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Adobe Photoshop Essentials Course Sydney CD

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Level 4

60 York Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
Tickets sales have ended? No worries send us an enquiry and we can book you on another course date.
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Learn to create, edit and apply special effects to images and text that can be prepared for various uses such as print and marketing materials, presentations, websites, eLearning and digital apps. With Photoshop you can easily cut out items, change colours and create compositions.

This course introduces you to the newest techniques and tools used in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for photo-retouching, tonal correction, deep etching, image editing, colour painting and montaging.

Learn new features available in Photoshop CC 2017 like the Select and Mask Workspace: a dedicated new workspace, which will save you time while making your selections and masks more precisely and easier than ever.

Participants should have a strong working knowledge of either Mac or Windows.

The instructors are Adobe Certified, industry experienced and passionate about training!

Our training highlights the features and updates in the latest version of the software - Photoshop CC

Confident you'll have a great Adobe learning experience, but if your expectations are not met, we offer a money back guarantee - so there's no risk to you!

What you Get:

  • Free Course Resit

  • Adobe Authorised Certificate

  • 12 Months Access to Help Desk

  • No Risk! Money Back Guarantee

  • Choice of Mac or PC*

  • Customised Proprietary Courseware

  • Adobe Certified Instructors

  • Professional Training Environment

  • Small Classes (average 4 to 8)

  • High Frequency of Courses

Learn on MAC or PC

Course Outline:

Photoshop Overview

  • Photoshop Versions
  • Photoshop on the Mac or PC
  • Efficiently using dialogue boxes and fields

Photoshop Interface & Image Basics

  • Welcome screen
  • Interface overview
  • Photoshop document / file types
  • Setting preferences
  • The application bar
  • The options bar
  • Context sensitive panels
  • The tool bar
  • Displaying and selecting hidden tools
  • Tabbed windows / multiple documents
  • The dock
  • Using panels
  • Resizing and docking panels
  • Customising and saving workspaces
  • Viewing defaults / fit in window / 100%
  • Zooming in and out
  • Panning around a document
  • Zoom and pan shortcuts
  • Opening files
  • Browsing in Bridge
  • Best practices
  • Non-destructive edits
  • Basic selections
  • Basic image adjustments
  • Static adjustments versus adjustment layers
  • Undo and reverting

Image Modes & Colour

  • Photoshop color primer
  • Color picker
  • Color & swatch panels
  • Eyedropper
  • Info panel


  • Making accurate selections
  • Geometric selections
  • Free form selections
  • Automatic selections
  • Selection options
  • Adding / subtracting / intersecting selections
  • Transforming selections
  • Inverting selections
  • The lasso tools
  • Using refine edge
  • The select menu
  • Modifying selections
  • Editing a selection in quick mask mode
  • The magic wand tool
  • The quick selection tool
  • Selecting with colour range

Introduction to Layers

  • The layers panel
  • Show / hide layers
  • Filtering layer view
  • Text layers
  • Adjustment layers
  • Layer order
  • Grouping layers
  • Naming layers
  • Linking layers
  • Locking layers
  • Transparency
  • Duplicating Layers
  • Deleting layers
  • New layer via copy
  • Rotating and scaling
  • Free transform
  • Transforming objects
  • Copy via drag
  • Copy and paste between documents


  • Erasing pixels
  • The eraser
  • The background eraser tool
  • Adobe Stock
  • CC Libraries

Painting Basics

  • Paint bucket and fill
  • Brushes basics
  • Pencil, paintbrush and airbrush tools

Working with Type

  • Typekit
  • Adding text
  • Point text
  • Area text
  • Formatting text
  • Character and paragraph panels
  • Selecting / editing text
  • Text warp
  • An introduction to layer effects
  • Layer styles
  • Simple vector shapes
  • Shape tools
  • Vector selection tools
  • Aligning / distributing objects

Cropping & Scaling

  • The crop tool
  • Cropping without deleting pixels
  • Straightening with the ruler
  • Straightening while cropping
  • Automatic straightening and cropping
  • Enlarging the canvas with the crop tool
  • Changing the canvas size
  • Content aware scaling
  • Transforming and distorting
  • Perspective warp
  • Warp transformations
  • The free transform command

Outputting your files

  • Output for print
  • Print size and resolution
  • Understanding resolution
  • Changing the resolution
  • Re-sampling your image
  • Flattening your file
  • Reasons to flatten
  • Converting to CMYK
  • Saving as different file formats
  • Output for web
  • Save for web options
  • Export for web
  • Size, format and compression for the web
  • Optimising file sizes
  • Web file formats

Colour Correction

  • Channels and colour balance
  • The colour channels
  • Understanding histograms
  • The channel panel
  • Making colour adjustments
  • Colour balance adjustments
  • Automatic colour and tone adjustments
  • Selective colour adjustment
  • The adjustment panel
  • Automatic / semi-automatic / manual adjustments
  • Levels adjustments
  • Adjusting contrast with levels
  • Adjusting colour with levels
  • Curves
  • Colour adjustment with curves
  • Using threshold to mark highlights and shadows
  • Removing colour casts
  • Convert colour to black & white

Working with Smart Objects

  • Understanding the smart object workflow
  • Creating linked smart objects
  • Creating embedded smart objects
  • Applying smart filters
  • Linked & embedded smart objects

Introduction to Layer Masks / Background Removal

  • Non-destructive editing
  • Saving selections
  • Alpha channels
  • Editing alpha channels
  • Loading selections
  • Masks
  • The masks / properties panel
  • Making layer masks from selections
  • Loading channels as selections
  • Making alpha channels visible
  • Using adjustment layers with layer masks
  • Refine mask edge

Photo Retouching

  • Content aware scale with alpha channels
  • The healing tools
  • Using the spot healing brush tool
  • Using the healing brush tool
  • The patch tool
  • Red eye removal
  • The clone stamp tool
  • The dodge tool
  • The burn tool
  • The sponge tool
  • Brush settings
  • Brush shortcuts
  • Content aware fill
  • The content aware move tool
  • Smart Sharpen


  • Using brushes
  • Brushes
  • The brush panel
  • Brush presets
  • Bristle brushes
  • Mixer brush


  • Gradient options
  • Gradient editor


  • The liquify editor
  • Understanding the liquify tools
  • Retouching with liquify
  • Liquify as a smart filter

Combining Images

  • Panoramas with photomerge
  • Photomerge options
  • Photomerge from Bridge
  • Auto align
  • Auto aligning layers
  • Auto blend
  • Auto blending layers


  • Actions
  • The actions panel
  • Creating custom actions
  • Sharing actions
  • Inserting a stop
  • Editing actions
  • Batch processing
  • Batch processing with actions
  • Batch convert file formats
  • Batch processing from bridge
  • Batch process actions from bridge
  • Use the image processor from bridge

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Date and Time


Level 4

60 York Street

Sydney, NSW 2000


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