Beginning Erotic Hypnosis

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Pulse Brunswick

1 Pitt Street


Melbourne, Victoria 3056


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WHAT IS IT: Learn the basics of Erotic Hypnosis in a fun and welcoming environment. Master a simple Hypnotic Induction to guide your partner into a state of Trance, then give positive suggestions to create relaxation, happiness and pleasure. Create positive triggers in your partner so they can feel powerful positive emotions with a simple snap of the fingers. Learn to use Proximity, Presence, Primality and Sensuality to entrance, enchant and delight your partner and evoke deep pleasure states, delicious emotion, arousal and satisfaction.

TIME AND DATE: Thursday the 10th of October from 7pm – 10 pm.

WHERE IS IT HELD: Pulse Brunswick, 1 Pitt St, Brunswick VIC 3056

In this Beginning Erotic Hypnosis Workshop, we will cover:

  • What can and can’t be achieved with Hypnosis, and how to avoid the pitfalls.

  • How Erotic Hypnosis is different from Therapeutic or Stage Hypnosis.

  • Creating an atmosphere of exploration and playfulness to facilitate shared pleasure.

  • What it feels like to be hypnotised, and why it’s so compelling.

  • Seamlessly incorporating Erotic Trance into your existing life, so you don’t have to go and meditate on a mountaintop for ten years to share incredible pleasure with your partner.

  • Create simple “triggers” so that you can enter trance quickly and enjoy deep relaxation.

  • The Roadmap for becoming a great erotic hypnotist or a responsive subject.

You will walk out at the end of this workshop knowing how to:

  • Negotiate a simple erotic hypnosis scene with a partner (involving an induction, a deepener, suggestions, and emergence).

  • Defuse any fears or concerns your partner might have about going into trance.

  • Use an easy-to-learn and powerful induction to create a state of trance in your partner.

  • Deepen that state of trance by utilising shared experiences and visualisations.

  • Give your partner a “Trigger” so you can drop them back into a wonderfully relaxed, hypnotised state in seconds. Create powerful positive emotions (Happiness, Relaxation, Joy, etc)

  • Use your body to focus and direct your partners attention and create an exchange of erotic energy.

  • Seamlessly incorporate what you’ve learned into your existing sexual play.

The most valuable workshops are the ones where you are able to take home what you learn and immediately begin using it, so a discussion midway through this workshop is centred on incorporating these techniques into your existing erotic play.

In the Intermediate Erotic Hypnosis Workshop we expand upon the techniques covered in the “Beginning” Workshop and will also cover:

  • Pleasure Triggers – How to create them, strengthen them and add in powerful, positive emotions to make them even more compelling and delicious.

  • Orgasms on Demand – How to completely “let go” with a trusted partner and create ecstasy with a simple snap of the fingers. Yes, you can have full-body orgasms that easily with erotic hypnosis.

  • Incredible Emotion– Strengthening positive emotions and sensations thousands of times over to create incredible happiness, joy, pleasure and pride.

INTENSITY: Two out of Five Spicy Chicken Wings. There will be discussions and demonstrations of (fully clothed) erotic content, and everyone will be offered the opportunity to be both Hypnotist and Subject, but every attendee is free to participate only to the level at which they find themselves comfortable.

WHO THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR: People who are curious about learning to hypnotise other people, and combining trance with sexual intent, energy and action. Those who would like to experience erotic hypnosis for the first time in a fun, safe and welcoming environment are most welcome at this workshop, as are curious adventurers of all types attracted by the mystery and power of Erotic Hypnosis.

WHO THIS IS NOT FOR: This class is not for learning Hypnotherapy, or for doing Therapy work. Anyone uncomfortable with conversations around sexuality, eroticism, power transfer or hypnosis would be advised to try a different workshop.


HOW WILL PAIRING BE DONE? If you come with a partner, you will be able to work with them for the entire evening. However swapping partners and roles (Hypnotist or Subject) is strongly recommended to maximise skills development, but not essential.

CAN YOU WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH ONE PARTNER? Of course! But changing partners is encouraged.

NUDITY & SEXUAL CONTENT: All work is conducted fully clothed. The use of and evocation of strong emotional states (happiness, joy, comfort, pleasure) will be discussed and practiced at this workshop

COMMITMENT: You may sit out of any activity, or participate only to a level that's right for you.

RATIO OF DISCUSSION TO EXPERIENTIAL: The workshop is about 25 percent discussion, 75 percent hands on practice and experience.

BRING: Yourself, a willing partner (if you have one, if you don’t that’s okay) and a sense of adventure.

WEAR: Comfortable, non-constrictive casual clothing.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This workshop is a safe and comfortable introduction to Erotic Hypnosis. We’ll move fast but there will be plenty of practical exercises and time to integrate what you’re learning. We’ll begin with a short discussion around what hypnosis is, how to create a state of Trance and some of the ways to use it erotically (Hypnotic Bondage, Power Exchange, Sensation Play, Erotic Roleplaying). There will be a demonstration of hypnotic phenomena, then a conversation around asking for consent and a simple exercise to practise.

Individuals will then partner up and begin practising a simple, effective hypnotic induction. Observations will be shared and the evening will proceed with multiple practice rounds, adding in skills only as quickly as the previous ones have been mastered. Every exercise is paced to the student, and there will be extensive homework and direction provided for those that wish to continue their explorations with a partner at home. The various hypnotic operators (Presence, Proximity, Pacing, Language, Tonality, Power, Surrender, etc) will be discussed and incorporated into the work one by one. The evening will conclude with a discussion and open Q &A session and extra follow-up work. We will finish with a short demonstration of some of the skills taught in the Intermediate Erotic Hypnosis Class.

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Date and Time


Pulse Brunswick

1 Pitt Street


Melbourne, Victoria 3056


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