Conversations Across the Creek : Biodiversity

Conversations Across the Creek : Biodiversity

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Green Couch Room, Peter Baume Building (42A)

Peter Baume Building

Acton, ACT 2601


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Conversations Across the Creek provides a space for continuing dialogue among ANU scientists, social scientists, and humanities scholars.

About this event

Conversations Across the Creek has been running for several years to provide a space for continuing dialogue among ANU scientists, social scientists, and humanities scholars. It recognises that despite the physical separation of the sciences from the humanities on our campus (separated by Sullivan’s Creek), shared intellectual spaces and communities of practice continue to grow apace, and with great results.

In 2022, the series is convened by Kylie Message (HRC), Anna-Sophie Jurgens (Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science), Elisa de Courcy (Centre for Art History and Art Theory), Alison Behie (School of Archaeology and Anthropology), and Ruth Morgan (Centre for Environmental History).

September 2022 Conversations Across the Creek: Biodiversity

We are living in the age of the ‘Sixth Extinction’, where humankind is responsible for the unprecedented acceleration of species loss across the globe. At the forefront of this decline is Australia, with over one hundred native species rendered extinct since 1788. Ongoing habitat destruction and human-induced catastrophic weather events threaten many more, with grave implications for ecological and human health, cultural heritage, and the economy. In this seminar, researchers across the arts, social sciences, and health sciences will share insights drawn from their own engagement with the urgent questions of species protection, loss, and recovery, and reflect more broadly on the work of their disciplines in responding to the biodiversity crisis.


Speakers: Cameron Boyle (PhD student, School of Sociology), Professor Arnagretta Hunter (ANU Medical School), Professor Mitch Whitelaw (School of Art and Design), Bhiamie Williamson (Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research).

Chair: Associate Professor Ruth Morgan (Centre for Environmental History)

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