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Cha Cha Comp and Street Latin Social in Elsternwick

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Destine Dance

480C Glen Huntly Road

Elsternwick, VIC 3185


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Be part of a new social dance event that keeps the fun of social dance and mixes in a touch of the excitement from competitive dance.


A Mix and Match competition (also called a Jack and Jill) is a social dance competition that focuses on rewarding the skills of the social dancer.

When you enter a mix and match you are partnered with other competitors in a random manner. You do this for a number of rounds – separated by breaks of social dancing – and points for how you and your partner (in each round dance) are awarded. This means that:

1) You rely on your skills to follow and lead more than remembering a routine

2) Connecting with the music is more important than perfect technique

3) You do not need to have a partner to enter a competition

Mix and match comps allow for any social dancer to engage in friendly competition, with the chance of getting an award, by practicing with social dance. If you like the idea of social dancing, but also like the idea of some friendly competition or dancing for the entertainment of others, then you have found the perfect event.


If you choose to enter into the competition, then you get the chance to see how well you dance compared to others in the social dance community.

If you like to perform for others, then entering means you get to entertain an audience without the need for all that rehearsal. And you get to do that a few times in one night.

If you simply attend, then you get to see how other people dance with different partners. You might learn some new figures and you might get some ideas on how to make your own dancing better and more enjoyable.

If you win, then you get a trophy. And deep down, we all love trophies in some way.


Take the chance to be one of the few who will be in the competition and book your ticket now. Otherwise, book your ticket to attend the event and watch the entertainment of a mix and match comp.


1. People arrive at the event.
2. Those people who have registered for the competition make themselves known to the organiser at the registration table – Gentlemen will be given a back identification, which is material attached to the back of their clothing. This is so couples can be identified when dancing and given to the gentlemen because of the lower chance of them having a backless top.
3. Social dancing starts with the first bracket. This is an ideal time to become familiar with the floor.
4. The floor will be cleared for the first round.
4a. The competitors are randomly selected and partnered using the equivalent of pulling names from a hat. Note this might be done earlier, and the randomised list will simply be read out.
4b. The competitors (10 couples now) are then given one song to dance to in preparation for the 2 heats of the round.
4c. In each heat:
4ci. 5 couples are brought to the floor.
4cii. The couples will then dance for a period of around 1.5 minutes for the judging panel to allocate marks to each couple.
4ciii. Note, the period might be extended if the judges need more time.
5. There will be another bracket of social dance.
6. The floor will be cleared for the second round.
6a. The steps explained for the first round above are repeated.
7. There will be another bracket of social dance.
8. The floor will be cleared for the third round.
8a. The steps explained for the first round above are repeated.
9. There will be another bracket of social dance.
10. The floor will be cleared for the fourth round.
10a. The steps explained for the first round above are repeated.
11. There will be another bracket of social dance.
12. The floor will be cleared to announce the 2 dancers with highest scores accumulated over the rounds from each of the ladies and the gentlemen
13. These 4 dancers will then be randomly coupled
14. The dancers will then dance to find the winners of the evening
15. Awards will be presented to the winners
16. Social dancing will see the night out


Will food be provided?

No food will be provided at this event. However, if you wish, then there are nearby take away options and you can get a pass-out. You will be able to keep yourself sustained throughout the night.

What clothing should be worn?

Mix and match comps do not need high end costumes. However, you should show respect for the dance and your partners. You should dress how you would for a proper social dance event. It could be described as half way between street wear and competitive dance wear.

When does the actual comp start?

Certainly all attendees will be given a chance to start the night with social dancing. However, once all competitors are present, the first round will be started.

What level dancers are allowed?

Any. If you want to compete, no matter your level, then register. In the future, there will be more levels, but for now it is simply a chance to compete.

What is the venue like?

The venue is essentially a dance studio with 2 floors. It has restrooms, but they are not proper change rooms. There is some seating, but this will be moved into the small studio so that the main studio if open for dancing. The floor wooden and no wax or such substances are allowed. The floor will be cleaned before the comp, but all dancers should take time to familiarise themselves with the floor at the start of the evening.

Why a mix and match comp?

Mix and match comps allow for the challenge, excitement and reward that comes from a competition, but it also makes things easier. You do not need to find a partner, you don’t need to rehearse as much, social dancing makes for excellent practice and it is not as costly. These comps also focus on elements encouraged in social dancing: good lead and follow, musicality and improvisation.

Will there be other mix and match comps that do not adhere to traditional roles?

If this leads to other events and is successful enough, then other divisions with different roles can be introduced.

How will it be judged and by whom?

Couples are judged on: connection with each other, lead/follow, matching of levels to each other, musicality (timing and character), appearance, execution of figures (movement, style and posture) and enjoyment of dance.

Judges will be dancers, but they might night be partner dancers. They will judge you based on the above criteria.

Why Cha Cha and will it always be Cha Cha?

Cha Cha was chosen for the first mix and match due to its balance of ubiquity and technical demand and popularity. Future events will cycle through various partner dance styles.

What styles will be danced in the social bracket?

The styles danced will be aligned with the competitive style but more divers. In the Cha Cha event, there will be salsa, merengue, Cha Cha and Jive rumba.

Why is it cheaper for the competitors?

The reduced price was chosen for 2 reasons:

1) To encourage people to enter the competition

2) Because they provide visual entertainment for the other attendees

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Date and Time


Destine Dance

480C Glen Huntly Road

Elsternwick, VIC 3185


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