Beekeeping 4 New-Bees, Honey Harvesting, Long Bee Hives , Bee Hive Splits

Beekeeping 4 New-Bees, Honey Harvesting, Long Bee Hives , Bee Hive Splits

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Allow Love Sanctuary

164 Vonda Youngman Drive

Tamborine, QLD 4270


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Discover how to keep & split honey bee hives, hands on beekeeping workshop for those who are passionate about saving the humble honey bee.

About this event

This will be the Winter Bee Season Workshop where we will prepare for the Spring Beehive Splits in Aug/Sept 2022.

This Beekeeping workshop is a no brainer if you are thinking of bees on your property. Even if you don't book please join Telegram for your free Bee Keeping Resources that will direct you. It is pinned to the top of the channel.

If you have ever considered keeping honey bees, now is the time. Each session we will open the hive, inspect the comb for disease, pests, moisture, splitting hives, honey harvest and space. By the end of the 4 session course you will be ready to start your own hive.

  • This 2 hour workshop will run once a month over 4 months
  • Commencing around 2pm you will finish around 4/5ish depending on numbers.
  • Cost is by service, trade or donation you chose which one

You will need:

  • to wear long pants with shoes and socks over the top of your pants
  • I have a few bee jackets with hoods however it is best you grab your own due to numbers.
  • Gloves, I double glove dishwashing gloves
  • Hive tool & smoker

If you would like to donate service for bee education on the day here is what we will be doing:

  • 11am gloves, hats, tools, water, sense of humour
  • 1pm lunch - bring a plate to share
  • 1.45pm suit up for the beez
  • 2pm hive splitting
  • 4/5pm finish beekeeping ws

As many have lost their jobs we would like to ask you if you can help around the property either prior to or after the workshop as your contribution. There is NO obligation of course.

The jobs currently:

  • Cutting up a fallen tree [chainsaw required]
  • Planting trees in the newly forming food forest
  • Picking up pots, timbers, etc to tidy the property
  • Weeding
  • lots more...

If you are allergic to honey bees please don’t come.


  1. Allow Love Now [main group]
  2. Australian Backyard Beekeeping
  3. Farmers growing food
  4. Meditation Tamborine
  5. Mushroom Growing
  6. Plant medicines
  7. Tamborine music

I also ask you to bring a plate to share as we will have a Q & A after the hive inspection or if it is windy or raining we will do alternative activities like beeswax wraps, honey harvest, making boxes or whatever you want to learn.

I encourage families to attend. Many teenagers make pocket money from honey.

As the world closes in, honey will be a very tradable commodity.


Contact: Kerrie Mercel 0422 695 171


This is what the Allow Love community stands for:

We have left the world of service to self. We are now service to others. If you say you will do something then don't, that's service to self not others.

E.g. booking into an event then doing a no show just because you decide you didn’t want to come.

In future you will be exposed because of telepathy. Many of our leaders are already experiencing this. When exposed “service to self” make it about who ever exposed them. Normally using blame, anger or guilt as a tool. Then don't return to community.

As a new member of Allow Love you agree to stand in your light as Respect, Trust & Integrity.

Respect: I treat others how I like to be treated.

Trust: I honor my word & commitments.

Integrity: Service to others rather than service to self.

Welcome to an amazing new community. The Rainbow People.

We welcome everyone with open arms.

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