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Divine Bliss

Breadalbane Avenue

Mernda, VIC 3754


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Ajna Tibetan Healing is the most powerful and direct method of natural healing in existence today.

"I know that the power of Ajna healing has allowed my patients and students to reclaim the vibrancy, enjoyment, fulfilment and, meaning to life. There can be no other more powerful gift!"

Grand Master Dr Issam Kadamani

ICMH (International College of Meditation & Healing, Northcote, Vic, Aust)

Ajna is a sacred 3,000 year old healing method brought to Australia by GM Dr Issam from the Mystery School in Tibet.

A Mystery School is just that, it’s a mystery because no one knows where it is. Its purpose is to protect knowledge/ancient wisdom (and to ensure its continuation). Attendees are selected ‘by the powers that be’ at birth (think of how the Dali Lama is chosen) and when you are old enough, you are contacted and taken beyond the Himalayas and taught the mysteries of the universe. This is where GM Dr Issam spent many years in training. I am blessed to have been trained personally by GM Dr Issam in 17 years ago.

Ajna is a Sanskrit word meaning “third eye”. Out ajna chakra is our command centre.

What can Ajna do for me ?

Working on very deep levels, Ajna goes to the cause of the problem/disease and brings awareness to understand and release the attitude which created the problem in the first place.

If you are –

Emotionally upset – you will start forgiving and relaxing

Out of balance – you will feel rejuvenated

In physical pain – the pain will disappear

Addicted – the addiction will begin to lose its hold

Stressed – you will drift into a deep state of conscious sleep

Ajna Tibetan Healing will assist with:

- Addiction

- Allergies & Skin disorders

- Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Fear

- Back problems

- Bowel Problems

- Chronic fatigue

- Heart and Circulatory System issues

- Digestive problems

- Immune Disorders

- Insomnia

- Low self esteem

- Migraines

- Pain

- Reproductive System problems

- Respiratory System Ailments

- Stress

- Trauma

….. just to name a few conditions.

How does Ajna work

Ajna healing works with specific symbols and movements that tap directly into the Universal Energy (life force) which is channelled into your body via hands on healing to accelerate your body’s innate “self healing” ability.

The use of acupressure on specific points on the body, and manual manipulation (bending, stretching, twisting) of your body, stimulates the flow of energy and releases old, stale mental, emotional and physical blockages. (Like a bulldozer after a snow storm, clearing the road for the traffic to flow through)

Your aura is balanced (the energy field around the body), which relaxes the nerves within the body, relaxing the muscles that help to keep the bones in place. When everything is relaxed and brought into balance, the Life Force can flow more freely and help to release other blockages in the body so that the whole body reaches a state of balance Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually.

Ajna Tibetan Healing is a holistic healing method which has an immediate effect treating ALL imbalances – physical, mental and emotional. It will help you heal your physical body from any illness, because it utilizes your Ajna chakra and the power of your kundalini. Ajna changes the chemical structure of the body, helping to rebuild muscles, nerves, the spine and organs. Having a treatment has no side affects and supports the action of medication and other therapies.

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Date and Time


Divine Bliss

Breadalbane Avenue

Mernda, VIC 3754


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