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Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist - RT Trainer Qualification

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80 Byres Rd

Blackwood, VIC 3458


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Become an Advanced Clinical RT Therapist & Qualified RT Trainer

with Prof. Gordon Emmerson, Ph.D

This 5 Day intensive workshop will provide:

  • Morning/afternoon refreshments each day

  • 30 CPD points including 7.5 hours of professional supervision.

  • All overheads used throughout the training via download link

  • A copy of the book: “Resource Therapy – Trainers’ Manual” by G Emmerson.

In order to register for this workshop, attendees must first have completed their training and qualification in one of the following:

  • Clinical Resource Therapy (10 Days inclusive of Foundation Training by an approved RTI qualified RT Trainer), or

  • Clinical or Diploma Qualification in Ego State Therapy (8 – 10 Days taught by Professor Gordon Emmerson)

The Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist & RT Trainer Qualification will cover all aspects of Resource Therapy in greater depth as well as include further insights & skill development in areas such as working with Eating Disorders, DID, Somatic conditions, and Pain management. To read a full list of subjects and requirements covered in this program please visit the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nxztus4fqtlvs6r/Advanced%20Clinical%20RT%20Therapist%20%26%20RT%20Trainer%20Qualification.docx?dl=0


Blackwood is a picturesque old gold mining town approximately 60 mins west of Melbourne’s CBD. Natural surrounds with lots to see, fresh clean country air and Blackwood’s ever running mineral springs will help to bring you a deeply refreshing experience while you are there to learn. There are cafes and excellent eateries in and within a short drive from the event. Accommodation is available at various nearby locations from 30 mins drive to a minute's walk away. If you require accommodation for this event it is best to plan quickly as July is a busy time in Victoria’s Hepburn region: Here is an excellent link to find out more about Blackwood and accommodation options (or google Blackwood, Vic for more!) https://www.travelvictoria.com.au/blackwood/


As the number of therapists wanting to learn and use RT grows throughout the world, so too does the need for more Advanced Clinicians and RT Trainers.

Advanced Clinically Qualified RT Therapists are trained at a deeper and more advanced level in Resource Therapy. As a therapist it is in our, as well as our client's interest that we continue to grow in experience and expertise.

Typical testimonies from therapists using RT in their everyday practice arrive via social media, emails and telephone calls each day. Here is a recent mention from a Clinical Hypnotherapist who recently graduated as a Clinical Resource Therapist in Ubud with Gordon, February this year:

"Since returning from Bali at the beginning of Feb I have used RT exclusively with every client in it's pure form as taught by Gordon on the course ... around 25 clients a week with everything from Meth addictions, OCD, Anxiety to simple stop smoking and insomnia

The results have blown me away ... sometimes in one session too

The feedback I've received and the referrals from these clients is proof this should be the treatment of choice for most things that people seek psychological help for.

The best money I ever spent was doing RT in Bali"

- Craig. Homonnay (South Australia)


It is recommended you attend this training if you are considering becoming an Advanced Clinical Resource Therapist & RT Trainer and you identify with one or more the statements below:

  1. I recognise my need/wish to upgrade my skills and knowledge in RT. I currently hold a Diploma or Clinical Qualification in EST. I am ready and keen to learn more about the changes and deepen my therapeutic knowledge while I upgrade my skills.

  2. I am not planning to run RT training programs, but this may be the right opportunity for me to gain the insights, skills, resources, as well as the support of community and professional connectivity that other qualified RT Trainers have.

  3. In the future, when I am ready to train others, I would like to involve myself in training other therapists. I may also want to conduct seminars or speak at conferences where I can choose my own areas of interest and experience in RT. This workshop will help me gain added qualifications, resources, and support in my career growth.

  4. I am ready to take my career and training to the next level. I was taught by an RT Qualified Trainer other than Professor Emmerson. I would now like to be able to integrate and update my previous training and experience with a deeper level of RT training. I want to leave myself open to the possibility of using my qualification as an RT Trainer & Advanced Clinical RT Therapist as a platform from which to broaden my career as a mental health specialist.

  5. I am truly ready and enthusiastic to start advancing my career as a qualified RT Trainer. I'm waiting to use this training and the career platform it will provide to teach other therapists and professionals in fields of mental health. I already know from experience the extraordinary value of Resource Therapy, and I'm looking forward to taking it to the next level on my professional path.

Resource Therapy Trainers are given a number of resources and powerful support processes to ensure they are able to get the very best outcomes for their experiences as RT Trainers. These include, but are not limited to Free ongoing support and resources from Resource Therapy International, RT’s International Umbrella Association where a central database of all RT (and hopefully the earlier EST graduates and trainers is maintained). For more information about the ongoing and absolutely free support, RTI offers all students and graduates of RT please see the link at the end of this article. RTI is currently managed by a group of 8 dedicated and passionate committee members. Each member fills a niche within the association within which they have the skills and expertise to offer. For more information about the respective roles of RTI’s Management Committee, please Like and Follow the Resource Therapy International fb page. The fb page also provides updates for RT events around the world.


During this training, you will receive the Resource Therapy Trainers Manual written by Prof Emmerson specifically for RT Trainers.

The trainers’ manual is your main resource as an RT Trainer.

The RT trainers’ manual will show you how to conduct a Foundation and Clinical Level Training, inclusive of overheads and prompts that can be used for each individual day of training. This manual will show you how to cover exactly what is necessary to be taught each day. The RT Trainers' Manual is a comprehensively written go-to book, set out in a way that makes it easy for trainers to refer to and use. The book also contains a copy of the full Learn Resource Therapy - Student's Training Manual. Professor Emmerson has incorporated the Student Manual into the back of the latest edition of the RT Trainer's manual so that trainers can more easily keep up with:

A: What home-study students have studied each day before attending your class, or

B: What your students are using as further study each day while attending your RT class

The official RTI approved Student's Training Manual is called "Learn Resource Therapy - Student TrainingManuel" It is the book we recommend all students purchase, either as a self-paced RT training program, or as part of classroom learning material. As an RT, trainer you will want to either request your students purchase, or provide your students with the Learn Resource Therapy Student Training Manual.

If upon completion of this workshop, you choose to conduct RT Training programs, you can feel confident in knowing you will have ongoing access to resources, marketing, and support. RTI's resources and support services are almost always free of any charge or obligations.

Resources & Support are also expected to grow as the RTI database grows. Currently and in the future you should expect to have access to the following resources through Resource Therapy International:

  • Free website listing of your practice and training schedules

  • A free personalised page on the RTI website where links to your own RT related webpage/pages, RT biography, Clinical and training schedule, Youtubes, News, pictures etc… can all be posted almost without limit to size and occupying space.

  • Free links to updated resources such as papers, overhead slides, areas of interest and access to videos that may be useful to you for your own skill refreshing/development, and/or as classroom resources.

  • Free marketing for your training schedule using a variety of social media outlets and networks.

  • Loads of loving support from a growing network of dedicated RT Trainers and Therapists who use RT in their professional work every day and foster a strong sense of mutual camaraderie and community, inclusive of all RT Therapists and Trainers. There is no clique in RT, because just as the therapy teaches us to understand the nature of personality, so too do RT therapists understand that we are all multifaceted beings and our interest in community comes and goes, but the need for community remains strong in each of us.

  • The opportunity to become an RT Supervisor:

Becoming an RT Supervisor not only gives you the opportunity to advance your career further, it also provides an important role in helping other RT therapists and students gain greater access to Supervision in Resource Therapy, thereby ensuring continuing skill development for everyone, including yourself, with excellent benefits flowing on to those who need it most: your clients and your supervisee's clients.

RT Trainers are elevated to the status of RT Supervisor upon successful facilitating their first or second full Clinical RT training program. At least six students will have gained their own RTI accredited Clinical RT Qualification with you as their trainer. In elevating your position to RT Supervisor, you are then able to continue your work with your graduates for the purpose of supervision. It is important that all RT graduates, including trainers continue to have access to quality supervision.

Video coverage of all RT level training programs given by Professor Emmerson for ongoing training access by trainers and graduates:

In the next year or two RTI hopes to provide Resource Therapy training videos, showing full Foundation & Clinical Training, as well as Advanced Clinical Training programs as given by Professor Emmerson. Providing such a resource is a monumental task, as you can imagine. It requires the skills, expertise, time and willingness of devoted and passionate Resource Therapists who have offered to give up their own valuable time and energy for the future of Resource Therapy, and the opportunity to have a recorded Resource live on as a training tool for everyone long after the founding psychologist of this magnificent therapy has gone.

RTI is lucky enough to have a passionate committee of management made up of individuals who are committed to ensuring RT resources and support continue to be made possible.


RT is not a 'franchise'. It is not a 'licensing' authority. It is a complete psychological personality theory and therapy. In the same way that CBT is not 'owned' by anyone. RT is not 'owned' or 'trademarked, ' and it can conceivably be taught and learned by anyone wishing to do so.

Just as a CBT trained therapist cannot respectfully state, they are a 'Clinically Qualified & Accredited CBT Therapist' without having first gained those qualifications through an accredited training body. So, too, anyone can call themselves an RT therapist, but cannot do so respectfully or ethically without first having gained an accredited qualification in RT through becoming qualified and registered with a Resource Therapy International RT Training provider.

The key role of RTI as RT's International Umbrella Association is to provide a worldwide data-base of qualified RT therapists, trainers, and supervisors who have themselves been taught by someone fully trained and registered by RTI as an accredited training provider.

As the founder of RT, Gordon Emmerson wants more than anything to have this therapy grow in its entirety without dissolution as much as possible. In this way, Resource Therapy can continue to grow and expand with a solid foundation at its base.

There is much support offered to RT Trainers to ensure their growth and expansion is as smooth, enjoyable and well-resourced as possible.

You will not be provided with a business-in-a-box. Rather, you will receive the tools and skills necessary to make real advances as a both a therapist and therapy trainer, together with a real support team that is there to answer your questions, and help provide opportunities and free resources and support alongside your individual and collective RT journey.

RTI and the purpose of RT training is NOT about finding ways to continue to glean an income from graduates. It is a team of dedicated therapists who love RT therapy so much and know the need for it is so great, they want to do whatever possible to assist RT’s entry to mainstream therapeutic practices.

RT Therapists and Trainers today can count themselves among the first historically to put RT on the worldwide map of psychological and psychotherapeutic therapies of choice.


If you are planning to attend the Advanced Clinical RT Trainer Training and you would like to also attend the workshop directly following for a further two days of training in: Researching Therapy, Reporting & Publishing your results, you are very welcome to do so. All therapists (RT and non-RT Therapists) are encouraged to attend the latter (weekend workshop) and we would love to see Advanced Clinical Resource Therapists and Trainers at that workshop because RT therapists really do need to do more research. To learn more about the Research workshop please go to the eventbrite link below. Be sure and return here so that you can complete the check out for both, or for just this one.

Attending both workshops would require a seven-day commitment instead of a five-day commitment for only one.

Should you wish to attend both workshops and you are paying full fees, we would like to assist your journey (and incentive for learning) by extending a further discount off your Advanced Clinical RT Trainer training fee.

This offer is only available for attendees training in BOTH workshops with Gordon Emmerson this July, and may not apply to future registrations.

To learn more about the “Researching Therapy, Reporting & Publishing Your Results” workshop, please go to the following Eventbrite link. Feel free to click on the ticketing section to view the various price points (doing so will not compel you to buy anything). https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-conduct-research-on-therapy-publish-your-results-july-15-16-tickets-33238530339?aff=affiliate1

Be sure to return to this workshop ticketing link whether you intend to attend both or just the one you are currently in. If you wish to attend both this and the 2nd workshop mentioned above, you can click on the ticket that is for both workshops at the ticketing link provided on this page.

You will find that there is a significant discount on ticket for both workshops, even though it will appear as the most expensive price point available on the list. This is only because it is for access to both workshops (a total of 7 days intensive training with Prof. Gordon Emmerson).

RTI, Professor Gordon and Anna Emmerson, look forward to seeing you in July!

Questions should be emailed to RTI’s Secretary: Anna@resourcetherapy.com

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80 Byres Rd

Blackwood, VIC 3458


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