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Connect To Your Full Feminine Power, Women Empowerment & Self Love Workshop

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Earthwise community

315 Bagot Road

Subiaco, WA 6008


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Hello Sisters,

I am truly honored to be bringing you this OFFERING. After a life changing transformation that catapulted me into life, sharing this is the least that I can do.

My journey into self development began at 16 years of age, I can now AUTHENTICALLY say that I live the life of my dreams. I have curated this “creme de la creme” workshop that will uncover the hidden and the unspoken, and nurture and empower you into the GODDESS that you were born to be.

Let’s shine the light on the guilt, shame and fear that society imposes onto us as women.


In this workshop we will take a deep dive into your relationship to boundaries, to your menstrual cycle, to sex/self pleasure, self love/self perception and anything else you feel that holds you back in life.

At the end of the day you will leave:

- FULLY present to your greatness (no doubt)

- With an overflowing self love cup

- With a positive and empowering relationship to your menstrual cycle

- Empowered to pursue your dreams

- With full confidence and comfort in your BOUNDARIES

- With tools to curate and create the life you have secretly or openly desired

- Have tapped into your FULL POWER and see that the only limit now is your imagination.

What to bring:

- Yourself as you are, everything is welcome (this is a judgement free space)

- Water bottle

- Blankets and pillows to get yourself comfy

- Journal and pens

- Completed list of questions

- Lunch (there will be a 30minute lunch break)

- Snacks

What to wear:

Comfortable, warm clothes that allow gentle movement (there will be heating)

I will support you and hold you on this magical journey. Trust me, I have been where you are now, I know! This day will be all about you, I live a life of ease and flow and now I want to share this gift with you.


Early Bird $77.77 +bf (ends 18/08/19 11:11pm)

Second Release $88.88 +bf (ends 21/09/19 11:11pm)

Final $99.99 +bf

Save your spot with non refundable deposit of $33.33 and bank transfer the rest before the 28th of September.

Tickets available on Eventbrite and will incur a booking fee alternatively you can bank transfer me the amount and email the screenshot to (travelandotherdrugs@gmail.com)

Hey, I just want to acknowledge you for taking this time to honour, nourish and do something special for yourself. Can’t wait to create some magic with you.

If you feel drawn to come and find the cost out of your reach please email or contact me on facebook


Testimonials from Previous Events

“This workshop was an immersive and eye opening experience! I realised that I actually have more work to do in setting my boundaries as a way of truly honouring myself. The girls help a safe and supportive space to explore these depths. I felt truly held in this exploration and felt that my vulnerability was welcomed and loved. Thank you” - Mazzie.

“My experience at Ranetha and Dasha’s ‘Self Love Through Touch’ workshop was life changing! I now have a brand new relationship with myself and a morning ritual that I cherish. Together the girls create a beautiful, safe and inspiring space. I highly recommend you check out this workshop!” - Emma

“Dasha runs the Full Moon Women's Sharing Circle, I highly recommend it.

It's a beautiful space filled with an inviting ambience. From the moment you walk in you feel at peace. What is shared is all confidential and you can share as little or as much as you like.

We experienced sharing, compassion, emotional release through music and movement, we did Mirror Work, Journaling, Intention setting, used Crystals n did Meditation. it was warm and vibrant. A space for like-minded women to connect and empower one another. We had tea, nibbles, we embraced who we are as people n did deep soul work, self development and self love. Can't wait for the next one!” - Ashleigh

“I intentionally started my journey for self love only recently. I’ve never loved myself. And when I sought relationships with others I needed both partners and friends to make me feel loved because I didn’t love myself. I forced things. I did things because others thought I should, not because I wanted too. It culminated into anger, a victim mentality, a series of giant mistakes and an affair where I cheated on my husband. I acted out like a crescendo and it set fire to my entire life and my ex partner’s entire life as well. I lost friends in the process... friends I needed to love me because I didn’t know how to love myself. The affair shattered us both completely. All because my ex didn’t accept a big part of who I was and I needed him to accept it because my love for myself so deeply dependent on him. And now I was left like an empty shell unloved and defeated. Full of shame and not sure how to pick up the pieces.

Once I started seeking out more tangible ways to begin loving myself, it changed everything. When Dasha and Ranetha said they were running a self love workshop I didn’t hesitate to attend. It was such an emotional time for me but such a transformative one. I knew I needed it. The dark parts of my body were fighting it, but the parts full of light inside me were tenderly saying “try it, you have nothing more to lose”

The day I did their workshop was the day that the “I hate myself” story stopped playing on repeat.

In the workshop we learned about 5 different versions of touch. Touch through energy was so healing especially around my throat, heart, and mind. I experimented using the other touches to awaken my body. I had to be gentle with myself. It took time for me to get into it too as I had a lot of walls up when it came to loving any part of myself. As I slowly went through my body touching it, I started to let go. I felt lighter inside. I touched myself with tenderness and love. And it wasn’t a sexual experience for me, but I could hear that it was for others in the room. I felt joy for them. Briefly in my mind I started to play the old story “why aren’t you crying out in ecstasy like those people, why aren’t you having the same blissful experience? What’s wrong with you?” I just had to keep going, letting the tears come and continue to touch myself tenderly. It was so simple really and yet so insanely powerful at the same time. Normally I would continue ‘shoulding’ on myself until I manifested deep painful shame and then sought out anything as a distraction so I could feel loved again ... men, alcohol, friends, my partner, social media etc. It was truly a loving experience. A tangible way to show my body that I am grateful for it, I love my flaws, I wouldn’t be me with out them. I love my chest because it is the keeper of my heart and my heart is there to pump love and life into my body. I love my throat because it is the gateway to my mind and my heart can send msgs to my brain full of love not shame.

Ranetha and Dasha have two different ways that they explore their body through touch and it makes for a versatile and inclusive experience. They are true leaders and not afraid to share space and time with you. They are goddess that love themselves and have a gift for helping others and meeting you where you’re at. If you are contemplating taking this workshop do not hesitate to do so. It has changed everything for me.” - Melissa

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Date and Time


Earthwise community

315 Bagot Road

Subiaco, WA 6008


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