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Cronulla Sand Dunes

434 Captain Cook Drive

Kurnell, NSW 2231


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Want to know more about Astro Photography and how to get the most out of your camera when shooting the stars?

About this event

We’ll be spending 3-4 hours shooting at night so attendees will need to bring warm clothing and torches etc. to be able to see in the dark as well as drink and food that can be eaten on the go!

The Plan is to meet up whilst ti's still bright so we can ensure everyone arrives and gets to the location safely. We'll meet at the car park and then walk through the dunes together to the spot.

Over the duration of the workshop we will go over a range of things to consider before shooting astro photos as well as the best set up for shooting the milky way and what to look out for when shooting along with the settings and best gear for astrophotography.


● Comfortable walking shoes + portable drink bottle + portable food/snacks

● Your favorite camera + tripod + filters (optional) + memory card

● Headlamp, torch or some sort of portable light - ideally something that’s not too bright

and has a red light on it so as not to disturb other shots when shooting.

● Optional: Portable Chair* (*any gear you take is yours to carry and responsible for)

● Optional: Portable charger or power bank for your phone or camera

● Your SmartPhone with sufficient battery (useful with file transfer)


This workshop is open to photographers of all ages however will be better suited to intro and moderately experienced photographers or photographers who are wanting to get into AstroPhotography.

Those who get tickets will need to arrange their own transportation to the location and it is strongly suggested to drive.

For the best results, it is also strongly recommended participants have a camera with interchangeable lenses and something that handles low light well and is capable of full manual mode.

Recommendation on lenses: Prime wide angle with a low aperture (anything 50mm and under should be sufficient) or a zoom with a low aputure (eg - 16-35mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8, 16-80mm f4, 18-35mm f1.8 etc will also be fine)

Optional extras: A remote shutter release, a spare battery, lens hood. External battery pack, gloves and hand warmers + warm clothing

Want to know more about me?

I'm Chris - a Sydney Based Photographer, who also does photography videos on youtube and love shooting with like-minded people!

Feel free to check me out on IG and follow or shoot me a message if you have any questions: @christofee96

Check out some of my videos on youtube: Christofee Media

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