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Biodecoding® Australia - 4 Day Foundation Course

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Sydney, NSW 2000


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What Is Biodecoding® ?

Biodecoding® is a kind of brief therapy, which is complementary to traditional and modern medicines. It finds its originality in the specific method of interpreting the symptoms according to the biological and physiological functions of the organ. Its objective is to assist the patient in finding the meaning of his symptom, identifying and resolving its emotional origin in order to recover health.

Created over 20 years ago, Biodecoding® is based on the findings and experience of eminent researchers and practitioners amongst which Christian Flèche has been the leading figure through his school in South of France.

Biodecoding® relies on 2 main premises:

That any symptom has a specific purpose in relation to the specific function of the organ, the disease being a precise survival response to a biological need that was not satisfied: the need of contact, to breathe, digest, accept, have value...

That underlying any symptom there is an emotional cause which often finds its origin in past traumas, and which once resolved allows the body to resume normal functioning.

Biodecoding® deciphers the biological meaning of the symptom by finding its emotional origin and feeling.

Our body adapts, reacts spontaneously and specifically to all our feelings during a disturbing event.
What is important is not the event itself but the way we emotionally experience it. For instance, I cannot feel “I am divorcing” but I can feel anger, unfairness, devaluation, annihilation, aggression...

When an emotional shock is too intense and without a solution, our body finds the precise adapted biological response at this very moment.


If I eat a rotten food my body rejects it by vomiting. This is a normal biological reaction. Now if I experience a situation at work that I perceive as 'indigestible' and I am forced to accept it, my stomach can refuse to digest it and trigger vomiting.

If I go in altitude, my breathing is amplified to catch more oxygen and my body produces more red blood cells to transport it. It's an automatic physiological solution. Now if in my life I feel like I am out of breath, I suffocate, and if I cannot nd a satisfying solution to my issue then my body will respond by producing more red blood cells and cause a disease called Polycythemia.


Tuning into the biological unconscious through an active listening, the Biodecoding® therapist guides the patient through the process of understanding the biological meaning of his symptom, finding and resolving the underlying emotional cause at its root.

He uses an original model of interpretation of the symptom which targets the biological unconscious along with signature emotional resolution techniques. This method enables him to a) decipher the language of the cells to identify the specific emotional feeling connected to the symptom; b) guide his client through accessing his inner feeling and physical sensations; c) find the primary origin of the emotional conflict and resolve it at the cellular level.

His technical and interpersonal skills allow him to access his client's emotional reality. This way he facilitates self-transformation and liberation from past traumas which lead to well-being again.

The Master Biodecoding® Practitioner has a minimum of 490 hours of training which comprises of original Biodecoding® techniques along with complementary modalities such as NLP, hypnosis, biogenealogy...

He has done a therapeutic work on himself and he continues to be supervised regularly as required by the International Association of Biodecoding®.

“Our body is the theater of our emotional life”

Béatrice Bourau-Glisia, President of the International Association of Psycho-bio Therapy.

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Date and Time


Sydney, NSW 2000


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