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The Rooftop - Dream Factory

90 Maribyrnong Street

Footscray, VIC 3011


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Come contribute and connect with cohealth staff, volunteers and community advisors!

At cohealth, we are curious, inquisitive and think outside of the box.

The cohealth Innovation Meetup is about sharing ideas, learning from each other, and making connections.

The agenda for the Meetup will be created by attendees on the day. Anyone who wants to lead a discussion can propose a topic related to the theme. Attendees vote on the topics they’d like to discuss.

The 2016-17 Innovation Grant recipients will be key speakers. They’ll share how their projects went and the things they learnt

Event theme

New challenges need new ways of working

On the day

  • Sign in (until 1.15)
  • Introduction + welcome to event
  • Ice breaker
  • How today will work
  • Agenda building
  • Session 1 (15 mins) - 4 x breakouts
  • Session 2 (15 mins) - 4 x breakouts
  • Session 3 (15 mins) - 4 x breakouts
  • Session 3 (15 mins) - 4 x breakouts
  • Feeding Back
  • Closing Remarks
  • End


What makes this event different?

This event builds on the success of the cohealth Innovation Grants Showcase held in previous years and broadens its scope. As well as hearing from the 2016-17 Innovation Grants project teams and the things they learnt, attendees will have the opportunity share ideas, learn from each other, and make connections.

Why should I come?

It’s a great opportunity to contribute and connect with people from different teams and levels of cohealth!

Innovation and exploring new ways of doing things is important also in our current environment. Our sector is going through a lot of changes such as the introduction of NDIS, My Aged Care, and individualised funding models. By exploring new ways of working and hearing about new ideas, we can turn these challenges into opportunities and improve the work we do with our communities.

How will the day work?

The Meetup will be a facilitated, participant-driven meeting centered on the theme - New challenges need new ways of working.

There will be 4 breakout spaces and 4 session times (of 15 minutes each). Some sessions will be reserved for presentations by the 2016-17 Innovation Grants recipients. We're expecting about 10 people in each session.

After signing in, attendees will propose topics on sticky notes. If there are more topics than sessions, we'll take a quick vote to see which are most of interest to people. The facilitator will then match topics to the available session times and the afternoon begins - attendees are free to choose which sessions they would like to participate in.

I’m thinking of leading a session – what should I do?

You are not required to have done bucketloads of preparation to propose and lead session. However, its good to show up with your topic in mind, a sense of how you want to run it, and any materials or handouts you want to bring.

At the start of the event, you'll describe your session on a sticky note and add your name. It might get merged with similar topic someone else has proposed, and then slotted into an available time.

What can my session topic be?

Anything related to the theme of - New challenges need new ways of working.

What format should my session take?

There is no ‘right way’ to lead a session. However, keep in mind that the format encourages interaction and discussion.

Your session might be about –

  • explaining an idea or new ways of doing things that has helped you in your work;
  • teaching others a particular framework, methodology or skill that’s helped you succeed in your work;
  • posing a question you would like help answering;
  • proposing an idea or concept you want to explore with others;
  • sharing something you are working on in search of ideas and different viewpoints;
  • discussing developments, opportunities and challenges you are seeing in the sector; or
  • discussing a common interest.

Sessions will run for 15 minutes.

At the start of your session, it’s good to go around and get each person to introduce themselves. Get them to state their name and why they chose to attend this session. Then you might want to share something or put your idea out there. To guide and fuel discussions, you may want to have a couple of questions handy that you could ask the group.

People will come to your session because they’re interested in the topic, so allow space for them to discuss the topic and share their insight along with your own. Tune in to the group energy - where does the conversation want to take itself? Support a flow in the conversation by listening to what seems to be of interest to people and asking what they want to spend time on.

Can I use PowerPoint?

To keep the emphasis on discussion, there will not be any facilities for PowerPoint on the day. We are welcome to use handouts if you like – photos and images make great conversation starters!

What are my parking options?

The Dream Factory has ticketed parking out the front. Free parking can be found if you drive past the Dream Factory and head to the unsealed car parks along Lyons st.

Who can I contact before the event or on the day?

If you have any queries or want to test a session idea, please get in touch.

Matthew Teran
0438 732 584

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Date and Time


The Rooftop - Dream Factory

90 Maribyrnong Street

Footscray, VIC 3011


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