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Brisbane, Qld 4152


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SEE MORE @ http://www.jobrand.com.au/copy-of-personal-branding-workshop


    • Empowering Mindset strategies to become a confident speaker in front of an audience.

    • Discover your unique Personal Brand that will differentiate you from the crowd.

    • Project your message with an effective dynamic vocal sound and a well behaved voice.

    • Grow your authority, credibility & respect so people see you as a leader and someone they want to connect with.

    • Attract high quality prospects who are ready to take action and provide opportunities that will grow your bottom line.

    • Blueprint of your personal brand, message & voice plus engaging profile images, personalised 30sec HD Video to upload instantly and 1:1 coaching.

    Jo Brand and Elisa James have joined forces to bring you the most dynamic workshop yet! This two day hands on event is for aspiring ENTREPRENEURS, COACHES & THOUGHT LEADERS who are ready to become confident influencers in their respective markets, and share their message through public speaking.

    This 2 day Workshop is NOT about sitting around sharing life stories. It is NOT a teaser to lead you into a more in-depth program at three times the amount. IT IS A FUN, INTERACTIVE and DYNAMIC workshop that’s all about YOU - your brand and voice. A workshop where YOU WILL TAKE HOME YOUR VERY OWN BLUEPRINT OF YOUR PERSONAL BRAND, MESSAGE & VOICE that you will be able to implement & leverage off the moment you get home! PLUS A WHOLE LOT OF CONFIDENCE & KNOW HOW ON HOW TO GET OUT THERE TO BE SEEN & HEARD AS THE EXPERT!

    "We believe that there are an abundance of energetic and experienced Australian Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Thought Leaders that have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience that can change lives and transform businesses BUT are lost in the noise of where to start. It's time to let these movers and shakers take the spotlight and make it happen!"

    Throughout this workshop you will discover the power and elements of YOUR Personal Brand with specifically addressing - how to create, manage and maintain your brand, message and voice for impact and success. You will learn how to tap into your true authenticity with confidence'; how to create your brand story, message and pitch and how to develop it into effective brand strategies and applications that connect and build strong lasting relationships with your audience.


      • Do you lack confidence in-front of an audience, in-front of the camera, on stage or in the boardroom?
      • Is your voice lacking clarity, tone and pitch in capturing your audience's attention?
      • Do you feel you lack uniqueness, credibility and opportunities to be seen or heard as an expert in your market?
      • Don’t know what to say or how to structure your message when given the opportunity?​
      • Are you wanting to become someone of influence and monetise from it but don't know where to start?

              Content Covered

              • Learn practices in how to Identify your true AUTHENTIC self : your values, purpose and mission.

              • Break the comfort zone and learn how to remain authentic with confidence throughout your journey.

              • Confidence mindset practices for speaking to an audience on stage or camera.

              • Understand the power of a Personal Brand and the elements that contribute to it’s success.

              • Discover your uniqueness and develop it into a personal brand through the Brandfit Framework, addressing persona, product, packaging and experience.

              • Understand what effective Brand LANGUAGE is and how to use it to influence and make transformational change.

              • Learn how to build effective brand communication styles and presence, including online, on stage & on camera - right down to the way you dress and your body language.

              • Craft your Brand Story and translate it into a powerful ‘message’ that positively touches the minds and hearts of your audience leading to positive change.

              • Identify the best brand STRATEGIES, applications and platforms that will be most effective for your Personal Brand & Voice, including SM & BLOGGING, VIDEO & MEDIA

              • Discover your opportunities on how to leverage your Personal Brand & Voice for sustainable growth and success.

              • Identify your vocal weaknesses – evaluate your own sound and that of your clients.

              • Learn the tools to correct any voice issues or tension patterns holding you back from sounding your best.

              • Have complete control over phonation and respiration patterns – tools and techniques for continued practice.

              • Identify and describe your vocal brand – with mentors in place for guidance.

              • Understand the physiological components to building that sound – tools and techniques for further practice.

              • On Camera & Stage Practice with tools to grow and develop further.

              • Mastery over Improv skills for any life or business situation.

              • Correct Breathing patterns for public speaking.

              • Tools and techniques for overcoming nerves.

              • Correct Warm up routine for any speaking event.

              • Identify the best pitch for your own voice and presentation needs.

              • Gain Voluntary control over many muscles used for public speaking and breathing.

              • Written plan for care and maintenance for your own vocal instrument.

              • BluePrint for “Your Personal Brand” and “Your Brand Voice”

              • 30sec HD Video presentation for you to implement on Lead pages etc with Band message and Voice.


              Will I just learn about public speaking in this training?

              You will learn so much more than just public speaking techniques! You will learn how to build your authentic brand, how to connect with your audience and strategies on how to boost your opportunities.

              What level of experience do I need for this training?

              This training workshop is for those just starting out, to those that have had some experience in speaking and want to continue to develop their skills even more.

              Will Jo and Elisa be at the live training?

              Yes, you will be coached directly by Jo Brand and Elisa James. They will be there with their team to support you throughout the two days

              Do I have to stand up in front of people and speak?

              The end goal is for you to feel confident speaking in a variety of situations. By the end of the two days we are confident that you will be ready to not only speak in front of the group but to embark on your own recording,

              Can we access Jo Brand and Elisa James after the workshop?

              Yes. Both Jo and Elisa are available for private coaching post the workshop, however there are a limited number of places available.

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              Brisbane, Qld 4152


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