Building Business: Pricing Masterclass

Building Business: Pricing Masterclass

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Explore 10 common myths surrounding pricing, as well as 10 common pricing mistakes!

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FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION, the longest “F” word in the English language, is the habit of estimating something as valueless.

This talk, based on Jon’s recently released book, will help entrepreneurs, side-hustlers and small business owners overcome this common mistake when valuing, pricing and monetizing your products and services.

The talk will explore 10 common myths surrounding pricing, as well as 10 common pricing mistakes. It will then introduce you to value-based pricing, and four ways you can price your products and services using these Floccinaucinihilipilification-busting methodologies.


Jon Manning - Founder of

Jon is internationally recognised and experienced. His passion for optimal pricing strategies ensures that, on average, he achieves at least a 20.9% revenue uplift for companies he works with. Jon’s career has been a journey through the most commonly used pricing methodologies: the cryptic world of oil industry pricing, cost-plus pricing in catering & consumer packaged goods, revenue/yield management in aviation, travel & tourism, and dynamic pricing in internet cafes on the High Streets of the EU and USA. Today, he primarily develops value-based pricing and monetisation strategies for companies that recognise that it’s not what he knows about pricing in their industry that counts: it’s what he knows about pricing in so may other industries that helps make him work with them more profitable. Jon is the Head of Pricing at a SaaS tech company, the founder of, and the author of "Overcoming Floccinaucinihilipilification: Valuing and Monetizing Products and Services", a guide to value-based pricing for start-ups, entrepreneurs and side-hustlers.

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