Connect the Inner Genius within YOU
Connect the Inner Genius within YOU

Connect the Inner Genius within YOU

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KIS Headquarters

62 Starkey st

Wellington Point, QLD 4160


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International renown clairvoyant/psychic and teacher K of K the Intuitive Specialist  in Wellington Point invites you to join her in class.

There once was a time in everyone’s life where time had no meaning and we had the world at our feet…

I remember as a child having no fear when I jumped off the water tower believing I could fly, entered the pounding surf, or walking into a moving car and just bouncing off, as my school bus with children in watched in horror, thinking that I had limitless potential. What about you? What experiences bring back those memories for you? Was it a family Christmas at the beach perhaps, or even a loving kiss from a beloved grandparent, one that is still sorely missed?

What happened to that childlike bravado and confidence…

We grew up, of course. Dreams have been transformed and subdued by obligations of trying to make it in the ‘real’ world. We appear to be thwarted at every turn sometimes, things seem to happen randomly and we feel out of control and unable to gain clarity on which way to turn or where we can find our answers.

It’s okay to feel that you have no way forward as that makes you as human as the rest of us. And, surprisingly, your humanity is what can give you that clarity as ALL of us were born whole and complete…the answers are as ingrained in your DNA as the atoms in the universe. What needs to be done is to learn how to use your unique keys to access the inner genius that is already in you with the tools that K teaches in this workshop.

It is time to examine your truths, be open to new learning and connect with yourself on a more intuitive level. Let K show you how to get more out of your life by finding you Inner Genius within You.

Join K at KIS Headquarters Wellington point, there you will learn the following…

• How to achieve a true connection with your thoughts, feelings and actions.
• Open yourself to positive change and connect with the true essence of who you are.
• Be a part of this celebration of new thinking that will open doorways and enable you to easily overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Price: $49 only
Address: KIS Headquarters, 62 Starkey St, Wellington Point QLD 4160 – See Map
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
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Date and Time

KIS Headquarters

62 Starkey st

Wellington Point, QLD 4160


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