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234 Olive St

South Albury, NSW 2640


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Ladies Night - a play by the New Zealand writers Stephen Sinclair and Anthony McCarten

‘Find out what it takes to be a real man”

The rags to riches tale of how five men rise to the heights of male stripperdom and their own understanding of what the opposite gender want and what being a man is really all about.

The comedy about four unemployed guys, motivated by ‘The Chippendales’ to form a male stripping act, in order to make some fast cash. They pitch the notion to a local club owner, Bernie and take lessons from a slightly shop-worn, exotic dancer, Glenda and the changing character of Gavin.

‘Ladies Night’ has been translated into twelve languages and remains New Zealand’s most commercially successful play, of all time. With eight sell-out tours of Britain and the U.K, it won France’s premiere theatre award for comedy - The Molière Prize, and went on a national tour produced by Jally Entertainment


  • Albury Wodonga Theatre Company
  • 234 Olive St Sth Albury
  • Show dates 17, 18, 24, 25, November and 1, 2, 8 and 9 December 2017.


  • We will be auditioning people as a large group so invite you to come along and share a coffee/tea with us and have a read of the script and meet each other. Dress casually and comfortably
  • Audition dates; Friday 30th June from 7:30pm and Saturday 1st July from 11am.
  • Let us know you are coming on 0412112486 or else you can just turn up on the day.


This is a male-dominated cast, which will give a lot of our male members a chance to develop and shine. The age-range is flexible. There is one part for a woman and seven parts for men.

  • Graham-is about 45 years old, the oldest of the friends, rough, noisy and a bit of a red neck. He’s vulgar, loud, the group comic, always provoking some conflict, he’s white trash and proud of it. He doesn’t want to change a thing about himself.
  • Norman-is about 35 years old. Good-looking, a gentle-giant type. Has a slight stutter. Low in confidence, he goes with the crowd, a true follower.
  • Wesley-is about 34 years old, a keen sportsman (footballer), with a beautiful body. He is quiet, centred, has a good sense of humour and is well liked by everyone.
  • Barry is about 36 years old, good-looking, working class with a wife and son in a traditional marriage. He possesses strong stereotypical views on the separate roles of men and women. He plays the guitar and has aspirations of being a musician.
  • Gavin-is 42 years old, balding, over-weight, articulate, theatrical in style but yet to discover an appropriate setting for it. He lives alone in a rooming house. These friends are the only social life he has.
  • Craig-a handsome man in his mid-thirties, slim, dark, confident and self-interested. Never far from his mobile ‘phone, he is a wheeler dealer who always has an eye for a deal. He has all the charm of someone who knows what he wants, even when he seems to be going nowhere.
  • Glenda- a confident, attractive woman, in her early thirties. She moves and dresses like a dancer.
  • Bernie-an older, harried man who is running a club. He is one of the boys but is always looking for the profit.


The male stripping cast will need to be prepared to be waxed and undergo a tanning session as part of their prep for the show. AWTCO will pay for this as part of show costs.


These will happen one weeknight and one day of the weekend initially and an added dance rehearsal for the four stripping and one drag act roles. More rehearsals will be added as we get closer to opening night.

The rehearsal period is four months. This means that there will be some flexibility regarding rehearsals. All rehearsals will take place at 234 Olive Street.

For further details and questions please give me a ring or drop me an email.

Contact Director-Christine A Duff.


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234 Olive St

South Albury, NSW 2640


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