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Ageless Beyond 50 Infinite Wellness Retreat

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Grovebrook Farm

Boundary Road

Berry, NSW 2535


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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Finally, a health, body, mind, retreat experience, specifically designed for women beyond 50.

The 3 day Ageless Beyond 50 Women’s Wellness Retreat in a stunning setting, to ignite your infinite potential; health, body, mind & spirit.


Friday 2 February - Monday 5 Feb 2018

1.5 hours from Sydney, in the Southern Highlands near Berry, a peaceful and private setting.

-Read on Or text Deb on 0403068169, and she will call you to answer any questions you have


3 days to connect, share and learn with an intimate group of 6 special women in a peaceful and stunning setting. Nurture yourself and evolve your wellness journey with a program designed especially for women 50 plus.

Learn how to maximise the potential of your health, body, mind and soul, through:

-guided learning and discussion sessions on health, nutrition, weight management, disease prevention and mindfulness,

-gentle yoga and meditation

-guided vision creation, goal setting, and beautiful rituals, to ignite the evolution of your potential and dreams for this phase of life.

-cooking together experiences so you can learn how to apply the principles of health eating

-opportunity to gently clear emotional and mental blockages you may have that are holding you back from what you want to achieve

No matter what your health, body and mind concerns are you will learn:

-how to fully nourish your body and protect your health against common ageing and lifestyle related disease

-how you can rediscover your curves, have boundless energy and love your body

-how to reduce and manage stress, anxiety and moods swings

-how to move past emotional and mindset blockages and move towards your goals for this phase of life

-how to recapture your zest for life and have the energy and mindset to pursue your meaning and purpose for this phase of life.

-how to raise your energy and vibration levels so you attract what you so desire in your life

You will leave the retreat with your own personalised wellness program and action plan.

Facilitated with loving kindness by Debbie and Rosie, who are both 50+, and have been through there own health transformation journeys. A wonderful way to begin 2018 and progress the infinite potential you have.

-Read on or text Deb on 0403068169, and she will call you to answer any questions you have


We have chosen this location for the peace, energy and beauty of the setting and the deluxe comfort it will provide during this time you are taking to invest in your wellness.

Huge high quality home, large living areas, entertainers kitchen, 3 bathrooms, swimming pool, large outdoor areas, surrounded by green pastures.

There are 4 queen bedrooms with quality bedding for sole occupancy available and one twin share room. First to book gets priority for single rooms.


We will gently cleanse and energise ourselves through beautiful nourishing gourmet vegan and gluten free food over these 3 days. The eating principles we will share with you are not solely vegan, so you will learn how to eat better for health no matter if you are vegan, vegetarian or eat seafood and meat.

Foods will be organic whenever possible. You will not be hungry. There will be bottomless bowls of fresh fruit, nuts, and goody balls available all day, and 3 sit down meals that we will prepare together as we learn about foods to nourish us and prevent disease and slow ageing. There will be organic coffee and teas available but no alcohol or commercial fruit juices or soft drinks.


The day will start slowly and gently with a cleansing drink and gentle yoga. We believe sleep and waking naturally is vital to your well-being so will begin our sessions together around 9am. If you wake early you have free time to enjoy. There will be fresh fruit to enjoy anytime you wish.

Each day will begin with a ritual of visualisation and manifestation that will be introduced on Day 1 before we have a late breakfast.

Each morning and afternoon you will participate in educative sessions and discussions on how to maximise the potential of your health, body, mind and soul, through guided sessions on health, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and beautiful rituals.

We will prepare a late lunch together before continuing the sessions of the day. The day will be beautifully paced and balanced between learning, sharing, and having time to rest and rejuvenate. Rosie is a qualified massage therapist and can offer this as part of relaxation.

Dinner will be prepared together and served at around 7pm. The evening will be time for some relaxation and fun together, before a beautiful bedtime ritual.

-Read on or text Deb on 0403068169, and she will call you to answer any questions you have


The Ageless Beyond 50 Infinite Wellness Retreat is for women at 50 and beyond who:

-Have goals and dreams for this phase of life, and want to learn how you can have abundant health and energy to enable them.

-Would appreciate some learning and like some support to kick start 2018 to make this the best year ever to progress your goals

-Want to ignite your potential to take control of wellness and pursue your goals.

-Don’t want to accept that a decline in health, body, and mind is inevitable as you age

-Want to be a great role model for any grandchildren and other women

- Do not want to be spending your golden years in doctors waiting rooms

-Do not want to spend even one moment worried about disease as you age.

-Want to spend time with friends and loved ones not unwell at home

-Want to learn new things, discover new places, and contribute what you can to this world and know you need to have total wellness to do this.

-Want a personalised wellness plan and are ready to take action


We believe that the learning, sharing and evolving we will do together is best done in an intimate group, so there are only 6 opportunities to kick start your best year yet.

Before we confirm each women’s place on the retreat we would like to have a short telephone conversation with you to answer any questions you have, and to make sure the retreat is right for you, and you are right for the retreat.

Price includes deluxe accommodation for 3 nights. Two rooms are sole occupancy and 2 rooms are twin share. The sole occupancy rooms will be allocated to the first people to pay the deposit.

All food, snacks, & drinks. (Friday 2pm to Monday 2pm)

Any materials /resources

Once places are full we will have a waitlist.

Full price $600

Deposit paid through Eventbrite

Balance due by 15 January by direct deposit

-Read on or text Deb on 0403068169, and she will call you to answer any questions you have

Cancellation fees apply if we cannot fill your place.

Fees are refunded 24 hours before the retreat starts depending on if your place has been filled. If we fill your place you will get a 100% refund no matter when you cancel.

If we cannot fill your place:

Cancellation notice up to 14 days before retreat 90% refund.

13-5 days prior 75% refund. Less than 5 days 50 % refund

Who are Deb and Rosie:

Deb is the founder of the Facebook health coaching blog ‘Ageless Beyond 50’ which has over 8500 followers. She studied nutrition at university, but since having her own major health crisis in 2006, has had to relearn everything she ever learnt and has transformed her health to enable her to realise her dreams of setting up a small foundation for single mums in Laos. She is also an adult educator and community development specialist. She is passionate about making a difference in women’s lives and believes we all have special gifts to give the world and just need the keys to unlock that potential. She seeks to share her knowledge with women to enable them to ignite their potential.

Rosie, is a New Zealander too, like Deb. She is a trained massage and natural therapist who for many years ran her own holistic health practice. She specialises in hands-on energy techniques to clear out imbalance and limitation. Rosie has devoted years to digging deep into natural therapies for health issues many of us live with and that are holding us back. She has been on her own health journey with many challenges along the way and has so much wisdom to share so others can benefit from her learnings. Rosie combines her deep knowledge of the healing power of food and herbs with a special ability to connect with the emotions and spiritual part of people. She is a nurturer and a healer who will share with you some of the techniques she uses to open and heal the heart and soul.


Are you ready for something more out of this phase of life, are you willing to invest in yourself, are you ready to learn, are you ready to kick start the transformation of your health and your life.

Come for connection, revitalisation, rediscovery and fun.

It’s time, ladies, - the universe is whispering to you - it’s time to take care of yourself. It’s time to make this phase of life the best ever.

Join Deb and Rosie early in 2018- the year for you to ignite your infinite potential; health, body, mind & spirit.


-Secure your place by paying your deposit now.

-Or text Deb on 0403068169, and she will call you to answer any questions you have

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Date and Time


Grovebrook Farm

Boundary Road

Berry, NSW 2535


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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