Cacao Ceremony: Plant Medicine Journey, Sydney
$94 – $104.45
Cacao Ceremony: Plant Medicine Journey, Sydney

Cacao Ceremony: Plant Medicine Journey, Sydney

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Inana Gathering Space, 351 Walkers Ridge Forest Rd, Bucketty NSW

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I've returned to Australia after an incredible Peruvian pilgrimage working with, & being initiated by, very strong, very beautiful, medicine master teachers of the Sacred Valley. 
Am very much looking forward to sharing with you the riches of this experience; & so looking forward to sharing sacred space with you, on the land, under the stars, by the fire!

The space I have found for this Journey is INCREDIBLE. A beautiful bush setting that is all ours for the evening, a couple hours north of Sydney. There is plenty of peaceful space to roam within nature as you Journey within your heart & soul. 

This medicine Journey will unlock insights & deep heart-states that are ready to be explored. The terrain of the heart is vast and the setting of our Journey creates possibility for Truth to emerge in a way that creates lasting change. Cacao will speak to you, of lessons ready to be stepped into, of greatness ready to be claimed, co-creating with you a new possibility for a life truly loved and well-lived. 

This Journey will be facilitated in a different way to all other Journey's I have created. There will be time for quiet internal awareness, space for guided meditations, time around the fire in release, time to wonder through the bush connecting deeply within and without.

My intention is that we all have time to know the deepest truth of who we are, connected to all around and within, so we can take that awareness and truth into our daily life and live from a space of embodied enlivenment. 

Cacao has been used for centuries in different cultures as a tool to facilitate a reflective & meditative experience that focuses on the heart-space. Due to the active medicinal properties of Cacao, it is possible to experience a state of heightened awareness, which opens us to deeper-stored emotional densities that are ready to be seen, felt & released. 

The euphoria-inducing properties of Cacao help us to connect deeply to the love, & ultimate truth, that sits inside our hearts.

When we sit with Cacao in Ceremony, with the intention to open to ourselves & our own vulnerability, Cacao has the potential to create a profound yet gentle inner experience of heart transformation. To help activate this opening, I have sourced the highest Ceremonial-grade Guatemalan Cacao possible. 

Our 6 hour odyssey will be held in the calm beauty of a property 2 hours outside of Sydney. As you arrive in the Summer twilight, you will be led to the Ceremonial space, where we will gather, connect with our tribe & prepare for Ceremony. We will call in the energies of change. Drink of the Cacao in Sacred Ceremony. Meditate. Experience her, experience ourselves. Meditations, nature-connect, essence-connect. 
Singing, sounding, drumming, movement…. fire-burning release. 

We will complete the evening in intention-setting practises from Peru that will ground all we have worked with. The power of the New Moon is potent for creating New Life. We will take full advantage of this time of the month to do just that - create New Life. 

I am working to find the perfect sound healer to complement and close our beautiful Journey, working with ancient sounds that will harmonise with our inner landscape. Didge, hang drum, flutes etc. Details to follow. 

Ceremony will conclude around 8.30pm when we sit with delicious hearty soup around the fire, to integrate. 

This medicine process is a deeply transformative experience like none other, journeying with other like-minded tribe beings all interested in the depth & beauty of the human heart. 

Feel the glory of your full essence. Come and be blown away :)

Costs to cover Cacao medicine, dinner, renting the land, & facilitation: 
Early bird before Thursday 17th Nov: $89.00 + bf
Full price tickets thereafter: $99.00 + bf

Tickets pre-booked through Eventbrite: 

For any questions on Cacao or the process call me anytime: Petra 0401 107 187

* No one turned away. If finances are a consideration for you at this time please be in touch.

** Please note: 
If you are currently being treated for depression, Cacao may not be the medicine for you. The tryptophan and monoamino oxidase inhibitors of the Cacao are a bad mix with anti-depressant medicine. Can cause severe migraine, or worse. Please get in contact with me to discuss if this is a consideration for you.

*** Cacao is a gentle medicine. She is not hallucinogenic or muscle-twitching or anything like that at all. At her base, she is the pure source of chocolate; her taste is bitter, and her work is sweet. For me she is the perfect medicine because she is gentle yet profound. No strange experiences possible with this beauty. Her way is gentle Love. Come and be held. 

"The Cacao Ceremony held by Petra was one of the most beautiful and profound experiences of my life. She held the space beautifully with a lovely mix of acceptance, freedom of expression and guided visualisation. I laughed, I cried, I danced and sung. Mostly I connected with my ancient self, beyond all time, and felt very held in that process by Petra and Cacao." Malindi Lovegrove-Lower, Co-Founder - THE CHOCOLATE YOGI

"I have attended three Cacao Ceremonies over the last year and can say that the one Petra created was the best. It was the deepest, most liberating, and the most natural. She took time to set the stage, create the Sacredness and call in the support for our journeys. Her clear intentions, powerful support, and excellent meditations provided a framework for our will and the medicine of Cacao to do its work. Flawless." Sam Martin

"The Ceremony was an amazing journey of self transformation, love, unity and spirit that was shared by each divine being. Many thanks to Petra Lane for guiding us with her immense knowledge and wisdom. Keep shining the light x." Curt Hannigan

“Being completely new to inner-work and Sacred Ceremony, I came into the experience with no expectations. When Petra initiated the Ceremony by ensuring that all of the members in the circle made eye contact and establish a connection, I relaxed and some of my initial anxiety abated. The combined energy of the group was radiantly warm and uplifting. It felt as if there were no barriers between those present, and the stage was set for Petra to guide us on a journey into the depths of our subconscious minds. Having never taken Ceremonial Cacao before, I did not know what to sort of journey I was about to encounter. Certainly, I could never have guessed that I would experience a profound physical change in my lower back tension during the afternoon. Without any fore-planning on my part, the Cacao Spirit guided me into a series of intuitive stretches and movements which released a section of my spine which I had been struggling with for months. As a qualified manual therapy practitioner (Osteopathy), I was astounded to find myself stumbling upon raw, untapped, bodily knowledge. I have since heard that the Cacao Spirit guides us on our own personal path, and for me this manifested in a very physical sense. This amazing bodily experience also happened in conjunction with a number of psychological/emotional purges which have left me in a perpetual state of calm presence and self-empowerment ever since. None of this would have been possible without the sage wisdom and leadership eminent in the incredible woman/goddess - Petra Lane. Thank you Petra for facilitating an amazing experience which culminated in new learning and personal growth. Your Cacao Ceremony was a profound and joyous experience which will not be forgotten any time soon!” Nick Wittenberg - OSTEOPATH

Petra brings vitality & presence to her group-work practises, opening the way for people to experience their own personal enlivened truth. Driven by a desire for all beings to walk in their fully embodied Self in co-creative flow with Life, she creates a deliciously ripe yet safe container for people to explore whatever holds them back from their fullness, in this moment. 

Her 20 year practice combines ancient Ceremonial methodology, body-based release, esoteric mind & heart-centred meditations, metaphysical causality and grounded practical reality, all which guide to align the whole being so one is empowered to walk singing the Soul’s essence. 

Petra brings the qualities of sweetness & strength to her Cacao Ceremonies, the online empowerment workshop space she facilitates, her individual sessions & the pilgrimages she leads around the world working with master teachers through her company Global Pilgrim. She has studied the Science of Psychology at Uni, holds a Cert IV in Psychosomatic Therapy & has a compulsive tendency to do cartwheels and handstands whenever she’s in a park. 

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Inana Gathering Space, 351 Walkers Ridge Forest Rd, Bucketty NSW

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