Beyond Yoni Massage - Awakening Female Pleasure
$430 – $660
Beyond Yoni Massage - Awakening Female Pleasure

Beyond Yoni Massage - Awakening Female Pleasure

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Second Storey

Level 1, 222 Johnston, Street

Collingwood, VIC


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Tickets strictly limited to this exclusive event. Book in fast so you don't miss out. 

Weekend workshop for practitioners and couples/duos in Melbourne. Women are free to come on their own if they are happy to work with other women. Alternatively people can find a friend or someone else on the event page to come with. 

In this workshop we will explore not only techniques, but the attitudes, flow and power available to us that create the space for women to really open, heal and experience pleasure. And women will learn how to deeply receive and accept this pleasure healing and power, that is rightfully theirs. I call this practice holistic sexual healing, and I'm so excited to be sharing it with you!

Regardless of how much training and experience you have, I promise you that this workshop will serve you as a practitioner, a lover and a human being. Although my focus is on women, you could take what you learn to work with men as well.

To get a taste of what will be covered in the workshop, I’m holding an intimate intro evening Oct 24th 7-10pm, at my house. The evening will include a talk, a short demo and a QA. Event details here:

If you’d like to be a model for the intro night and/or for the weekend workshop please email

Concession tickets are available at $420 , and we also have payment plans avaiable to everyone. 



Men: Learn how to pleasure, heal and empower your woman with yoni massage.
Women: Learn how to receive from your man, heal and embody ecstatic pleasure.

I’ve been studying and practicing yoni massage for over 11 years, holding holistic sexual healing sessions for hundreds of women, teaching all over the world, and published the best selling book “Orgasm Unleashed”.

I’m offering an exclusive workshop to help couples learn how to give and receive the gift of yoni massage

What is Yoni Massage ?

Yoni , pronounced yo-nee, is the Sanskrit word for “vagina” , and means “sacred temple” or “sacred space”.

The art and practice of yoni massage is a part of sexual tantra and sacred intimacy.

Yoni massage is a whole body experience that includes touching, arousing and massaging the whole body, focusing on the neck and shoulders, buttocks, breasts, hip-joint, and finally the outside and then inside of the yoni, while occasionally massaging the rest of the body.

Although it’s called a “massage”, it’s not only a massage.
I’ll be teaching you how to pleasure, heal and empower your partner with your presence, voice and light touch.

Yoni massage is meant to work on and involve all the chakras (energy centers), elements (air, water, etc.), and on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels/aspects.

Yoni massage is recommended and beneficial for nearly all women.

Yoni massage can be done by itself and for itself, or as part of tantric love-making, either before during or after the sexual act; it can be done between same-sex or opposite-sex friends, between lovers or with a therapist.

This workshop is meant for couples who are interested in deepening their intimacy, sexuality and their relationship, for men who would like to learn how to pleasure a woman and facilitate her process of opening and healing, and for women who would like learn more about their sexuality and their own body, let go of pain and experience new kinds of orgasmic states.

The 3 main aspect of yoni massage are Pleasure, Healing, and Spirituality

These aspects are intertwined and complementary.

You can not expect to learn how to give a yoni massage just for pleasure and orgasms, as some men do, and some resources focus on. When a woman experiences deep arousal, there will be pleasure and then sometimes physical or emotional pain will arise; A man needs to support the woman and facilitate her process of accepting and releasing the pain and emotions. Healing involves facilitating pleasure to dissolve the pain. Pleasure is therapeutic.


Opening up the whole body to sensation, pleasure and orgasm; Experiencing new and different kinds of orgasms and orgasmic states; Recognizing, deepening and expanding orgasms.


Witnessing, accepting and releasing past pain and trauma on the physical, sexual, energetic, emotional and mental levels; Nearly every woman has some issues to resolve.


Yoni massage and tantric love-making can and should be a spiritual practice; An orgasm is a spiritual experience which involves openness, trust, surrender, dissolution and a feeling of oneness, unity and stillness.

The experience of yoni massage allows the woman to fully manifest the feminine, Shakti, the Goddess.

This workshop isn’t for everyone.
It’s only for couples (or friends who are comfortable working together) who are ready to resolve their sexual issues and show up with love and presence.

Learn how to help your partner dissolve pain and trauma, expand her orgasmic experience and embrace her femininity.
The day will include presentations, exercises, demos and a group practice.
I will take you through the theory, exercises and a “goddess awakening session” with your partner. This might include genital touch if your partner is ready for it, but the whole idea is that there’s so much to explore apart from the genitals.

Read more about the theory and practice of “holistic sexual healing” here:

Testimonials from Eyal’s clients:

“Opens up realms for the deepest transformation!” ~ Sanna, sexual healer, Sweden
“Eyal has taught me to take control of my sexual energy.” ~ 
Shaney Simpson, Sexuality Guide & Sacred Arts Educator, Australia
Eternally grateful!” ~ Layla Martin, Sexuality educator, USA.
“I have reclaimed my sexual power.” ~ Lily, Entrepreneur, Australia.
“I felt like a girl trapped in a woman’s body, now I am able to enjoy my sexuality which I never imagined possible.” ~ Kelly Alison, Massage practitioner, USA
Read dozens of testimonials and contact these women for references here:

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Date and Time

Second Storey

Level 1, 222 Johnston, Street

Collingwood, VIC


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