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Beyond Mould- Empowering you to take the right action

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Holmesglen Institute Conference Centre

Corner Warrigal Road and Batesford Road Chadstone


Melbourne, Victoria 3148


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Please note: this has been rescheduled to 29th Feb 2020

Beyond Mould: Empowering You to Take the Right Action

Have you been diagnosed with mould-illness or CIRS? Discovered that you have mould in your house? Found out that your home is water-damaged?

This 1-day conference brings together leaders from allied fields to take you from a disastrous diagnosis of your health or home to a place of empowered action-taking.

Hear from leading experts from the following industries: mould remediation, indoor environmental health, architecture, microbiology, epidemiology, and psychology.

Discover how to turn everything around, what you can do and who you can go to for help.

If you have an insurance claim or are a tenant, we’ve also got you covered.

Presenters include:

  • Ivi Sims

  • Lucinda Curran

  • Dr Tim Law

  • Dr Melissa Marot

  • Dr Claire Bird

  • Dr Rachel Tham

  • Brad Griggs

There will be a Q&A panel bringing in other guests as well as expo stalls to explore during the day including insurance disputes and even tenancy rights.

This event is brought to you by Building Environmental Wellness Group in conjunction with Eco Health Solutions.

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More details about the presenters and presentations:

Ivi Sims Ivi Sims has 21 years industry experience with the following achievements in the restoration industry WLS, CMP, Triple Master Restorer, CIQAM, RTPE and AIRAHM.

She has presented at various conferences, including Indoor Air Quality Association conference and subsequently in Restoration Industry Association (RIA) conferences, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA).

In 2016, Ivi founded the Indoor Air Quality Association Australian Chapter and is the editor of the upcoming Healthy Indoor Magazine (2019). Ivi’s industry involvement includes being a member of the strategic working group for AIRAH, past-President of Victorian SCRP, involvement on international committees that help to develop standards or promote the industry, including: IICRC, Health and Safety Cleaning and Restoration Committee; ASTM International Standard, Air Quality, Post Remediation Verification, Wood; and Indoor Air Quality Association IAQA, Membership Committee.

Lucinda Curran Lucinda Curran is an experienced Indoor Environmental Health Consultant with a background in building biology, health sciences and education. She has a thorough understanding of ways in which homes and workplaces can adversely affect overall health and vitality.

With a passion to make the world a safer place, Lucinda finds great joy in empowering her clients in enhancing their wellbeing through making positive changes to the built environment and in their lives. Her own illness due to environmental factors is a catalyst for her work.

Lucinda has been involved as an active committee member of the ASBB, IAQA (Australian Chapter) and The LEAD Group. With a focus on education, she is a lecturer at the Australian College of Environmental Studies, runs training for allied organisations, created the Environmental Sensitivities Symposium, is a keynote speaker at international conferences, and is the creator of valuable online courses.

Dr Melissa Marot Dr Melissa Marot has an interest in the neurosciences, psychological wellbeing and performance. She has many years’ experience working with people and organisations, including individual coaching, workshop facilitation, and consulting around transition and change.

Melissa is a clinical neuropsychologist and organisational psychologist with expertise in ACT, mindfulness and positive psychology. She has experience working with a range of psychological needs – career transitions, meaning and purpose, stress and burnout, workplace issues, anxiety, depression, bullying and interpersonal difficulties. Melissa enjoys connections and collaborations with a diverse range of people, approaches and cultures – which extends from her professional life through to travelling adventures.

Dr Tim Law Tim Law (PhD) is an architectural scientist, principal at Archsciences. He is also a lecturer in the Built Environment discipline at Victoria University. His research over recent years has been into the occurrence of condensation in new code-compliant buildings in Tasmania, and the study of mould and its impact on occupant health. He has found the problem to be very widespread, very serious, and as a nation Australia is very far behind other countries in construction quality and legal recourse. He has completed reports for the Tasmanian building regulator and the Australian Building Codes Board, and has been working behind the scenes for a national enquiry into mould, and the inclusion of more robust condensation stipulations into the National Construction Code. He thrives on complex interdisciplinary work involving architectural science, environmental microbiology and public health.

Dr Claire Bird Dr Claire Bird has an unyielding passion for the safety of people and the environment which has allowed her to offer services through voluntary, academic and finally commercial organisations through a three-decade transglobal journey ending up in private and public sector buildings. Here she applies a wide-ranging scientific background to optimise building health performance or to track building health problems where energy efficient design, air quality and climate resilience are increasingly of equal importance to building operation.

Claire is President of the Australian Chapter of the global Indoor Air Quality Association, where she has been pivotal over the last three year and is peer-reviewer for the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and key academic journals. Claire presents nationally and internationally at Conferences as practitioner in the Building Health and Hygiene space.

Claire’s newly developed start-up organisation, Litmas Pty Ltd aims to advance Australian inspection, testing, monitoring, and analytical services, to improve indoor air quality and building health.

Dr Rachel Tham Rachel Tham is an environmental epidemiologist at Australian Catholic University researching the impact of a range of environmental exposures on health, including fungal spores, pollen, air pollution and noise. Rachel obtained her PhD from the University of Melbourne in 2017 where she studied the associations between outdoor fungal spore exposures and respiratory health.

Her research has been published in leading international peer-reviewed journals. Rachel is also a practicing dentist and is a Clinical Educator and Examiner for Dentistry students at La Trobe University.

About the Presentations:

Brand-spanking new and mouldy — the blight on Australian houses - Dr Tim Law

When a family spends a fortune on constructing a house, they expect it to last. Unfortunately the issue of condensation is not well understood. Consequently, many new houses are constructed with a built-in condensation problem which manifests itself as mould within the first winter. This becomes a problem that neither designer, builder, building surveyor, insurance or restorer will take responsibility for. This talk will forewarn homeowners of the pitfalls in domestic design and construction.

Why can’t I get my health back to normal? Discover how to take the reins of your health and reclaim your life - Lucinda Curran

If you have done the rounds of the health professionals, followed all the advice and still aren’t kicking goals, then something else is at play. In this presentation, Lucinda will delve deeply into new understandings and perspectives in environmental health, uncover the basics in Detox 101 and empower you to take back the reins of your health and reclaim your life. Having worked with hundreds of clients both as an Indoor Environmental Health Consultant and as a health professional, Lucinda is able to draw together clinical experience, research and field work in order to empower others.

Healthy Buildings: How to achieve a mould free building and healthy indoor environment - Ivi Sims

In this presentation, Ivi will dive deep into case studies of mould affected indoor environments - both new and old homes. We will look at building faults, conditions of living, water damage that causes mould, bacteria, off-gassing and other indoor environmental issues - that relate to decline of health. This topic will be of interest to home-owners, tenants, and those of you wanting to build a new home, as well as professionals who work in this industry - i.e. health professionals.

Fungi, dampness and health - what do we know? - Dr Rachel Tham

Fungi are everywhere in our environment and are important for balance in our natural ecosystems. Many types of fungi grow to high levels in damp conditions. Although most fungi are innocuous, some may have important health impacts. Current research shows that the presence of some fungi or dampness in the home can increase the risk of developing or worsening respiratory conditions or diseases and allergies. This presentation will cover what is known about the impacts of fungi and dampness on health.

The Gut-Brain Axis: Understanding the connection between the gut and brain, and how it affects our everyday life - Dr Melissa Marot

This presentation will focus on the Gut-Brain Axis, and the potential effects on our psychology, brain and behaviour. The effects of gut microbiota on the brain and behaviour has become an increasing interest in recent times by researchers, psychologists, neuroscientists and psychiatrists, in addition to those interested in physical health and wellbeing. We will explore this very interesting area of research and how the Gut-Brain Axis can affect our everyday lives.

Health, the environment and our microorganisms – a new set of players on the team - Dr Claire Bird

Our understanding of complex interactions between our environment and health is in its infancy. Whilst the risks of exposure to harmful agents like asbestos, lead based paints and silica during building works are well established, long term, life threatening illnesses from constructing our dwellings and workplaces are still emerging. Indoor spaces are increasingly disconnected from outdoor spaces as climate change and fossil fuel depletion leads to design flaws with unexpected health outcomes. Increasing use of chemicals in buildings and reduced access to protective microorganisms have led to inflammatory disease. Research shows that the right microorganism has potential to not only improve physical, but psychological health at a time when mental illness is at an unprecedented level, despite affluence being historically high.

We will examine the interaction with, and the role of environmental factors in altering our microbiome, where the balance is increasingly seen as critical so a safe and happy existence.

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Date and Time


Holmesglen Institute Conference Centre

Corner Warrigal Road and Batesford Road Chadstone


Melbourne, Victoria 3148


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