CLCNSW Quarterlies May 2018

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CLCNSW May Quarterlies Program

Registrations close: 5pm Tuesday 8th May 2018

Day One Yarn Up

Monday 14th May 2018

For CLC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff only

Venue: Gilbert + Tobin
Tower Two - International Towers Sydney
200 Barangaroo Avenue Barangaroo

Convenor: Zachary Armytage, CLCNSW


Day Two & Three Network Meetings and Presentations

Tuesday 15th May & Wednesday 16th May 2018

Venue: ACON, Level 3, 414 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Session description: Network meetings and presentations, open to all within the CLC sector in NSW. Some sessions are also open to FVPLCS and ALS workers.

Day Four: Aboriginal Family Law Legal Training day

Thursday 17th May 2018

Venue: Gilbert + Tobin
Tower Two - International Towers Sydney
200 Barangaroo Avenue Barangaroo

Session Description: Aboriginal Family Law and Family Violence Legal Training Day


With thanks to guests, event sponsors and pro bono presentations from:

Community Legal Centres Queensland, Legal Aid NSW, Gilbert+Tobin, Neil Watt Consulting, and all contributing member CLCs

May Quarterlies Day Two – Tuesday 15th May 2018

AM Day 2 Sessions 1: 9:15am – 10:30am

1.1 Network Meeting: Aboriginal Legal Access Program and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Rights Working Group

Convenor: Zac Armytage, ALAP Coordinator, CLCNSW

This network supports CLCs operating Aboriginal Legal Access type programs by sharing experience and knowledge.

1.2 Network Meeting: Employment & Discrimination Law Network

Convenors: Annette van Gent, MLC, Alexandria Robinson, SWSLC.

Description: Employment & discrimination lawyers discuss current issues in relation to employment and discrimination law.

Possible MCLE: Substantive Law

1.3 Network meeting: Domestic Violence & Victims Compensation Network

Convenors: Karen Mifsud, WLSNSW & Natalie Ross, KLC

Description: This network meeting addresses issues affecting DV/VC policies and legislation and makes recommendations to govt and non govt agencies.

Guests: TBA

Possible MCLE: Substantive Law

1.4 Network meeting: Coordinators & Directors Network Part 1

Facilitator: Tim Leach ED NSW


Description: A 2 part session. Part 1 is an opportunity to discuss key issues, reflect on the purpose and effectiveness of the Coordinators & Directors network, discuss core agenda items and select a convenor.

Welcome to Country Morning Tea 10:40am – 11:00am

Sector Announcements, Introductory Networking

AM Day 2 Sessions 2: 11:00am – 12:30pm

2.1 CLCNSW ICT project ICT Project Update

Facilitator: Angeline Veeneman, ICT project Manager CLCNSW.

Description: An update on the development of new online systems for CLCs in NSW , including volunteer / event / stakeholder management, online discussion, websites and elearnng capabilities.

Possible MCLE: Practice Management

2.2 Service Sustainability

Description: Update on new accounting standards (TBC)

Guest presenter: Pitcher Partners

Possible MCLE: Professional skills

2.3 Committee Meeting: Professional Indemnity Insurance Committee (PII)

Convenors: Ali Mojtahedi, IARC; Annette Van Gent, MLC; Hilary Kincaid, ICLC.

Description: The PII committee monitors & supports members’ compliance with the Risk Management Guide & informs members of relevant legal practice issues. Principal Solicitors (or their delegate) are required to attend.

Possible MCLE: Practice Management

2.4 Professional development: Coordinators & Directors Network Part 2

Convenor: TBA

Description: This is a follow up session from the previous network meeting. This session includes an update by the CLC program coordinator, at Legal Aid NSW, Lara Sabbadin and an update from Legal Aid NSW CLE Manager, Lauren Finestone, followed by an opportunity for further discussion amonst the network.

Presenters : Legal Aid NSW

Possible MCLE: Professional Skills / Ethics

Lunch (ACON Dining Room Ground Floor) 12:30pm – 1:15pm

PM Day 2 Sessions 3: 1:15pm – 2:30pm

3.1 Network meeting: Prisoners’ Rights Working Group

Convenors: Carolyn Jones, WLSNSW; Camilla Pandolfini, PIAC.

Description: For CLC staff who visit clients in prison, work for, or have an interest in prisoners rights to share their experience, discuss current issues and contribute to policy development.

Possible MCLE: Substantive Law

3.2 Network Meeting: Admin/Finance Group

Convenor: Kerrith Sowden, Refugee Advice and Casework Service

Description: CLC administration and finance officers share relevant systems information and associated policies.

Possible MCLE: Business Skill

3.3 Network meeting: Law Reform and Policy Network – Engaging with Government

Convenor: Leo Patterson-Ross, TU NSW. Maria Nawaz, Kingsford Legal Centre

Facilitator: Mark Riboldi, CLCNSW.

Description: A workshop about engaging with MPs and government, using recent examples of CLC and other community sector advocacy work as a launchpad

Possible MCLE: Practice Management, Substantive Law

3.4 Legal Service delivery

Description: Keeping it Simple: Lawyers’ Ethics is all About ONE Thing”. A review of Legal Ethics, drawn from the presentation provided at the 2017 College of Law Practicing Certificate course.

Guest presenter: Neil Watt: Neil Watt Consulting

Possible MCLE: Ethics

Afternoon tea 2:30pm – 2:45pm

PM Day 2 Sessions 4: 2:45pm – 4:00pm

4.1 Network Meeting: CLC Care & Protection Network

Convenor: Kenn Clift, Intellectual Disability Rights Service.

Description: The care and protection network provides an opportunity for CLCs to discuss relevant care and protection practice and law reform issues.

Possible MCLE: Practice Management

4.2 Legal Service Delivery: Residential Neighbour Disputes

Description: Managing conflict of interest in neighbour disputes in residential arrangements, eg caravan parks, social housing, retirement villages, share housing. The presenters will explore the ethical question of conflict of interest and policy/ethical issues for services in delivery of assistance to such communities eg, first in, first served may preclude a service from acting later in matters of greater moment.

Presenters: Grant Arbuthnot, Principal Solicitor Tenants Union, Charlotte Steer, Seniors Rights Service

Possible MCLE: Substantive Law, Ethics

4.3 Aboriginal Cultural Safety and Law Reform

Facilitator: Zac Armytage CLCNSW

Description: Statement of the Heart (Uluru Statement). How CLC’s can assist in advancing the implementation of the Uluru Statement.

Presenters: Jemma Mckinnon , Teela Reid

4.4 Service Sustainability ASU Civil Society Campaign

Description: An update on the ASU Civil Society campaign and an opportunity to provide feedback for a sector wide charter to go to government after August 2018

Presenter: Sharon Callaghan, Australian Services Union

PM Day 2 Sessions 5: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

5.1 Care & Protection network Training

Facilitator: Kenn Clift, Intellectual Disability Rights Service.

Description: Update on the Review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children and Young People in Out of Home Care

Guest presenters: Bernadette Mckay, Jemma McKinnon, Errin McKay

Possible MCLE: Practice Management

5.2 Legal Services Delivery: Intake and Referral Practice

Facilitators: NSW PII convenors: Ali Mojtahedi, IARC; Annette Van Gent, MLC; Hilary Kincaid, ICLC.

Description: An opportunity to discuss practice on a specific practice management issue. What constitutes good practice in for Intake and referral services? Share what works for your centre and find out good practice from other centres.

Possible MCLE: Practice Management

5.3 Network meeting: Regional Rural Remote Issues Network (RRR)

Convenor: Arlia Fleming, EEECLC

Description: This network session is open to any RRR members to discuss common issues and share concerns.

This session is open to attendance by workers from FVPLS providers and ALS providers.

5.4 TBA

May Quarterlies Day Three – Wednesday 16th May 2018

AM Day 3 Sessions 6: 9:15 am – 10:45am

6.1 Network meeting: CLEW Network

Convenors: Bronwyn Ambrogetti, Hunter CLC; Nalika Padmasena, Seniors Rights Service; Pat Joyce, SRS.

Descrption: An overview of the key content of the CLEW evaluation Masterclass recently run in Qld by QLC CLC

Presenter: Rosslyn Monro, Sector Sustainability Coordinator Qld CLC

Possible MCLE: Professional Skills

6.2 Network Meeting Communications Network: Printed Materials & Styleguides

Convenor: Finn O’Keefe, RLC.

Facilitator: Mark Riboldi, Advocacy and Communications Coordinator, CLCNSW.

Description: Discussion about the development and use of styleguides for CLCs and how to improve our sector’s use of printed / visual / online material. Bring your questions and ideas!

Possible MCLE: Practice Management

6.3 Network Meeting: Family Relationships Centres / CLCs

Convenor: Shann Preece, FRC worker, ICLC.

Description: An opportunity to share information and practice experience to further develop the Family Relationships Centres and CLC collaboration arrangements.

Possible MCLE: Substantive Law

6.4 Legal Services Delivery: Defamation Law

Description: Defamation Law

Presenter: Arts Law Australia TBC

Possible MCLE: Substantive Law

10:45am – 11:00am Morning Tea

AM Day 3 Session 7A: 11:00am – 12:30pm

7.1 Service Sustainability Measuring your CLC Impact

Description: Measure your CLC Impact. This workshop style session is a practical introduction to the online toolkit – Community Legal Impact.- developed by Queensland CLC. The self evaluation toolkit has been designed to help your centre measure,report and review the impact that CLCs have. The online toolkit is available at

Presenter: Rosslyn Monro, Sector Sustainability Coordinator, Qld CLC

Possible MCLE: Practice Management

7.2 Legal Service delivery Clients with a cognitive disability

Description: Update on NSW laws that provide for diversion of people with cognitive disabilities out of the criminal justice system, and impact of NDIS on

Presenter: Ali Craig, Solicitor Intellectual Disability Rights Service

Possible MCLE: Substantive Law

7.3 Law Reform 2018-19 CLCNSW Law Reform Priorities

Presenter: Mark Riboldi, CLCNSW Advocacy & Communications Coordintaor

Description: Discussion about the Top 10 Law Reform Priorities campaign currently being developed by CLCNSW, including a campaign update and workshop on the development of issues briefings.

Possible MCLE: Professional Skills, Practice Management

Lunch 12:40pm – 1:30pm (ACON Dining Room Ground Floor)

PM Day 3 Session 8: 1:30pm – 2:00pm

8.1 Service Sustainability: Measuring your CLC Impact wrap up

Presentation wrap up from Rosslyn Monro, Queensland CLC about the online impact measurement tool developed in Qld. (see previous session)

8.2 Network Meeting Round-up

Facilitator: Executive Director CLCNSW

Description: Network meeting round up. Convenors should attend this and/or delegate the report-back to someone in the Network Meeting. Please come prepared to provided 3 key points of interest or action from the network meeting.

PM Day 3 Session 9: 2:00pm – 4:15pm

9.2 CLC State-Wide Discussion

2:00pm – 4:00pm

Facilitator: Executive Director CLCNSW

Description: Measuring outcomes and reporting Impact. Sharing good practice from within the CLC sector and discussion of strategies to improve practice. Includes presentation from Legal Aid NSW about service planning.

Guest speaker: Lara Sabbadin, Manager CLC Program Legal Aid NSW

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