hearts now, opened by our song, because we had said "yes"I'd like to say, from the moment I arrived there was a sense of... anticipation, because my energy immediately began to merge with the energy of the women in the circle. The vibe was one of preparation, intuitively readying ourselves as sisters to journey. The essence upon arriving was respect... and honouring our unified intention to access our truth.

We were invited to sing to the mountains... shaking our rattles together, all being true to our own rhythm, we merged again with naturally occurring harmony.

As our voices grew in volume and grew in confidence, the more personal our songs became to our own hearts, which brought forth a beautiful quality I can only remember from a tribal lifetime past.

From here, to be led into a meditative state was... simple, because we had ready hearts now, opened by our song, because we had said "yes", we had shown up... each of us. Sherridan held the space for us to gently hold the energy for each other.

I journeyed deeply that night. The ripples continue to move through me with reverence and relevance to this day. Love Beth

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Secrets Of The Honey Tree Womb Space

101 Memorial Drive

Eumundi, QLD 4562


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