Aphrodite Women's Circle

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42 Tangara Rd

42 Tangara Road

Advancetown, QLD 4211


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A women's circle, a day of radical self love and expression, a day of rapture and devotion to self, a day of laughter and sisterhood.

About this Event

Welcome Beautiful Woman,

We invite you to join us in honouring the magnificence of our Divine Feminine flow and inner Aphrodite.

A Women's Circle cultivating inner radiance and activating our radiant feminine heart.

Sensual Dance expression and so much juicy and delicious self love.

A day of radical self love and expression, a day of rapture and devotion to self, a day of laughter and sisterhood.

We will be sharing some of our favourite ways to honor and express the Divine Feminine and inner Aphrodite.

The day will include:

~Light sensual energy flow Yoga

~Guided mediation

~A fully catered Vegan/Vegetarian Lunch

~Kundalini ritual

~Ecstatic Dance

~Radical self-love journey

~A safe space to connect with like minded women

~Please arrive early- 9:30am

We will be starting the circle at 10am sharp.

This is to set your space and enjoy a cup of tea and get acquainted with other women in the circle. We want everyone to feel centred and relaxed to start.


~Bring a yoga mat and pillow.

We will be alternating between movement, standing and sitting for the duration of 6 hours, for you to be as comfortable as possible.


~Floaty Dress/Skirt

As we honour Aphrodite and the Divine Feminine, we flow in our movement, we ask you to consider wearing a floaty dress or skirt and something that feels sexy to you.


underneath your dress/skirt for warmth and freedom to move if that is more comfortable for you.

~ Socks

in case the room is cool and you want to keep your Tootsies warm.


~Catered Vegan and Vegetarian Light Lunch and refreshments included. Please bring your own water.



Consider your intentions for what you would like to create for yourself or what you would like to get out of the day. We will be sharing our intentions in the circle.


An Altar will be created for the circle and we welcome you to bring something special that represents your divine feminine, this could be crystals, jewelry, an item of clothing or something that has been passed down in your lineage from your mother or grandmother.

~Fresh Flowers

An offering to the divine feminine and creating the circle.

Supermarkets now sell beautiful small bunches for under $10

~Open Heart

Keep your heart and mind open to the experience.

This space created will be free from judgement, a safe container for you and every woman to fully feel, be self expressed, feel connected to your life force energy, enjoy pleasure and loves deepest bliss.

~About the Facilitators~

Deanna Grace

Dee has been uncovering the lost secrets of the sensual heart-centered divine feminine on her journey to radical self-love.

Four years ago she chose to love herself healthy which resulted in loosing a lot of excess weight and gaining a juicy and delicious life.

She began Hula hooping for fun and her hips awakened. Her Greek bloodline followed the sound of the drums and the calling of exotic Belly Dancing and enrolled with the Belly Dancing Academy Gold Coast, where she performed professionally onstage in her first year.

Unleashing the Serpent within, she intuitively unlocked the power of her Kundalini energy and has learnt the art of ancient Egyptian Tantric practices.

She has dived deep into the wounds of her womb and heart centers, learning, healing and restoring her self in these places, intergrating her darkness and shadows into the light; creating an authentic expression and connection within her body, mind and soul.

She is an embodiment of the divine feminine, radiating love, light and truth.

She is a Priestess able to hold a safe container to facilitate and awaken the divine feminine spirit in other women.


Ra (Rachelle Vitnell)

Ra is a woman with a huge heart who loves everyone. She is a powerhouse of divine feminine flow. Living life with absolute graceful authenticity, she is a Priestess of the light.

With over 10 years of experience as a Master Coach and Mentor and over 6 years experience of writing and delivering deeply healing Workshops & Retreats she has an in-depth understanding of human psychology and how to support people to come into higher levels of awareness and consciousness.

Ra is a seeker, a writer, an alchemist, an intuitive guide, a mentor and has spent her life persuing greater and greater understanding of cosmic awareness through her own personal journey.

She has over a decade of experience with breathwork, guided meditation, psychotherapy, experiential process work, shadow work, facilitation, content creation. guided rituals, leadership mentoring and personal mentoring and training new coaches.

She has worked all over Australia with her own retreats and co-facilitated on others.

Self awareness, self acceptance, self responsibility, self love, self expression and ultimately liberation is what she lives and teaches.

With a mix of understanding, experience, compassion and a deep deep love for all people, Ra holds a space of inclusivity, non judgement and absolute permission for you to show up as you are and discover your pure authenticity and the truth of your divine feminine power.


🕊 Spaces are limited 🕊

We feel so blessed and honoured to be creating and sharing this experience with you, with open arms, warm hearts and big hugs!

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Date and Time


42 Tangara Rd

42 Tangara Road

Advancetown, QLD 4211


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