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Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne

649 Bridge Road

Richmond, VIC 3121


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ConFurgence is the largest Furry and Anthropomorphic Friendly Convention in the Southern Hemisphere.

Established as MiDFur in 2008 in the artistic heart of Australia, Melbourne, the annual convention event boasts ever growing numbers, exceptionally produced events, and great opportunities to allow furries and friends of the Anthropomorphic fandom to network, create lasting friendships, and become intergrated into a greater community of fans.

So what exactly is "Furry", anyway?

The simplest way to think about a "Furry" is someone who is a fan of "Humanized animals", often in a Popular Culture Setting.

Some recent examples of "Anthropomorphic characters" would be "Rocket" From Guardians of The Galaxy, The Penguins of Maddagascar, and Brian from Family Guy. Animals that walk/ talk/ act in some way like Humans.

Many furry fans like to create their own characters. Some even go as far as to have full bodied "fur suit" costumes made of their Anthropomorphic character. Rarely would you see a "Fursuit" costume of a design not created by the person wearing it.

Furries are among the most creative and imaginitive of the human race. Each and every furry has, in some way shape or form, an active imagination that allows for the creation of their own characters, while still admiring the creations of other perhaps main stream, pop culture or indie design.


Australian Fandom Conventions

Australian Fandom Conventions’ experienced and passionate team has been running events all around Australia since 2007. With a love for the comic book world, we have been working to bring together fan-based communities in a safe, friendly and exciting environment catering to fans of all sorts

Having run 10 conventions over the last 7 years in NSW, VIC, SA and WA, AFC is passionate about specialized and “geeky” sub culture events. 

ConFurgence - Heroes of Furtropolis at Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne

649 Bridge Road, Richmond, VIC 3121, Australia