Ayahuasca Plant Medicine Retreat - March 2017
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Ayahuasca Plant Medicine Retreat - March 2017

Ayahuasca Plant Medicine Retreat - March 2017

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Pucallpa, Peru

Travelling from Brisbane/Gold Coast region, QLD


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This event is about travelling to Peru to experience the powers of Sacred Plant Medicines, such as Ayahuasca.

When used in the Shamanic Context with Indegious people, the medicine can have a tremendously transformational effect in one's life.
The Ayahuasca brew (often referred to as the 'Spirit Vine') works with you and there is generaly a lot of purging, sometimes re-experiencing past traumatic events and basically facing your darknesss. The journey does take courage.

People who work with the medicine also like to journey to discover who they really are, why they're here, what this world is about, work in letting go of past traumas, heal and gain many other benefits.

The Peru retreats are all about providing an integrated service of coaching AND plant medicine, which provides a long-term way of assisting someone in getting the most profound personal transformation experience possible.

This involves a communion of working with the spirits of the plant medicines in the Amazon jungle (Ayahuasca and other plants) and working with myself to integrate all that you gain back into the Western way of living.

The coaching aspect is important because coming back into the previous environment can often be a struggle for many – to discover so much and to grow to such an extent that the environment back home seems synthetic and very few seem to understand how much you have grown and how good (and authentic) you feel. I am there for you to help you to integrate and keep the changes you have gained within yourself for the long-term and to work with you thoroughly, being able to be certain you gain what you need from the experience

Who is it for?

– The Retreat to Peru is for those who are curious about exploring their inner world and working with natural ways of healing with plant medicines and Shamanic Practices
– Those who have tried to help themselves through different modalities, practices, but still come up with problems relating to themselves
– Those who are interested in next level personal development
-Those who are looking to achieve ultimate levels of self-love and fulfilment
-Those who want to step up their game to assist us all in this change we are currently experiencing – a global shaft in consciousness.
-Those with courage and who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the intensely deep transformation
-Those who feel called by the medicine
-People who seek the ultimate adventure into one self

Note: If you think you’ve done personal development, you’re playing with kind toys, Barbie dolls and GI Jones… While they have their place, there’s a time when you let go of the toys and at the same time those are needed as a bridge-way

Who is it not for?

– People that have to have everything on a silver platter and have to live in a 5 star hotel continuously
– Those afraid of putting their feet in the dirt (This is the jungle)
– If you’ve never camped in your life, it’s not for you or maybe it’s your time

WARNING: Shamanic work is not for the faint hearted. It is for those people who are willing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable to experience their greatest truth.

This means a transformation at times that can happen between friends and loved ones. In the end, it is always working out exactly as it should. If you want an easy ride, it is best to stay surface with other modalities

What it includes

1 x 60 minute phone coaching session
Comprehensive 20+ page Physical, Mental and Practical Preparation Plan
All food and accommodation once at the retreat are part of the package. If you want support in arranging accommodation to/from the experience, please contact us for assistance (flight and accommodation to and from are not included in the retreat package)

Pick up and drop off from and to Pucallpa Airport
Transportation to and from the Healing Center
Participate in Brewing Ayahuasca
Four Ayahuasca Ceremonies
Accommodations & Meals
Visionary Painting Workshop
Boat Excursion to Shipibo Village
Yoga & Meditation Classes
Shipibo Art Exhibition
Fresh Dieta Meals
Heart Circle
Art Therapy
Floral Baths
Laundry Service
Consultations with Shamans
Ceremony Integration Circles
Spanish/English Interpreter
Massage also available (extra)

Stay in touch with your local journey friends
Your Own Customized Post-journey Integration plan to follow

Where are we going
Amazon basin, Pucallpa, Peru

Upcoming Dates
March 2017

Length of retreat

The retreat in the Amazon goes for 9 days. Flights and Accommodation during the retreat are not included.

To find out more about the medicine, attend one of the upcoming Free events

For upcoming dates:
Go to: www.journeytotheinside.com.au
Email: info@journeytotheinside.com.au or
Call: 1300 508 384

Additional Resources:

Read Mother Ayahuasca's mission for humanity (a 50 page Manifesto)

Watch Free Documentaries:

Listen to Free music around the medicine:
(the songs of the Shamans and other Powerful music)

Jana Klintoukh
1300 508 384

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Date and Time


Pucallpa, Peru

Travelling from Brisbane/Gold Coast region, QLD


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