Adelaide Summer League - New Player Assessment #2

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23 James Congdon Drive

Thebarton, SA 5031


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This assessment is a requirement for all new players, as well as those wishing to return after a significant absence from the league.

The assessment is purely to gather where your skills sit in your hockey journey, and make sure that we put you in the right team. Don't stress too much about how well you do, just give it your best go. If you fall over, or miss a pass, it's okay - you will still get picked for a team.

Fee for the assessment will be $20.00 per person, and will be required prior to stepping on the ice. To confirm your spot, please register here.


If you are not currently registered, please head to: and select "Come n Try IHSA".

Assessment FAQ:

Do I have to come to the assessment, and why?

Excellent question! If you are new to Summer League, you will need to be assessed. The ASL is a development league, and as such, we are conscious to form teams around players of varied skill levels so players learn more and develop their skills about the game as the season progresses, and so teams can be evenly matched. Almost everyone that wants to take part in the ASL is here because hockey is awesome and they want to have fun, learn, and improve. On top of that, we want everyone to play on a competitive team that has a chance to win.

I’m a goalie.

That’s more of a statement than a question…but go on…

Do new goalies have to come to the assessment?

Yes, they will.

What is the assessment?

It’s a chance for us to get to know the new players, assess skating and hockey skills, and put together teams for the upcoming ASL season.

Where will the assessment take place?

At the Ice Arena which is located at:

23 James Congdon Dr, Thebarton, SA 5031

When will the assessment be?

There will be two!

-Tuesday, 19 September on the small ice: 8:15pm-9:15pm

-Sunday, 24 September on the large ice: 9:45am-10:45am

Will the big ice assessment be better, should I wait to do that one?

The assessments will be pretty much the same, and there is no benefit in waiting to skate on the big ice.

What if I can’t attend either session?

Get in touch with us right away! You can contact the ASL coordinator, Mark Beckett: or reach out to us on the facebook page: “IHSA- Adelaide Summer League – Official.”

What if I just don’t feel like going?

Do you even hockey, bro?

How much will the assessment cost?

Assessment will be $20 per person.

There will be an ASL committee member with a laptop and a spreadsheet at the sign in area. They will collect your money (cash only) before you skate. Please bring the correct money on the day - no pay, no play.

Why do I have to pay money for an assessment?

Although we’ll be running the assessment with the help of some volunteers, including the ASL coordinator and committee members, the ice itself will cost money to hire.

If the first assessment session is completely booked out, what do I do?

Book in for the second!

If the second assessment session is completely booked out, what do I do?

Hang in there! If there are so many new players that want to play in the ASL that we have to limit the numbers attending our second assessment, then we’ll get post for another assessment date.

Where do I get changed?

Depending on the day, there may be dressing rooms available, but be prepared to get changed in the common area (where all of the picnic tables are) if necessary.

What do I wear/bring?

You will need to be in full equipment. That means helmets, shoulder pads, padded hockey shorts, shin/knee pads, gloves, skates. Women must wear a full cage or full mask. Anyone under 19 must wear a neckguard. Anyone under 21, you must wear a mouth guard, skates, stick, and a jersey to skate in.

What if I don’t have gear?

You might consider borrowing some equipment from a friend to fill in any pieces that you’re missing. Ultimately, if you’re going to play hockey, you’ll need to have access to equipment, whether new, used or borrowed. There are plenty of places to look for used gear online, such as the facebook groups “Adelaide Ice Hockey Buy And Sell” and “Ice/inline hockey buy/swap/sell – Australia.” You can search the Ice Hockey C Grade page, or the “IHSA- Adelaide Summer League – Official” page, or buying new equipment from Power Play Sports at the rink, or buying new or used online.

What if I don’t have a jersey?

The hockey community is pretty friendly, so ask someone ahead of time, or when you get to the rink.

My mom makes really awesome Christmas sweaters that will fit over my pads, can I wear that instead of a jersey?

Yes. A thousand times, yes. Be warned, you will forever be known as “Christmas Sweater _________ (insert your name here).”

Do I need to bring pucks?


What time should I arrive?

Please arrive at the rink an hour beforehand so that we can get you signed in and make sure you can be identified on the ice.

Where should I sign in?

We’ll make sure that the sign-in area is easy to find once you’re in the building.

Do I need to pay for parking?

No! You can press the last button on the right of the ticket machines in the garage, and then press the green ticket button. Sometimes you may need to press these buttons repeatedly for them to work. There is also some street parking nearby.

I’ve never worn hockey gear before.

Again, that’s more of a statement than a question…but make sure you try on your gear beforehand, and show up in plenty of time to get suited up.

What if I fall down, or make mistakes, or feel like I look silly on the ice during the assessment?

EVERYONE makes mistakes, falls, feels like they look silly, and has things they are not great at on the ice. Own it, laugh about it and move on!

If I make mistakes or don’t skate well, will I be placed on a team?

We will do our absolute best to place everyone that comes out for assessment on a team.

I’m the next Sidney Crosby. Will I get placed on a team while I’m waiting for the NHL scouts to arrive?

If you’re the next Sidney Crosby, we would suggest that the ASL is likely not the best spot for you, and that you should consider speaking to one of the clubs for the winter league. That being said, we will assess you, and do our best to place you on a team.

Should I eat before I come to assessment?

You definitely shouldn’t eat during assessment, if that helps?

When will I find out what team I’m playing on?

After assessments are made, the committee will meet to discuss and start finalising team rosters. It will likely be approximately two weeks before team rosters are named.

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23 James Congdon Drive

Thebarton, SA 5031


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