Conversations With Your Soul - Workshop

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Cranbourne East

4 Dartmoor Drive

Cranbourne East, VIC 3977


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Conversations With Your Soul - Workshop

Your Body Is Your Soul’s Secret Messenger

The quality of your health determines the quality of your life.”

Celebrating NEW YEAR 2018!


Your life is not fulfilling, and your BODY is limiting your HAPPINESS,


You want to know what is the message your soul is comunicating to you.


Discover WHY and HOW


All you ever want is to be SLIM, HEALTHY AND FULL OF ENERGY!

Just like everybody else.

What will you be doing at the Saturday 7pm workshop?

  • Learn how your SOUL talks through your BODY.

  • Learn 5 magical steps to your HEALTH AND VITALITY

  • Learn how your SOUL links your body and spirit to the greater forces of the universe.

  • Learn how take care of the needs of your soul, so your body can respond immediately.

  • Learn about 28 Day Jump – Start program for Radiant Health and Glorious Vitality

  • Create a Miracle Box for Health.

  • Expierience guarded meditation.

This is the time to celebrate, a time of joy and a time to be happy.

YES, be happy.

Seems like everyone is celebrating and enjoying this time of the year,

Everyone but YOU.

There’s this burning feeling that you are NOT what you want to be, you dont look or feel the way you want to. You see beautiful healthy people around you jumping with excitement because of summer activities, and then you hear the dreadful words:


You feel like you want to hibornate for the whole summer!

Yes you do.

But instead, you dress up in your best beach outfit shining from sweat, you know that you have put on another few kilos over winter, and the thought of you on the beach with your friends just makes you feel …....................................................................................

Celebrating NEW YEAR, BUT your body is just not working with you!

OF Course.

You are intollerant to food, and when you eat something that everybody else eats, only YOU feel sick, bloated and embarassed.

And as every cell begins to sing with joy . . .

miracles abound and an inner radiance shines through you.

Every single day your soul is whispering to you; it's speaking to you through your body.

5 Magical steps to your HEALTH AND VITALITY


Assess where you are physically right now.

For example, if your goal is to get in shape/drop weight and inches, then make sure that you know what those measurements are and write them down. If you want to get your blood pressure down, then write down what it currently is. If you want to increase flexibility (increase strength) then write down what your current flexibility (strength) is in the different parts of your body. You can even draw an outline of your body and put arrows to the different places with notations about it all...glands/ organs/ skin/bones/ muscle tone/etc./etc. or just list different parts of your body with an assessment.


Make a big detailed list of all the things that you COULD do to re-vitalize your body:

i.e. taking vitamins (list them), doing yoga, tai chi, stretching, avoidance of refined sugar, no alcohol, meditation, breathing exercises, clutter clearing/feng shui health area of bagua, eating raw foods, doing affirmations, alternating hot and cold showers, getting massage (acupuncture) , etc. etc.


Make a pie chart of how you spend your waking hours (on an average day).

Be specific. Maybe you average an hour and a half a day food preparation; one hour a day eating; four hours at the computer. Then look to see how much of that pie chart contributes to your health and vitality, and how much detracts from it, and how much is neutral. Then drawn up a pie chart of how you "could" spend your day in ways that would empower your health.


Write down all the reasons why you might think that this program WON'T work for you.

i.e. maybe you've done lots of health/weight loss/energy- building etc. programs and nothing's worked , so you might assume that this probably won't either. Or maybe you feel that you are too busy to really do this program full-out so it probably won't work. Maybe you just wanted to see if you could learn a few new techniques, but you don't really expect any personal results. Maybe you always sabotage every attempt to empower yourself/drop weight/ stay focused/keep your word/ etc. Etc. etc. Write as many reasons as you can.

And then write down WHY you absolutely must do something NOW to empower your health ... and what the consequences will be in the future if you don't take action NOW.


Write down what exact results you desire for yourself as a result of changing.

Of course, you might consider making a sacred contract with yourself, creating an altar, getting yourself a couple of notebooks, one for processing and one for your joy journal, etc.

The Soul (and the Body) Loves the Truth

Working towards health is about unlocking the secret messages within, revealing the truth about your life and your body. When you tell the truth, your energy, vibrancy, and health increases. When you don’t, you become depleted and your body suffers. Many people are exhausted, out of shape, overweight, or in poor health because they’re not being starkly honest with themselves. When you are authentic, your soul and body thrive.

Just because—under normal circumstances in life—you tell the truth, this doesn’t mean that you’re not lying about your life. Many individuals don’t even realize they’re being dishonest with themselves. The hardest untruths to shatter are the ones that you’ve been holding on to for so long that you’ve come to believe they’re true. For example, some people put forth tremendous effort in convincing themselves that they love their job, even when their body (which is the soul’s messenger) sends communications by becoming lethargic, tired, and dull only at work. It’s as if the body were saying, “Hey, dude! This isn’t working!” Those who ignore these messages and continue to assume that all is well may find that their body becomes increasingly depleted.

Work towards uncovering the reality of who you are and what you’re really feeling, which will have a profound effect on your health. When you live and act in accordance with the dictates and truths of your soul, your body flourishes.

This Soul Coaching Program® is provided by Beata Cerda, a Certified Soul Coaching Practitioner®.

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Date and Time


Cranbourne East

4 Dartmoor Drive

Cranbourne East, VIC 3977


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