Coaching Business Secrets: How To Build a 6 Figure Coaching Business In You...

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Mantra Twin Towns

Griffith St

Coolangatta, QLD 4225


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If you want to make a difference and get paid for it...

Join me for my Coaching Bussiness Secrets workshop.

In this 2 day live event, I’ll show you specifically:
* Our systems
* Our points of difference and
* Our methods for building a better than 6 figure coaching business. (This is the bit that got us the “Coaching Business Of The Year” Award) These have only ever been previously available to our professional coaches.

What To Expect at Coaching Business Secrets:

1. Strategies To Build Your Dream

If your dream is maximum income from minimum hours…you are in the right place. Our system has been tried and tested for over 3 decades. Because it is “child’s play” level of fool proof, you’ll have to go out of your way to mess it up. If you’ve been looking for a career change and you’ve had it with all the false promises and hype from the “network marketing” and “easy internet riches” mobs out there promising you’ll be a millionaire next week without lifting a finger…(complete BS said with a straight face)
…we have a paint by numbers system - but if you are willing to get off your backside - the world is your oyster.

2. Fluff-Free Keynotes and Presentations

We hate presentations being read to the audience like children in a classroom. You’ll be watching state of the art presentations that make clear and concise points you can immediately action. The material will be delivered by a legendary coach with 33 years experience of keeping crowds of thousands enthralled - so expect to be on the edge of your seat for two full days.

3. Our Secrets!

Hyper useful strategies that turn the coaching world on its head so that you fly straight above the coaching crowd and become a much sought after, in demand coach - capable of building a million dollar a year business.

4. Our Proven System

You wont be reinventing the wheel - we’ve done that!
We’ll be telling you how most coaches waste 90% of their time & effort in a good hearted but misguided and reluctant attempt at “selling” themselves to an audience that isn’t listening.
You’ll learn exactly how we get the best clients to call us asking if we would consider “taking them on”. They know we are expensive and they are ready to invest the money because they are already committed to getting the result they want.

5. Our Kindness

You won’t be attending a hugging, high five-ing - hype fest.
We care about our clients and you’ll be one of them. (if only for a couple of days).
We know what it can be like in a room full of strangers and facing an uncertain future.
We promise lots of fun and interactivity on a level you are comfortable with.
You’ll love the weekend.

6. Your Own Personal Breakthrough(s)

We’ll be teaching you our “never fail” system for getting a personal breakthrough.
You’ll be getting practical, hands on, experience at creating change for yourself - and therefore others.
Be it fear of speaking in public, heights, spiders or making lots of money - you need (as a superstar coach) to demonstrate that your system works on you as well as everyone else.
For your clients, it’s the piece of credibility that allows them to absolutely “know” that you have integrity and that you walk your talk.


This 2 day event will thoroughly immerse you in the specific skills that will make you stand head and shoulders above the pack when clients are selecting a who they work with. (It’s based on our 33 years experience at the coal face) Here’s a quick breakdown of what you will learn:

DAY 1: the focus is on new and emerging commerce models, and what’s actually working today in ecommerce, digital publishing, and subscription commerce. Some "can't miss" sessions include:

* Becoming The Coach Of Choice takes you above the clamour of the ordinary (but good) coach and into the realm of the in demand, highly sought after, catalyst whose fee is never questioned.

* Getting The Right Clients is an art form that has the best clients seeking you out and willingly standing in line on your waiting list.

* Every coach has to have their house in order meaning that Your Own Personal Breakthroughs are as important to your clients are they are to you. You’ll be learning how to walk your talk using the latest cutting edge coaching material on yourself.

* Getting The Client To Commit To The Work is the secret sauce of successful coaches. Client who do their homework get results and cant stop telling their friends about them… which means…

* Referrals As Your Number One Client Source becomes your method for guaranteeing next years income.

DAY 2: Some of the topics we will cover include:

* Multiple Income Streams are where million dollar coaches source their ongoing wealth and personal security. Knowing how to establish a proper “backend” business is fundamental to high income coaching strategies.

* Successful coaching is actually about Understanding And Implementing Emotional Intelligence in the daily life of both the coach and the client. You’ll be learning the fundamental tools that transform lives.

* Advanced Coaching Strategies are what keeps you relevant as your clients start to rack up years and years on your list. We’ll be showing you how we have stayed in front of our best clients for 25 years and still going…

* The High End Client. Getting them, keeping them and having them singing your praises will keep you in demand as long as you want. It’s job satisfaction in spades!

* What To Go Out There And Do. There is a Grand Canyon between knowing and doing. We’ll be teaching you how to IMPLEMENT what you have learned and how to get your clients to do the same.


The best coaches are not people who have a list of massive successes in their resume. (BUT your life does have to be working)

The best coaches are those who are making progress.

Those who can genuinely say that their lives are better this year than last.

Those capable of using what they are teaching - in their own lives.

Those who are walking their talk.

Knowing how to keep your own life on track whilst keeping an eye on the wellbeing of many others is one of the
MOST rewarding ways to earn an income.

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Date and Time


Mantra Twin Towns

Griffith St

Coolangatta, QLD 4225


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