Birthing Your Innate Wisdom - Vision Quest
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Birthing Your Innate Wisdom - Vision Quest

Birthing Your Innate Wisdom - Vision Quest

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Mount Alexander

Central Goldfields Victoria


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Birthing your Innate Wisdom is a five-day vision quest in the Central Goldfields of Victoria.

A vision quest is a rite of passage, similar to an initiation. It is a turning point in life taken to find oneself and your intended spiritual and life direction. During the quest we fast and attune ourselves to the natural world through meditation, ritual and listening to the deeper voice within. This is a shamanic descent into something wilder and more innate inside. You will hear the call of the voice you can trust the most.

Program information
The first two and a half days of the quest comprise of practices to move you into a slightly altered state of consciousness (meditation, light diet in preparation for fasting, activities that open awareness and bring more presence).

The last three days comprises of individual questing in a wild place and being "witnessed" on your return home.

This is a powerful recipe and is guaranteed to be an incredible experience.

Next steps

If you are interested to find out more, please reach out to schedule a time for a phone call or Skype with me where you can ask questions, find out more about me, and talk about if a Vision Quest right for you –

Payment terms and RSVP

This quest is limited to six participants only so please register with a deposit asap! There are three concession tickets available, please call or email to discuss eligibility. Early bird closes by September 14th. All contributions must be received in full by September 30th so your guide can make full preparations required.

Location and accommodation

All food, and transport is provided. You will need to bring your own small tent (needs to be small as you will need to carry it) The tour starts and finishes in Castlemaine, Victoria.

See below to read more about your guide Fran Woodruff.


1. How does it work?

The vision quest will begin with a group over the first two and a half days, learning meditation, slowing down, preparing for fasting by slow food reduction, mental preparation, dance and ritual. Then over the next three days you will go alone with your tent and small backpack, find your questing place somewhere on the mountain and spend the time doing exactly what your inner wisdom asks of you/calls you to do. (It may seem a bit crazy but go with it anyway this is a radical act of trust in yourself and your own wisdom)

2. Where does each part take place?

All of the vision quest i.e. preparation and actual quest will be on Mount Alexander. Initially we will all camp together then you will find your own place to quest. ( still on Mount Alexander though)

3. Where do we meet, what is the accommodation?

We will meet at a location at Mount Alexander that will be sent to you once you are registered. You will be camping in your tent and there will be one large group tent available for gathering, meditating etc. A simple shelter will also be set up as a kitchen. The first two and a half days you will have access to a toilet but no shower so if you want to keep clean you will need to consider how best you can do this. Water will be available to heat to have a simple wash so you can bring things to keep clean that you can either leave at the main site which will be set up during the entire quest. The idea is that you meet the uncomfortable in you as well as the comfortable.

4. What do I need to bring?

You will be hiking with your things so simple is best and lightweight – Other items you require for the first two and a half days can be left in your car or in the Group gathering space. You will be given a comprehensive list of what to bring upon registering however these are some of the things you will and may need.

  • Meditation cushion/stool
  • Shawl
  • Journal/pen if you want
  • Toiletries (No showers remember so just simple washes)
  • Toilet paper
  • Torch (Head torch is good)
  • Batteries for head torch
  • Backpack
  • Good hiking boots
  • Good hiking socks
  • One set of hiking clothing to wear and one to change into should you get wet
  • Warm jacket
  • Rain jacket
  • Roll mat/mattress
  • Warm Sleeping Bag (it may get cold on the mountain)

5. Do you need to do the fasting? Is it dangerous?

Yes the fasting is very important as it helps to place you in a slightly altered state of consciousness and also if there’s no food to think about your mind can be more aware of other things around you. If you are worried we highly recommend that you ask your doctor if this will be ok for you. If you have issues with low blood sugar or diabetes then you will need to keep up food intake. We can discuss this with you once you register.

6. What if I get lost?

It is highly unlikely that you can get lost on Mount Alexander and we will provide you with a map of the area to take with you just in case.

7. How much time do I need to take off work?

You will need to take off the five days of the quest and we highly recommend you take off at least one day directly after to allow you to consolidate your experience, begin to introduce food in a considered manner and just adjust. This is a very profound experience and you deserve to have the time it takes to honour yourself.

8. Will there be a guide?

Fran will be your guide for the first two and a half days but then your inner voice will be your guide for the rest. (You will understand this more after the two and a half days)

Detailed information

Arrival date & time: Arrive at Mount Alexander between four and six to set up your tent and your initial camp place. First gathering will be at six thirty with simple soup meal.

Transport to and from:

Will be under your own steam however we can help organise car pooling if there is a desire to do so.

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Date and Time


Mount Alexander

Central Goldfields Victoria


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