Confident Communication & Powerful Presence
$77.87 – $129.12
Confident Communication & Powerful Presence

Confident Communication & Powerful Presence

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Do you want to feel confident when you walk into a room?

Do you want to feel respected and listened to at work?

This half day seminar will be held on 3rd Febrary 2017 in Cairns and 10th February in Brisbane.

Secure your place now and start 2017 with the intention to excel.

According to the Centre for Talent Innovation, executive presence accounts for 26% of what it takes to be promoted. If you want to be seen, be heard and have influence you must build your presence and ability to communicate confidently in any situation.

The most important thing you can do to become a confident communicator with powerful presence is to drop the mask of pretending and be totally and honestly yourself. From that base you can develop skills and techniques that allow you to project gravitas, speak clearly and present yourself in a way that represents your personal brand.

In this workshop you will develop and enhance your ability to communicate, and present more effectively in formal and informal settings, have challenging conversations, influence the people in your work environment for a win-win outcome, and be perceived as leadership material.

Objectives: You will:

  1. Learn tips to becoming a more confident, effective and highly influential presenter in 1:1 conversations, in small meetings or giving a formal presentation

  2. Learn what presence is and why it is important to your career

  3. Learn the nine elements of Executive Presence

  4. Understand how your habits and behavioural style influence your Executive Presence

  5. Identify how you can creat your own Powerful Presence Development Plan

  6. Understand that self-awareness and willingness to show your true self is the foundation for confidence in any situation.

Who is this for:

Current and emerging leaders, women in male dominated industries, academics or anyone who need to be able to communicate confidently in order to influence others, create change and make a difference.


1. Uncover Your Real Self

a. It’s all about you: Self-awareness, self-reflection and self-assessment

b. Techniques to connect with the present and imagine the future

c. Knowing and owning your style, value, and strengths

2. Believe In Your Best Self

a. Taking charge of your mind to manage your inner critic and create desired outcomes

b. Practical preparation and becoming comfortable with discomfort

c. Acting as if

3. Express Your Powerful Self

a. It’s all about them: Learning to read and respond to the environment

b. Body, voice and expression to build presence

c. Taking consistent action and bouncing forward from failure

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