Boundaries and Consent - Cultivate More Power and Freedom Into Your Life

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Earthwise community

315 Bagot Road

Subiaco, WA 6008


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Have you ever been taught or empowered to honor your boundaries? If the answer is maybe or no, you have come to the right place. Book tix

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Boundaries and Consent

Have you ever been taught or empowered to honour your boundaries?

Perhaps you think that comes naturally, you would never do something you don’t want to? Well think back to when you were little and you had to give that family friend with bad breath a kiss and a hug. From a young age you were conditioned to overstep your boundaries.

In our society boundaries tend to be assumed instead of talked about. I first learned about Boundaries and Consent as ISTA (Shamanic Tantric Retreat), after learning about it in a sexual context I began to see that Boundaries and Consent are everywhere not just when SEX or abuse is involved. Boundaries are important in our everyday life for example with family and friends, at work, on public transport the more you delve into it the more you see the importance of boundaries and consent everywhere.

Do you remember when you were little and you wanted to do something and you just did it. There was no story, there was no fear, you were just being. I want to give you the tools to get that level of freedom back. Once you master the art of boundaries you will experience more freedom and power within. It is crazy to think that more boundaries actually gives you more freedom, in this workshop you will be able to fully experience it and understand why.

I am committed to helping you find your boundaries, both the yes and the no. I am committed to showing you where the lack of boundaries is stopping you from living your best life, where is it stopping you from going after what you want, where it is stopping you from being fully self expressed, where it is stopping you from being completely comfortable in every situation and interaction, where it’s stopping you from knowing what YOU really want.


Boost in creativity, self-confidence, self expression, peacefulness

An empowering life where YOU honour YOURSELF and YOUR boundaries

Deeper understanding of consent

Discover your value and how to empower yourself

Tools to keep going in the face of resistance

Deeper and more for filling connections with other beings

Have heaps of fun!


What mastering boundaries and consent really means

Your value and how to give yourself the love & nourishment you deserve

A way to connect with others on an authentic and deeper level

What to bring:

Yourself as you are, everything is welcome (this is a judgement free space)

Water bottle

Journal and pens


What to wear:

Comfortable, warm clothes that allow gentle movement (there will be heating)

FACILITATOR || Dasha Barsukova ||

Dasha a Psychology graduate, freelance events manager and a wanderlust gypsy. She is based in Perth but since finishing her degree she has only been living there a few months out of the year most of the other time you will find her on the other side of the world. By the age of 25 she has visited 52 countries. Her journey into self development began at the age 16 when she enrolled into a weekend course that changed her life and showed her that she wanted to empower people to have peace of mind and full self expression. She completed a vigorous 9 month program at the age of 18 giving up all her Friday nights and many more hours throughout the week but she didn’t care because she was connected to her purpose of empowering and helping people.

You will often hear from her “I’m living my best life” or “Wow, life is just too much good”. At the age of 25 she is following her dreams, living life to the fullest even in the face of resistance and is 110% committed to inspiring and empowering every being to live their best lives - where they get to live out their dreams, passions and purpose!

Check out her travel insta @travelandotherdrugs

After a sold out event in Melbourne I decided to bring it over to Perth to share this powerful knowledge with all you beautiful humans.


Early bird: $25

Second Release: $35

Final Release: $45

Tickets available on Eventbrite and will incur a booking fee alternatively you can bank transfer me the amount and email the screenshot to (

Hey, I just want to acknowledge you for taking this time to honour, nourish and do something special for yourself. Can’t wait to create some magic with you.

If you feel drawn to come and find the cost out of your reach please email or contact me on facebook


Testimonials from Previous Events

“Dasha is an incredibly gifted intuit and high level empath. The clarity, depth and incisiveness of this woman's wisdom betrays the convention's that exist for human beings her age. The fact she can transcend her youth speaks to the degree she has tapped into the workings of her souls nature.

She has been incredibly poignant and surgical with her coaching. She has subjected my soul to conversations it has been unwilling to hear yet has yearned for. This woman's power will compel your greatness, if not through direct conversation then through pure osmosis. Beware and only approach her if you want a complete and utter transformation of your life and being, doused with complete honour and love.” - Ezel, Melbourne

“This workshop was an immersive and eye opening experience! I realised that I actually have more work to do in setting my boundaries as a way of truly honouring myself. The girls help a safe and supportive space to explore these depths. I felt truly held in this exploration and felt that my vulnerability was welcomed and loved. Thank you” Mazzie, April 2019.

“Dasha is a bubbling spring, overflowing with power and raw love of living. Her energy will bring you into your own excitement for being, simply by being in her presence. With deep wisdom she can help you move past blockages and fear. This woman is fire.” - Rahme

“Being in Dashas presence has indeed done exactly what her purpose is out to achieve. The one thing I wanted the most. She has helped me realign and connect with parts of myself and realign to find my purpose.

She brings women together to find themselves, be themselves & know their worth. Just incredible, do yourself a favour and realign. Thank you!” - Lija

“Dasha is an amazing young woman who is wise beyond her years.

Her enthusiasm, motivation and drive to continually learn and grow, as well as share her knowledge and to be of service to others is phenomenal.

Not only would I highly recommend any of her offerings, I personally would participate in all of them if I could!” - Shenoha

“Dasha holds space like no other workshop, or sharing circles I've been to before. She's very professional and structured in her approach. I walked away from one of her mixed circle nights inspired and I'm taking on new avenues because of this. I'd recommend attending one of many of her events!” - Elliot

“Dasha is doing amazing things for people and I definitely feel blessed to be able to spend time in her presence. I look forward to attending more of Dasha's sessions with the knowledge that there is no judgment in Dasha's sharing circles.” - Martyn

For more testimonial check out my FB page

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Date and Time


Earthwise community

315 Bagot Road

Subiaco, WA 6008


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Contact the organizer to request a refund.

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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