Breathless Immersive Experience - Newcastle

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Infuse Health - Yoga & Movement Newcastle

10 William Street


Adamstown, NSW 2289


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“A breath of love can take you all the way to infinity” Rumi WHY BREATHLESS? It all starts and ends with the breath

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It all starts and ends with the breath

And right now, the modern world is influencing you and the way you live and breathe on every tangible level. Your stress. Your illness. Your anxiety. Your fear. The time you spend on technology. Your lack of sleep and low energy levels

All are influenced by your breath...

The good news? All can be improved, or minimised, by focusing on your breath and learning to breathe properly

Our bodies love homeostasis. Our breath is directly tied into our nervous systems which regulate this homeostasis. All of these factors mentioned above impact our homeostasis due to the impact they have on our breath. As such, we lose connection with ourselves

And when we are out of balance within, our entire physiology reacts. The result? A negatively impacted physical and mental state. Yet we all hold the magic key to changing this



Our breath.

Your breathing says a lot about you. It shows you how you deal with the world around you. It says a lot about how you choose to respond to what happens for you in life. Your breath is critical to how you process all these with the stressful and strenuous daily experiences and store them in your body

Your breath is the link between body and mind. Between spirit and matter. Between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Your breath is a force, a bridge, a tool. It connects us to each other, and to our own nature, our source

Yet breathing is the only system in the body that is both completely automatic and also under our control. That is not an accident of nature, not a coincidence. That is an opportunity, an invitation, to take part in our own nature, our own evolution.

You can use it to manipulate how you feel, how your body regulates and processes your emotions, physical responses and overall well being

So that’s why we created Breathless.

To improve your life by supporting you to get back to a natural, more optimal way of breathing

What does better breathing mean for you?

+ Control Stress More Effectively

+ Improved Sleep and Recovery

+ Improved Energy levels

+ Reduced Inflammation & Increased Performance

+ Minimized Depression, Anxiety, Self-Doubt and Self Sabotage

+ Enhanced Clarity and Decision Making

+ Deeper Connection with Self and Others

+ Enhanced Self-Awareness

The Breathless Immersive Experience is our Advanced Workshop that takes a deep dive into all elements related to breathwork, performance and self-regulation. From in-depth presentations & discussions to follow up material and a smaller more intimate group setting for the learning experience

It is the perfect experience to take your understand and practice of breath to the next level

What are you in for?

- You’ll be introduced to and taught advanced breath work techniques so that you can include them to your daily routines

- You’ll experience deep meditations and dive into their mechanisms so that you can better understand them and how they influence your state

- You’ll experience ice baths + cold exposure and discover their energy + clarity enhancing effects

- You’ll leave with a comprehensive takeaway resource kit including:

PDF presentations on Breathless techniques & exposure therapy

Access to guided breathwork recordings and resource library

An array of community discounts, giveaways and events

Plus there’s delicious organic Cacao from Peru and a few of my bad jokes...

The Immersive Experience gives you the perfect opportunity to discover how to work with your body. How to expand your human potential. How to challenge and leave behind your learned belief + behaviour systems and your past conditioning

Best of all, you’ll meet a group of like minded people and share in an intimate, bonding experience that will open you up, lift your soul and leave you feeling alive, connected and part of something bigger than yourself

Course spots are limited to 20 people. The investment is $199. These programs always sell out ahead of time so make sure you secure your spot by purchasing a ticket today

With love,


Here’s what the day will look like:

09:30 Registration, coffee & tea @ Infuse Health

10:00 Introduction, philosophy & science overview

10:30 BREATHLESS - Theory

11:00 BREATHLESS - Practical

12:00 Guided breath-work w. live music


13:00 BREATHLESS - Theory

14:00 Q&A

15:00 Cold exposure - Theory

16:00 Cold Exposure - Practical (Icebaths)

17:00 Closing


Having spent years studying, training and researching into all kinds of breathwork methods and techniques, I’ve created this compact, interactive course to share all I’ve learnt with a mix of practical, theory, personal and of course, fun/bad jokes.

From in-depth insights into the functional, physical and psychological aspects of breathing to guided breathwork meditations, beautiful live music and intimate group discussions, you’ll learn various tools, techniques and methods that will teach you to use your breath to help you live a fuller, calmer, happier life.

• Develop an understanding of breathwork principles based on modern science

• Learn practical tools for applying breathwork in a variety of circumstances

• Learn simple tools and metrics for to better assess and adapt to stress

• Learn simple yet effective ways to help improve your breath quality

• Learn how to tailor breathwork to suit your own personal needs

// THE COLD //

The therapeutic use of thermal exposure dates back as far as historical records go. From hot springs to arctic plunges, sweat lodges and back again, there are countless rites of passage, rituals, ceremonies and healing practices that demonstrate the psychological and physiological benefits of seeking out extremes in nature. There seems to be an innate knowing within us, a longing, a need that pushes us to seek out the stress that extreme fluctuations in temperature brings as a way to grow and expand our potential.

The recent growth of interest in self engineered exposure practices stems from rapid changes in our lifestyle and a new relation to stress. For many, this opens up a fascinating discussion and the maze of information out there.

- Why & When cold or heat exposure?

- What are the best practices and protocols?

- What counts as too little and is there such a thing as too much?

- How do I bring these practices into my daily routines?

- What temperature or time ranges are ideal?

- How do I make and measure progression in a safe way?

This is suitable for everyone, regardless of your current level of fitness or confidence. If you have any cardiovascular issues or any other serious health conditions, please get in touch with us before signing up and make sure to consult a medical professional before starting. Equally, if you have questions relating to your condition, please don’t hesitate to contact us beforehand.


Johannes Egberts is a certified freediving instructor, Wim Hof Method expert, Oxygen Advantage trainer, XPT coach and student of heart sciences from the Netherlands. Having worked with and studied under many experts in the field of health and wellness including Wim Hof, Laird Hamilton and Patrick McKeown. Johannes now runs Breathless. A platform for education & expeditions.

With over five years of experience, research and insight into the related theory and practice of breathwork, he has guided thousands of people in his workshops, teaching, creating and working with the NRL NZ Warriors, Wim Hof, Prof. Marc Cohen, Ludovico Einaudi and David Goggins to mention but a few.

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Date and Time


Infuse Health - Yoga & Movement Newcastle

10 William Street


Adamstown, NSW 2289


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