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This MasterClass takes you behind the scenes for a deep dive into what makes Unlisted Equities work, and where the pitfalls are.

About this Event

Did you know every listed company started as an unlisted entity? This means companies like Afterpay, once upon a time weren't yet on the Australian Stock Exchange. Early investors in Afterpay would have seen a 90x return in capital.

What would a return like that do to your portfolio?

Now where do you find the next Afterpay, how do you know what to look for, and how do you know what to avoid.

In this presentation we take you through the process that will help you pick more winners.

Is the sharemarket driving you crazy with its mad gyrations?

We know the feeling. But how do you gain access to the elusive asset class of Unlisted Equities, and how will you know what works and what doesn't, what's safe and what's not?

In this MasterClass we'll take you behind the scenes and share our years of insight around

  • How to find the best opportunities
  • How many deals do you need to sift through to find a good one?
  • Developing a portfolio strategy in unlisted to protect your downside

Are Unlisted Equities the antidote to the turbulent share market?

In the past 2 years we have seen many investors leave the listed equities behind and focus on Unlisted Equities (where you'll find a stack of inspiring early-stage high-growth businesses with enormous potential). However, unless you're a significant investor you will never get a glimpse of all the best deals, they only appear on the radar of a few VCs, Family Offices and high-profile HNW individuals.

In this presentation we'll take you on a behind the scenes tour so you get a deep understanding of the space... what to look for and what to look out for.

What's the excitement about unlisted equities?

In a word, you get in on the "ground floor" of rapidly expanding business and ride the growth all the way up. We refer to these businesses as ScaleUps. They're safely out of the StartUp phase and now just need to keep expanding. They all have a strong focus on revenue, commonly growing their sales nationally and internationally.

We typically observe these businesses grow 5x - 10x or more over a 5 year period and as such the value to investors grows similarly.

Should I get serious about Unlisted Equities?

What does it take to be successful investing in Unlisted ScaleUps?

What should I look out for when investing in this asset class?

These are some of questions we are asked, when speaking to investors, every week.

Book yourself in for this intensive MasterClass that takes a deep-dive into the realm of successful investing, how, and where to find it.

We will run through the fundamental pillars of successful investing in emerging companies and beyond.

How to attract only great deals in the next year.

The reality is that chasing down good deals is hard work, very hard work, and unless you're a full-time professional investor it's unlikely you have the time. So how do you turn the tide and let the best deals come to you?

Are traditional industry sectors dead—and what will replace them?

As investors, we have held a mostly sectorial view for the past 5 decades or more. You love retail or you don't believe in hospitality. You skip mining but prefer industrials. However, the lockdown and crisis has splintered these boundaries. We’re seeing hospitality businesses that grow 3x in 3 months and others that go bust—all in the same month. But what will replace the sectorial view? We'll introduce you to the 4-dimensional evaluation tool we use internally.

Why removing failures beats looking for winners every day.

Nobody want to fail, but we have learnt something ground-breaking from evaluating thousands of companies. Spotting the winners is not enough. We'll teach you what works and what doesn't. What danger signs to look for and what to do about them. So you understand how to remove the potential failures from the list of investments you consider.

Combining all the elements and leveraging the four pillars of scale.

All emerging companies grow through the same four pillars of scale. It's important you understand these as part of your evaluation criteria and when nurturing your investments.

The Secret Sauce

We're opening up the Pandora's box of tools, tips, tricks, trends and our unbreakable rules, so you can learn how we've been doing it for years at both Scale Australia and our sister company Catapult.

Fast session

This is a buckle-down and fasten-your-seatbelts kind of a session. Presented live in the studio. It's the closest thing you'll see to being there in the room with us. There will be a limited number of seats for the live audience.

Limited Seats

This is a once-only, fully interactive LiveStream, not a pre-recorded video. It's as close as we can get to 'being there in the room'. We are limiting the number of participants to ensure we can have a genuine and truly interactive session, where you will be able to extract maximum value.

Our reason is simple; we want real interaction with the audience and to be able to answer as many of your questions as possible.

Who is this event for?

  • Professional investors
  • People investing through an SMSF
  • Business owners, CEOs, Directors, Board members
  • Medical professionals
  • Architects, engineers
  • People who have had an exit, ie sold a business
  • Accountants, financial advisers and lawyers looking to learn more so you can better advise your clients or perhaps invest yourself
  • People who have an interest in investing in high-yielding assets and who qualify as a so-called "Wholesale Investor"

Are you looking for more than just higher returns?

We see a lot of investors for whom both investment returns and impact across business and society is important. If this is you, you'll fit right in. On a recent survey with entrepreneurs, 72% indicated they would prefer to have investors with “smart money”. For most of the smartest founders and CEOs, the capital alone is not enough, they understand that they need more than money to conquer the many facets of a super-successful business.

Even more interestingly, if you want to keep a close eye and even be involved directly with the companies in which you invest, we'll show you how.

The deals only available to highly connected individuals—are you missing out?

We'll take a behind-the-scenes look at how to get access to those special deals not accessible elsewhere. What're the truths around this investing environment and how you can you be part of the 'club'.

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Date and Time


Online Live Stream (Live Only)

Elizabeth Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


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