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The Quality Hotel

The Quality Hotel in Parnell, Auckland


Auckland, 1052

New Zealand

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Business Video 'Bootcamp' is a one-day hands-on strategic session where you start to master the missing business skill of the 2020s… video.

YOU WILL walk away confident with up-to-date video strategy, video presentation and video production skills that gets you and your team 21st-century' video ready' to satisfy your customer's hungry appetite for video.

It's the video age...right... video job applications, customer explainer videos, video emails. The expectation that we know how to present and make videos is upon us. Every business needs video-literate and video-confident people. Video is now an essential business and career skill.

YOU WILL get ahead by putting the smartphone at the centre of your video strategy and blast ahead of the competition.

Outsourcing video is so 20th century! Agile, inexpensive DIY video is in. Revolutionise your relationship to video with these 21st-century strategies that use a smartphone and a smile to win trust, shorten sales cycles and stop your business turning invisible in the digital age.

YOU WILL nail your video presentations so you look like a pro

Discover the video presentation skills that elevated a card-carrying introvert from hiding behind the camera to a casually confident presenter comfortable in front of the lens.

YOU WILL save time, save money and shoot video like a pro

Get insider secrets from a world-class videographer. I share with you what it took me decades to learn - shooting for ABC TV, National Geographic and the BBC - to fast track you, your team and your business into having an unfair advantage in your marketplace.

You get in-person tuition from a reformed world-class videographer turned smartphone video evangelist. My unique methodology will take the mystery out of making videos and remove the fear of being on video.


  • Be able to create short purposeful videos that people want to watch
  • Better connect with customers, staff, peers
  • Generate more leads
  • Build trust
  • improve community engagement
  • Improve your 'likeability' factor on video
  • Appear confident and relaxed in your videos
  • make double the videos in half the time
  • Build morale within your business
  • Improve employee engagement scores
  • Be more productive in less time
  • Get personal messages to more people without having to be there in person
  • Bridge the generation gap between leadership and staff
  • and blow customer satisfaction through the roof

YOU will discover:

3 misconceptions about video-for-business that are likely holding you back

9 STEPS to creating S.M.A.R.T. videos - Simple Meaningful Authentic Relevant Tight

You'll move from confusion to clarity and see clearly the ways you can map out a cutting-edge 2020 video strategy.

You'll surprise yourself with video presentation skills you didn't think you had. You'll start the liberating journey from shy to shine.

Your video production skills will rocket. You'll go from feeling like a disaster to feeling like a master.

You'll get directed to the right equipment choices. You'll save money by getting tools instead of toys.


  • How To Fix Your Nervousness
  • How To Make the Smartphone Make You Look Smart
  • How To Get Clear Sound First Time, Every Time
  • How To Look Younger on Video Without Plastic Surgery
  • Why You Don't Like Watching Yourself On Camera And How To Get Over It
  • How To Be Yourself: Because an Original Is Worth More Than A Copy
  • How To Write A Script To Build Instant Rapport
  • How To Tame The Technology So You Control It, Not The Other Way Around


  • Productivity boost #1: You'll make much greater use of the $1500 productivity tool (smartphone) in your pocket.
  • Productivity boost #2: You won't spend 3 hours making a one minute video. I will get you making videos up to 6 times faster.
  • You leave with the tools and techniques and strategies that will boost your business.
  • You'll be able to integrate video into your business immediately.
  • The Cut-Through Video Presentation Skills I share with you will not just prepare you for the camera, it will help you shine on stage, whether that is in the boardroom or before 500 people.
  • You'll get script templates to 'smarten up' your messages and speed up your production.
  • You will learn video tips that most video experts still don't understand.
  • You and your team will become more confident, both on-camera and off.
  • You'll save potentially thousands of dollars by not buying useless, over-hyped, unnecessary equipment

Get Video Smart workshop is run and relaxed


Small Business Owners, Personal Brands, Consultants wanting more clients

Anyone in Sales wanting to

  • introduce new products
  • send personalised thankyou's to customers
  • introduce themselves to new customers
  • create explainer videos for customers

Communications Teams wanting to

  • gather better quality video content, more often
  • with less hassle and less resistance from staff to be involved
  • feed their social media with engaging content

Video workshop for Communications professionals Get Video Smart  with Julian Mather

Mid to Senior Leaders / Business Owners wanting to

  • help their people understand WHY?
  • welcome new members when they can't be there in person
  • make brief announcements about job openings, compliance requirements
  • reduce the time they spend on emails
  • keep their team current
  • give progress updates

Anyone involved in training and educating their teams

  • give the opportunity to staff to take ownership of the experience and knowledge they have. Creating in-house training is straightforward, exciting, morale-boosting, cost-effective, quickly updatable.

Anyone wanting to make outstanding video job-applications

  • make yourself stand out from the rest
  • get yourself seen inside an organisation before ever stepping a foot in the door.


  • 6 hours of easy to understand, easy to action training
  • Your copy of the book 'Get Video Smart'
  • tea/coffee
  • My deep experience. I will answer specific questions. I will stay until every question you have is answered.

*No one is required to perform in front of the group. This is an embarrassment-free zone.


Does it matter if my phone is iOS or Android?

No. Get Video Smart is platform agnostic. Both Android and iOS are on equal grounds in my workshop. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve with your smartphone, regardless of its digital religion.

REFUNDS: I honour your paid ticket until you use it. If you cannot make this session notify me as soon you can. I'll reserve a seat for you at the next Get Video Smart workshop. If you can't make that, then we rinse and repeat until you can. If you cannot do that then I will provide you with online training that you can access in your own time. In short, you will get to be the confident video creator you want to be. I will not let you down. Simple as that.


Quality Hotel Parnell

10-20 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand

+64 9-303 3789

We are in the Discovery Room for our session.

Great parking on site.

Start time is 9.30 am. Please arrive at 9.15.

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Date and Time


The Quality Hotel

The Quality Hotel in Parnell, Auckland


Auckland, 1052

New Zealand

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