Basics of Professional Photography

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Studio 49

49, Johnston Street

Annandale, NSW 2038


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This two days hands-on workshop is done in 5 parts.

Fist day we will start with Philosophy of photography followed by a deep understanding of composition. The second session will involve understanding how to handle the camera in manual mode plus a basic understanding of exposure. The third session will involve understanding light and how it affects photographs.

Second day we will be working in a studio and learn all about basics of studio lighting (details below). The second half of the day will be spent looking understanding advanced aspects of studio lighting and shooting a model in beauty photography settings.

This action-packed workshop will have lots of practical work and all theory will be explained via practical work/tasks.

Part 1 – Composition

Before one leans Camera Handling, Composition is the skill to learn. Even if you are shooting with an iPhone or any point and shoot, if your composition is strong, you can click great photos.

One can learn a few articles about composition and feel satisfied, but there is nothing like practising on the field with the actual camera in your hand and having instant feedback and going back and improving your image.

In this practical workshop, we will learn rules of composition and then practice the same using any camera with instant feedback.

This is a point-and-shoot / phone camera friendly workshop and you are welcome to use your DSLR too. I have done this session many times and students have always been surprised, how awesome their own photography becomes, with attention to some of the concepts.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn Basics of Composition and Practice on the spot with feedback

2. Learn how Point of View can make difference in photos

3. Learn about Creative composition

Part 2 – Camera Handling

Learn All About Basics of Camera Handling in Manual Mode

Learn About Exposure in Manual Mode

Learn White Balance

Aperture / Shutter / Focal Length and all that stuff…

Part 3 – Handling Outdoor Light

Some Photographers say it is light that makes all the difference in a photograph. Once you learn the art of getting the right exposure, you still need to worry about the quality of light.

In this part of the workshop, you will learn about:

1. Hard Light and Soft light

2. Color of Light

3. Direction of Light

4. Handling Natural Light to get desired results.

Part 4 – Basics of Studio Lighting (Day 2)

Once you have mastered the basics of camera handling, the next challenge in your journey towards becoming a better photographer is your handling of Studio Lighting. To some, this is a daunting experience and to some, this comes so easy (some people can handle stuff easily anyways). However, it is not always as easy as just putting a light on a pole and direct to the model and shooting. There are lot’s of finer points that need to be understood, and learnt as far as quality, quantity, colour and direction of light is concerned.

In this workshop (which is the 4th step in “Basics of Photography” series), you will learn basics of studio lighting plus those nuances that make a difference. Whether you have learned photography in TAFE, Uni or just by yourself, I bet there would still be some things that you will pick up from this workshop.

Whether you have studio lights at home or not? Whether you think you will not be able to replicate the results, because you do not have a studio, you will still need to learn these techniques and principals, because they affect the quality of your photography in more ways than you think.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn about Studio and Studio Lighting Equipment

2. Hands-on operation of various studio lights and lighting angle

3. 3 Lights Setup for shooting portraits.

4. Shooting a voluntary model with light setups.

BONUS: Orientation to replicating results using natural light or speed lights (depends upon flow of the workshop)

Part 5 – Advanced Studio Lighting + Beauty Shoot (Day 2)

Soft light is an easy servant but the Hard light is a tough one. It is easy to take nice photos in a regular 3 light setup, but the hallmark of a good photographer is handling of hard lights or one light or a 5 lights setup. This workshop builds on the skills that you learn in Basic Lighting workshop and teaches you advanced handling of studio lights.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn about advanced lighting equipment like Booms, Frog Stands etc. 2. Creating Hard Studio Light and it’s creative usage.

3. Hands-on operation of advanced lighting setups

4. 1 light setup (soft and hard versions) and the magic it can go with Beauty Shoots

5. Multilight setups and the magic it can create in an advanced beauty concept. BONUS: Shooting a Beauty Model with Advanced Lighting Setup for your portfolio.

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Date and Time


Studio 49

49, Johnston Street

Annandale, NSW 2038


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