Beyond Paradigms: The NENA (New Economy Network Australia) 2019 Conference

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UWA Business School

3 Hackett Drive

Perth, WA 6009


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These are extraordinary times for humanity — as a global society, and as a species.

Civilisation 2.0 is calling us forward, ever more insistently.

The whisper is becoming a roar: new ecology, new economy, new humanity. New ways of being in the world.

New Economy Network Australia (NENA) and the enkel collective welcome you, our peers in innovation and positive changemaking from across the New Economy spectrum, to join us for the 4th annual NENA conference, happening October 4-7 in beautiful Perth, Western Australia.

Beyond Paradigms is a gathering of peers—pioneers, innovators, facilitators, solutionaries and game-changers—from across the spectrum of our keenest passions: ecology, economy, humanity.

This gathering is intended to serve those who have the courage of their convictions, but also the flexibility to entertain—and even embrace—divergent worldviews.

Building this capacity is essential as we encounter and move through the extraordinary changes we face now, as a society and as a species.

The inspiration for the conference’s overarching theme, Beyond Paradigms, comes from Donella Meadows’ work, in which she describes the most effective points of leverage to intervene in a system as

a) the mindset from which a given paradigm arises, and

b) transcending paradigms entirely.

As human beings, deeply influenced by the contexts and cultures from which we come, we view our worlds through filters and lenses. The question then becomes, as we encounter each other, are we building bridges or walls between our views? Can we remove our own lenses, and try on someone else's, even for a moment?

The future of humanity, and of our precious planet, may well depend on it.

So, given the extraordinary times in which we find ourselves, our intention with this gathering is to engage a new conversation, in a new context: Beyond Paradigms. And to take that conversation into real-world support for the amazing projects and initiatives that are already happening—in WA, in Australia, and across the world.

To that end, while this forum will indeed accommodate presentations of ideas and solutions, our deeper emphasis will be on facilitating the powerful, purposeful connections, conversations and collaborations that are called for so urgently now.

Our main sub-themes (what we're calling "streams") are:

  • Brilliant Cities (because being "smart" won't be nearly enough);
  • Positive Futures (because yes, we can);
  • Emerging/Converging Technologies (applying our worlds-colliding powertools responsibly); and
  • Full-Spectrum Wellbeing (firing on all our jets, as whole human beings)

Facilitated roundtable discussions and deep-dive mini workshops will be at the heart of the event — as will delicious local and artisanal food (what we call The Moveable Feast), creativity, and rich, shared experiences.

Full detail and schedule at the Beyond Paradigms website.


We couldn’t be more delighted to share our news that someone whose work has deeply inspired and informed this event from the outset, Douglas Rushkoff, will be joining us.

Doug is a technology and media theorist, futurist, and best-selling author. His work explores how different technological environments affect our relationships with money, power, and one another, as well as the narratives we share about them. He’s the coiner of the terms “viral media,” “screenagers,” and “social currency,” and has long advocated for the application of digital media in service to social and economic justice.

His most recent body of work, Team Human, argues for the retrieval of human autonomy in a digital age, asserts that being human is a team sport, and explores how, when we work together as social beings, we can realize the happiness, productivity, and peace we so long for.

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Collaborating Organisations Announcement:

New Economy Network Australia (NENA) and the Enkel Collective have announced their collaboration to bring NENA 2019, the 4th Annual NENA conference, to Perth, Western Australia.

Previous NENA conferences have been held in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The Perth Conference is being hosted from Friday night 4th October until lunchtime Monday 7th October.

The event is being auspiced by Enkel and will be held at the Centre for Social Impact at the University of Western Australia, on campus at the UWA Business School.

The overarching focus for the new economy conference is “Beyond Paradigms,” which considers that meeting the unique and urgent challenges facing humanity in the 21st century calls for new approaches, an openness to exploring worldviews other than our own, clarity in our communications, collaboration, and practical ways to navigate the ever-increasing complexity of our times.

“Our focus at Enkel is future-positive,” says Adam Jorlen, founder of the Enkel Collective. “We gather people who are doing extraordinary work across various fields, cross-pollinating the innovative approaches that will help us transition to a new and better world. NENA shares this orientation with us, with the New Economy as the framework for change. We’re absolutely delighted to be collaborating with them to auspice this conference in Western Australia. Together, we are looking forward to inspiring, connecting and supporting the changemaking community this October.”

The conference’s major themes include Brilliant Cities, Positive Futures, Converging Technologies, and Full-Spectrum Wellbeing; the event format is designed to be highly engaging, conversational and interactive. Youth perspectives and the local impact of our global interconnectedness will be featured.

Michelle Maloney, Co-Founder & Director of NENA, says, “We’re excited to work with Enkel to bring the NENA Annual Conference to Perth, and we look forward to reconnecting with existing NENA members and learning about new initiatives and networks in Western Australia.”

“This event is designed as a peer-level conference for innovators and changemakers,” says JP Parker, co-producer of Beyond Paradigms. “Our focus is on engagement and connections, moving us beyond the realm of sharing ideas and into inspired action and collaboration.”

“We at the Centre for Social Impact UWA are very happy to be co-hosting the New Economy Network Australia Conference with Enkel Collective at UWA,” adds Professor Paul Flatau, Director of the CSI UWA. “Social justice has to be front and centre of our economic system, and we need to create more jobs for those missing out in our present economy.”

Karun Cowper, co-producer of Beyond Paradigms says “These are extraordinary times we live in. Humanity is being called upon for an extraordinary response. To the extent we can embody our ideal selves... To the extent we can expand our vision to creative solutions... To the extent we can be responsive to the needs of our fellow living beings... To the extent people who have the privilege to participate in a conference such as this make real progress in these endeavours... this is the extent we will have capacity to transcend our existing paradigms and build a new economy that will fulfil not just the basic needs of everyone but a quality of life and happiness which we can only now begin to conceptualise.

”Early supporters and partners for NENA 2019 in Perth also include the Perth Convention Bureau and Maar Koodjal.

“Maar Koodjal welcomes the opportunity to bring the voice of First Nations people to the movement for a new economy in Australia,” says Dennis Simmons, CEO of the aboriginal organisation. “We must together make urgent progress towards a participative economy that provides a fair go for all people and for our precious Nyoongar Boodjar.”


The New Economy Network Australia (NENA) is a network of individuals and organisations working to transform Australia’s economic system so that achieving ecological health and social justice are the foundational principles and primary objectives of the economic system.

Contact: Michelle Maloney

The Enkel Collective is a co-operative that actively explores the frontiers of the future. Enkel’s work fosters development of innovative entrepreneurial and social ecosystems that accelerate the positive transformation of people and society. “Enkel” is the Swedish word for “simple.”

Contact: Adam Jorlen adam.jorlen[at]

The Centre for Social Impact is a catalyst for positive social change. CSI works with people, communities and organisations to grow their capabilities through research, education, and leadership development.

Contact: Paul Flatau

Maar Koodjal (Two-Hands) is an Aboriginal-owned and -operated consultancy specialising in cultural awareness, experiential education, cultural immersion and mentoring.

Contact: Dennis Simmons

For inquiries about NENA 2019, contact conference[at]

Date and Time


UWA Business School

3 Hackett Drive

Perth, WA 6009


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