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Customised workplace training in the use of the ASQ-TRAK culturally adapted developmental screening tool for Aboriginal Australian children

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What is ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training?

ASQ-TRAK Practitioner Training provides education and instruction in the faithful use of the ASQ-TRAK culturally appropriate developmental screening tool.

How is ASQ-TRAK training delivered in the workplace?

The two-day interactive workshop program is customised for the needs of individual workplaces and is designed for groups of up to 14 participants of all levels of experience and knowledge.

Delivered by staff from the Unit for Indigenous Child Development Measures, the workshop runs for 8 hours each day and covers:

  • predicting and supporting healthy development in early childhood;
  • the purpose and process of culturally appropriate developmental monitoring;
  • the correct technique for administering, interpreting and communicating results of the ASQ-TRAK;
  • using the ASQ-TRAK to foster culturally safe developmental monitoring partnerships with families;
  • preparation for completion of a half-day of workplace practice with peer coaching (within six weeks of the workshop), to self-evaluate competency in using the ASQ-TRAK with fidelity.

The interactive format includes small and large group discussion, analysis of video examples, behaviour rehearsals, and hands-on time with the tool and materials.

Who can attend the training?

The training is suitable for anyone with an interest in implementing the ASQ-TRAK in their organisation. This includes practitioners who will be working directly with families, specialists who will be receiving referrals based on the screening outcomes, and managers who will be supporting the implementation at an organisational level.

How is the training recognised?

Participants who complete both the two-day workshop and half-day workplace practice with peer coaching within six weeks of the workshop, will be recognised as Certified ASQ-TRAK Practitioners.

Participants who attend the workshop but do not complete the workplace practice task within six weeks of the workshop, will be recognised as an ASQ-TRAK Supporter.

Certified ASQ-TRAK Practitioners who are interested in delivering ASQ-TRAK training to colleagues in their workplace, will be eligible to register for Accredited ASQ-TRAK Facilitator training; download the milestones and key dates for Facilitator training pathways here.

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What is included in the final price?

The final price will be the service fee of $24,750 including $2,250 GST, plus trainer travel.

Training service fee

The training service fee covers a two-day interactive workshop delivered on-site in the workplace for a group of up to 14 participants.

The service fee includes

  • all learning materials (participant workbook),
  • post-training support,
  • access to an online resource hub, and
  • an invitation to participate in a Community of Practice.

Trainer travel

In addition to the service fee, trainer travel is charged on a cost recovery basis.

Please note the following about trainer travel

  • To view trainer travel costs for your location, select the 'Registration' button and then scroll down to select 'Trainer travel' to view price according to location.
  • Travel costs are calculated at an estimate of the market rate for airfares and ground transport, with meals and accommodation at ATO rates.
  • The Trainer travels with one training materials kit and five ASQ-TRAK kits for practice in the workshop, all of which incur an excess luggage charge on airlines.
  • Where a workplace has ASQ-TRAK kits available for practice in the workshop, the excess luggage charge may be reduced accordingly. Please advise on the workshop order form if you have, or are intending to buy, ASQ-TRAK Tool and Toy kits.


The final training price does not include venue hire, catering, participant travel, or any costs associated with participants' completion of the workplace practice task.

The trainer will bring ASQ-TRAK kits for practice during the workshop, however your organisation will need to purchase these independently for ongoing use (see below).

What are the other costs and obligations for the host organisation?

Venue / room

The host organisation will need to provide a venue large enough to seat 15 people in a boardroom configuration with enough space in the room for small breakout groups to practice with ASQ-TRAK materials.

The same room is required for both days. The room need to be available two hours in the afternoon before the workshop for set-up and one hour before and after the workshop each day. The Trainer will require the name and mobile phone number of staff providing access to the venue at the agreed times and technical support for the audio-visual equipment.

To ensure our confidence in the viability of the workshop, we need to receive confirmation of the venue booking within 30 days of registration.

Audio-visual display equipment

Audio-visual display equipment, with technical support staff to assist with set-up and trouble-shooting, are to be supplied by the host organisation. The Trainer will be displaying PowerPoint slides, videos, and live webpages. This requires a projector and speakers, or a large television, that can be connected to a computer.

A whiteboard is to be supplied where possible.


Any catering costs and arrangements are the responsibility of the host organisation. Costs are typically around $40 per participant, per day, depending on the preferences of the organisation and market rates for local suppliers. The trainer needs to be included in the catering numbers.

Support staff

The host organisation will need to ensure a member of their staff is on-site to manage the venue and catering, and trouble-shoot if needed. This may be an attendee at the workshop or a non-participating staff member.

ASQ-TRAK Tool and Toy kits

Following the workshop, your organisation will need to purchase ASQ-TRAK Tool Kits and the optional Toy Materials Kit from the RCH Shop at The Royal Children's Hospital, if they have not already done so.

ASQ-TRAK Tool and Toy kits are used for practice in the workshop. The Trainer can bring five kits to the workshop, however these incur excess luggage charges on airlines (see notes on Trainer Travel costs above). Where a host organisation already owns ASQ-TRAK Tool and Toy kits, it is recommended that these are brought to the workshop to reduce luggage costs. If the host organisation is intending to purchase ASQ-TRAK kits to provide at the workshop, it is their responsibility to communicate with the RCH Shop to ensure the kits are shipped to the workshop location in within the required timeframe

Registering participant details

Details of most participants need to be provided at least two weeks before the workshop, so the Trainer can consider the learning needs of attendees:

Participant details are collected in accordance with the University of Melbourne's privacy policy.

Where unforeseen changes need to be made, additional participants can be registered up to the morning of the workshop, providing the maximum number does not exceed 14.

Promoting the workshop and communicating with participants.

The host organisation is responsible for inviting participants to the workshop and communicating all details about the workshop including:

  • starting and finishing times
  • attendance requirements (see below)
  • venue location
  • catering arrangements

The Trainer's first contact with attendees will be at the workshop.

What are the obligations for participants?

Attendance at the workshop

Participants seeking recognition as Certified ASQ-TRAK Practitioners are required to attend all sessions on both days and complete the full volume of learning (6 hours & 45 mins each day, excluding breaks). All participants must be present at the start of the first session on day one. Participants who leave early on either day may not be permitted to return to the workshop.

Workplace practice task

Participants who will be using the ASQ-TRAK in the workplace and wish to obtain recognition as a Certified ASQ-TRAK Practitioner, will need to complete a half-day of workplace practice with peer coaching, within six weeks of the workshop, to self-evaluate their competency in using the ASQ-TRAK with fidelity.

Enrolment of participants in the UoM Learning Management System.

All participants registered as seeking to become a Certified Practitioner will be automatically enrolled as an External User in the University of Melbourne's Learning Management System (LMS), to record their progress through the certification process. Participants are not required to engage directly with the LMS to complete their Practitioner training, but will be invited to set up a password to view their progress and access various resources should they wish to do so.

How do we book and pay for the workshop?

  1. Review details on this page, especially obligations for the host organisation
  2. Click the Register button
  3. Select a Ticket for your preferred workshop date.
  4. Scroll down to the page to the Add-ons section
  5. Select the Travel Costs for your location type
  6. Go to Checkout
  7. Confirm contact information (check default email address)
  8. Select payment type:
  9. 'Pay at the door' to pay by on delivery of the workshop OR 'Pay by invoice' to pay in advance at the time of registration.
  10. Complete the order form

Please do not pay the Eventbrite invoice. An invoice will be issued by the University of Melbourne.

If you need to raise a Purchase Order, our supplier details are:

  • University of Melbourne, Level 3, 11 Barry Street, Parkville, VIC 3010
  • ABN: 84002705224

What about date changes or cancellations?

If you need to cancel: If your organisation needs to cancel, please advise us immediately so we can reschedule or refund any advance payment, re-coup any trainer travel costs and re-advertise the dates.

If we need to cancel: In the event we unable to deliver the workshop at the scheduled time for any reason we will advise you immediately and work with you to reschedule or refund any advanced payment. We we are unable to pay any costs incurred by the host organisation, such as venue and equipment hire charges, catering, or participant travel costs. We strongly advise that the host organisation makes any such bookings as flexible or refundable arrangements wherever possible.

For assistance with completing this registration form or any further information, please contact Linda Browne, ASQ-TRAK Training and Implementation Coordinator on 03) 9345 4957 asq-trak@unimelb.edu.au, or see the ASQ-TRAK website

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