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Circle of Sisters - 6 Week Art Therapy Course

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Surry Hills

surry hills

sydney, nsw 2010


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In our Circle Of Sisters Group 6-week course we will take you on a guided journey to tap in to your body wisdom, reclaim your relationship to your body and help you re-write your life narrative in a way that serves you. We will use intuitive art, meditation, imagery & metaphor to take you on an exploration of self - of what needs to be let go of and what wants to be born.

We live in a world which demands that we disconnect from our body wisdom; to override, it, ignore it, stuff it and starve it rather than listening to what our bodies ask of us and nurturing them. In this course you will be guided to explore your feelings and to express yourself through creative processes in a safe space.


WEEK 1 - The Creative Seedling

In the first week we will plant the creative seed that we will nurture over the next six weeks. We will use meditation, metaphor and collage techniques to see our story from a new perspective.

WEEK 2 - Beyond the looking Glass - Hunger as a Metaphor

In week two we will look at the metaphors behind our eating behaviours and what is beneath them. What is it that we truly desire? How are our behaviours protecting and cocooning us?

WEEK 3 – Reclaiming our Body Wisdom with Intuitive Art

Using guided meditation and intuitive art processes we will explore how to tap in to our body's wisdom and use feelings as a way to navigate our way and learn to distinguish emotional/spiritual hunger from physical hunger.

WEEK 4 – Meeting the shadow – Our Inner Critic

We will look at our self-talk and how to dialogue with it using art and journaling. What is holding you captive? What thoughts are no longer serving you? Whose voice is it in your mind? We will look at relationship to self and other.

WEEK 5 – The Heroine’s Journey. Reclaiming our Story & Our Power

Using Joseph Campbell's Heroes Journey we will map our own life journey as a way of making meaning and sense of our path. It is often in the darkest moments that our medicine can be found. This week we look at becoming the authors of our own life story and reclaiming a sense of agency over our lives.

WEEK 6 – Nurturing our Unique Creative Seed - The Mother Archetype

In our closing week we will look at how we continue to nurture this creative seeding that has been birthed over our 6 week journey - how to keep the light alive and how to nourish this delicate new sense of self that is emerging. We will have a beautiful closing ritual to celebrate and acknowledge the changes that have occured over the course.

‘Find where they are creative – where can the light come in?

It’s the creative energy that can pull you from a death energy in to a life energy

…that can take your in to your own creation.’

-Marion Woodman


While this workshop is valuable for all women craving greater connection to their body and intuition it has been particularly designed for any women who have experienced disordered eating or have ever struggled with their relationship with their body, exercise or food.

If you have ever used food or exercise to numb, to comfort, to hide or to take control this workshop is for you.

If you are journeying out of disordered eating and feel the real issues were never addressed and that there is something in you crying out to be acknowledged this workshop is for you.

If you desire creater connection to yourself and would like to do this is a supportive community of women this workshop is for you.

If you feel that your life and happiness is dictated by good or bad food intake, by the number on the scale, or the amount of exercise you have done this program will help you to look at what is beneath those behaviours.

It doesn’t matter if you are one year on from your eating disorder or 20 years on, it’s never too late to find the light within and to make meaning from your experience of going in to the darkness and finding the light.

When something dies it becomes the soil for new life – and it is this new seed that needs to be nurtured and given the right conditions for growth.


• Learn to listen & respond to your body’s deep wisdom

• Uncover and nourish a piece of your unique soul

• Treat yourself with radical tenderness

• Reframe and reclaim your unique story

• Address your inner critic and find your voice

• Create meaning and magic from the darkness

• Write your own heroes journey using myth & metaphor

• Use art & movement to release experiences from the body

• Find support, nourishment & joy in sisterhood

'Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.'

- The Journey by David Whyte


We believe sisterhood is important in healing, and our circles foster empathy for self and others. We believe what happens inside you is mirrored in relationships and in the world. Caring for sisters and community is an important element of our program.


Please note that the price listed is for attendance at all 6 workshops (you can just sign up for week 1) - if you cannot make more than one date we ask that you register your interest for the next course as it is important to have the group journey together over teh six weeks.

We have a maximun of ten women sit in our circles which are facilitated by two art therapists to ensure we can hold a safe nurturing space for all who attend.

Live Softly will be in touch with women wanting to attend the workshop with a short pre-workshop questionaire to ensure the workshop suits your needs. We kindly ask that all attendees are over the age of 18 years.

The workshop will be confirmed one week before the workshop date.

If you are unable to attend this workshop but would like to be informed of future workshops please visit our website and join our mailing list www.eliseslater.com


Live Softly facilitate Transpersonal Art Therapy workshops with the intention of connecting oneself body, mind, spirit and community.

Our practice is about creating a connection with self through art therapy, especially with teenagers and women around issues of body image, self esteem, eating disorders and self worth.

Live Softly believes it is every young girls birthright to reclaim her body and mind in an age of media saturation and increased pressure on young girls.

Transpersonal art therapy is a powerful tool for healing, self discovery and meaning-making in girls and women as they develop their identities and form new connections to their bodies, family, community and the environment.

We believe those who have gone to the depths of disordered eating need nurturing and space to allow their new self to form, and that art and creativity is a beautiful gateway to do this with young sensitive souls.

The name 'Live Softly' came about when the founder, Elise Slater was on a Buddhist meditation retreat in India, it is a philosophy which aims to tread as lightly on this earth as possible, and to encourage mindfulness and connectedness with nature and know the self.

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Date and Time


Surry Hills

surry hills

sydney, nsw 2010


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