BARRELLED Wine, Beer & Food Festival, in conjunction with Surfest Newcastle

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Ticket sales have ended
Thank you for purchasing your tickets for the BARRELLED Festival 2019 and we look forward to seeing you at the event! You will receive an email with your tickets attached, please either print them out OR bring a digital copy on your phone or mobile device, as proof of purchase.

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Jefferson Park

Frederick Street

Merewether, NSW 2291


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Refund Policy

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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
Thank you for purchasing your tickets for the BARRELLED Festival 2019 and we look forward to seeing you at the event! You will receive an email with your tickets attached, please either print them out OR bring a digital copy on your phone or mobile device, as proof of purchase.
Event description
BARRELLED Wine, Beer and Food Festival is coming to Merewether Beach on 16 and 17 March, to celebrate the finals weekend of Surfest.

About this Event

Wine, waves and good vibes - what more could you want? Ok - food and beer - tick!

We’ve got you hillside at Merewether Beach, on the finals weekend of Surfest, sipping fine wine, sharing craft beer and devouring delish' dishes, served up by some of our Region’s leading producers.

Pack up your friends + picnic blankets and taste your way through the best of what’s on offer from our backyard. Come for one day or two - entry is free, and tastings are by a glass & voucher system.

Fancy a little more? Step up to the Barrelled Workshops or the Barrelled Business Class Bar.

DAY 1: Saturday 16th March 11.00 AM - 8.00 PM

DAY 2: Sunday 17th March 11.00 AM - 5.00 PM

VENUE: Jefferson Park, Frederick St, Merewether

ENTRY: Free (limited due to capacity)

TICKETS: Festival Tumbler $10 + Tasting Vouchers $4 for a 60 ml pour of wine or 120 ml pour of beer, at the gate OR

'FESTIVAL STARTER PACK': $26 Festival Tumbler & 5 Vouchers. Discounted online price, guaranteed entry (due to capacity limits) and entry into the "Festive Flavours" prize draw.

The line up:

WINERIES: Allandale Winery, Briar Ridge Vineyard, Boydell’s, De Iuliis Wines, Elbourne Wines, First Creek Wines, Leogate Estate Wines, Margan Wines, Mount Pleasant, Peter Drayton Wines, Peterson House, Saddler’s Creek Wines, Tamburlaine Organic Wines, Tulloch Wines, Wine Selectors

BREWERIES: Dusty Miner Craft Brewery, IronBark Hill, Murrays Craft Brewing Co,

FOOD & PRODUCE: Bao Brothers Eatery, Crafty Street Eats, Goose on the Loose, Hunter Valley Cheese Factory, Restaurant Mason, Uran Mess. Loveshak produce

MUSIC: Live festival acts all day long

Saturday 16th March

11:00am - 3:00pm - Ryan Daley, 4:00pm - 7:45pm - Marissa Saroca Band

Sunday 17th March

11:00pm - 1:00pm - Mark Wells, 2:00pm - 4:45pm - Uptown Featuring Komiti


At a hosted 2 hour session, inside a private seated area you’ll taste up to 16 premium wines from Barrelled Wine producers, mostly not available at their Barrelled stalls. The highly experienced Barrelled Business Class wine aficionado will serve your wines and provide any background knowledge on each of the wines.

The bar experience is unstructured, you taste what wines you want from the bar menu, when you want, during the 2 hour experience, with the assistance of our wine expert.

A cheese plate is included to enjoy during your tastings. If you want to purchase any of these wines, producers have provided some good deals including delivery.

Your Business Class seat can only be booked online. Select your 2 hour session time for either Saturday or Sunday, when purchasing your tickets on-line. Go wandering before or after your Business Class session, through the winery and food stalls for some more tastings and sustenance (with your pre-purchased Festival Tumbler)

Business Class Cost: $60 + Festival Tumbler ($10) Includes: Two hour hosted tasting session of up to 16 wines (30ml tastings) and cheese plate. Please bring along your festival tumbler.


Are you confusing a semillon for a sauvignon blanc. Need to impress a hot date with some wine or beer knowledge. Want to know what to order on a wine list or which stanky cheese to match with which drop... Then this is for you.

Check out the line-up below, select the workshop & date that suits, and book in now – only available on line and seats are limited!

Workshop cost: $25 + Festival Tumbler ($10) All workshops run for 25-30mins , are the same cost and require you to bring along your pre-purchased Festival Tumbler.

1. Queen Brie 11.30 AM Sat 16 & Sun 17th March

Make 'em gooey over your next cheese platter. Tasting & selecting cheese styles to amaze your friends. To “Brie or not to Brie” how to make the call if your brie or camembert is ripe and ready for your cheeseboard. Grazing boards/tables for any time of the day, breakfast lunch dinner anytime – how to step up the presentation and styling. How to add another dimension. What wine and other beverages to serve with. Includes: Tasting of 5 cheeses and tasting of 1 wine.

2. Aging without Wrinkles 12.15 PM Sat 16 & Sun 17th March

To age or not to age. How best to achieve this through good cellaring? Which varieties are best for aging? How long? All this and more in an interesting session particularly given that Hunter Valley semillon and shiraz can age so beautifully. Taste a young and an aged semillon from a leading Hunter producer and learn how each varieties characteristics lend themselves so well to age gracefully. Then taste a young and an aged shiraz, and marvel at the smoothness of this medium bodied Hunter wine variety. Includes: Tasting of 4 aged wines.

3. Vino Virgins 1.00 PM Sat 16 & Sun 17th March

The 101 of indulging in wine. Learning about wine shouldn’t be complicated. It should be as simple as if you like it – drink it! However learning about a couple of popular varieties, and the difference between a semillon and chardonnay, and a shiraz and a pinot, can make your choices a little easier. Taste six different wines and learn about the three basic ways of assessing a wine – colour, smell and…yes most of all – taste! Includes: Tasting of 6 wines

4. Rose` Crush 1.45 PM Sat 16 & Sun 17th March

The world through Rose` coloured glasses. Rose` the now wine for a warm summers day. Unlike semillon, shiraz and Verdelho – Rose` is not a grape variety – it is a wine style and can be made from any number of varieties. Taste six different Rose`s, made from different grape varieties and/or different winemaking methods and decide how you like your Rose` `! Includes: Tasting of 6 wines

5. Good Spirits 2.30 PM Sat 16 & Sun 17th March

Vermouth cocktails in the world of wine. Vermouth – it pronounces nearly as good as it tastes. An aperitif that most perhaps are unaware is made from table grapes and in the case of Margan (Wines) vermouth – the semillon grape. Simply add 22 delicious herbs and spices and voile` – vermouth. Taste a Margan dry and off dry vermouth, learn about those botanical additives that give vermouth its aromatic styles, and how vermouth is made in the winery. Hear some secrets about the perfect negroni, manhattan or martini cocktails and how vermouth plays its important part in achieving their legendary taste. Included : vermouth tastings

6. Crafty Corner 3.15 PM Sat 16 & Sun 17th March

What's with the hops and yeast? An interactive session with Murrays Head Brewer giving an overview of the craft brewing process. Tasting four different Murrays beers, learn about the flavour components found in beer and how they interact. We’ll talk about hops and yeast and how they play their part in a beers development, as well as demystifying all the names – IPA, XPA, lager, ale! Includes: Tasting of 4 Beers



  • Vouchers are the official festival currency for all wine and beer tastings. Food is bought directly from restaurant stalls (cash/EFTPOS).
  • A Festival Tumbler is required to receive your festival wine and beer tastings, and is your souvenir from the event. Tumblers purchased on Saturday can be re-used on Sunday.
  • Vouchers - $4 and Festival Tumblers - $10 can be purchased at the gate (ticketing tent) OR at a discounted “Festival Starter Pack” online.
  • One voucher is equal to $4 which gives you a 60ml pour of wine or a 120ml pour of beer.
  • Unused Festival Tumblers and Vouchers are non-refundable, we suggest you buy in smaller quantities if you are unsure how many you will use.
  • BARRELLED Business Class - tickets are only available online. Select your 2 hour time session and day, at the point of purchase online. Unused tickets are non-refundable. Tickets are refundable if the session is cancelled by the organiser.
  • BARRELLED Workshops - tickets are only available online. Select your workshop, time and day, at the point of purchase online. Unused tickets are non-refundable. Tickets are refundable if the session is cancelled by the organiser.


  • Entry on both event days is Free
  • There is an event capacity limit for each event day, when reached, entry will be limited for a period until capacity is at an allowable level.
  • Guaranteed entry will be given to those who purchase their discounted ‘Festival Starter Pack’ online.
  • This is a fully licensed event and subject to applicable licensing laws, including RSA conditions, within the fenced licensing area of the event. Barrelled festival supports responsible drinking.
  • No BYO alcohol on the day
  • All over 18 year’s (ID check on the gate) will receive a wrist band to wear during the event, to allow purchases of Festival Tumbler and Vouchers.
  • Under 18’s can enter the festival but must be accompanied by a guardian of legal age AT ALL TIMES, and are not permissible to consume or purchase alcohol.
  • This is a glass free event.
  • Free drinking water is located at the wine & beer stalls, and at hydration station.
  • The event is in Jefferson Park, Merewether, with uneven ground, we recommend flat shoes for ease of moving through the event areas.
  • Entering from Frederick Street is a disability friendly option, with flatter ground area, and close to amenities.
  • Crowd friendly dogs are allowed, but must be on a lead at all times AND away from the event seated food areas. All poo removal is the responsibility of the owner and if there is any unsafe incidents with dogs, you will be asked for it to be removed from the event.
  • Persons must be respectful of neighbours during and when leaving the event.
  • All attendees accept on entry that any photography or videography taken during the festival, by the event organiser, is considered to be rights free and may be used for the purpose of promotional, archival and media opportunities.
  • No commercial photography, filming or recording is permitted without prior permission from the event organisers.
  • The following items are prohibited from being brought into the event: alcohol, illegal weapons, illicit drugs, flammable materials and glass.

FAQs (most should be covered in the above information)

Do I have to bring my printed online ticket to the event? You can enter using your printed ticket, or bring your e-ticket on a smart device for scanning.

Is it ok if the name on my online purchases of Tumbler, Vouchers, Business Class or Workshops is different to the person collecting at the event? Yes its OK, as long as they have a copy of your unused online printed ticket or e-ticket and they are over 18years of age.

Where do I purchase Festival Tumbler and Vouchers at the event? From the ticketing tent positioned next to the entry gate.

What payment options are available at the event? Cash, Credit Cards and EFTPOS payments are accepted at the Ticketing Tent, Food Stalls and Wine/Beer Stalls (for takeaway bottle sales only). An ATM facility is located at the adjacent Beaches Hotel.

Can we purchase bottled beer or wine at the event? The event is a “tasting festival” and any wine or beer consumed at the event, is via the voucher system with 60/120ml pours in the Festival Tumbler. No bottle sales for onsite consumption are allowed. Bottle sales for takeaway (in sealed bottles/bags) will be available directly from wine/beer stalls – and freighted orders will also be offered.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event? Jefferson Park is easily accessible by local busses, with a bus stop on Frederick Street (opposite The Beaches Hotel). We encourage all attendees to use of public transport or walk on the day. However, for the designated drivers, there are ample free options around the park.

What can I bring into the event? Picnic style seating and food can be brought to the event, however we highly encourage you indulging in the food on offer at the event, which includes cheese platters and a range of restaurant food. Strictly no alcohol can be bought into the event.

How can I contact the event organiser with any further questions? Please complete the contact form on the website or message us through Facebook – Barrelled page or Instagram @barrelledfestival. Any important announcement about event changes will be sent out through these channels.

Date and Time



Jefferson Park

Frederick Street

Merewether, NSW 2291


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