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Adelaide Conversational Hypnosis Experience [ Sick Of Hypnotic Scripts? ]

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The Junction

470 Anzac Hwy, Camden Park SA 5038

Adelaide, SA 5038


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Sick of using hypnotic scripts? Sick of being trained by reading a book? Then this event was created with you in mind.

"An inspiring and shocking demonstration of Scotts raw talent, he talks the talk and walks the walk" Dr. Brett Camphill

Annual Conversational Hypnosis Academy 3 Day Event

Scott Jansen's conversational hypnosis experience is the world's only program in which the audience gain a front row seat to spontaneous hypnosis in action with a revolutionary leader in the field. This is not a certification. This is not a training. This is an event to remember for a lifetime.

Why Attend This Event?

If you have an inner drive to create a flawless existence, finally gain control over unwanted habits and addictions, overcome the biggest of life’s hurdles and are tired of life failing over and over again, then this experience will be the defining moment in your life. Get ready to get up close and personal with Scott Jansen the creator of Meta Mind Analyses, and the Go – To Hypnotherapist of A-list celebs and entertainers as he reveals his biggest secrets of hypnosis. Based on a thriving career over 7500 clients, over 18 years as a professional therapist, creator of over 35 home study programs and countless sold out events, Scott will reveal to you what it takes to finally harness the awesome power of the mind, in this 3-day extravaganza.

Quality Time With An Expert

If mastering conversational hypnosis, therapy, and even your own personal development is high on your list of life goals, then who else would you turn to than a therapist who understands the ins and outs of the mind with a knack for spontaneous, raw and in your face therapy.

From beginners to the experts Scott Jansen’s sold out events have connected the dots when it comes to becoming world class as a Hypnotist or specialist. With a promise of no scripts, no boring lectures and an eye-opening demonstration of the true essence of hypnosis, we invite you to be a part of this revolutionary event like 1000’s of students before you.

Who Should Attend?

Calling all Hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, Life coaches, Personal Development gurus, Motivational speakers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and hypnosis enthusiasts wanting a first-hand glimpse at conversational hypnosis in action.

If you are finally sick of reading scripts, practicing theory based techniques and given boring lectures from a book, then we have you covered. This event is to train you in the application of hypnosis, which is a rare treat.

Conference Schedule

C.H.E full event schedule - 3 days

DAY 1 :

Introduction To Scott Jansen And Demonstration

Introduction to the Unconscious mind and Conscious mind and its role for mastering conversational hypnosis
  • The hypnotic function of the mind to easily hypnotise anyone at anytime
  • How to use the 4 stage hypnotic formula to your advantage during any conversation
  • How to navigate your own thinking too deeply understand your own life challenges and issues
  • How to turn on the healing switch of your mind to self heal your body and mind
  • How to instantly flow with language that will have you hooking the unconscious mind, even if you have never been hypnotised yourself.

How to set up the mind to be easily hypnotised

Induction Strategies

During this portion of your day, you will work on creating your first hypnotic trance using a hypnotic based induction for deep trance.
  • How to combine hypnotic ideas and themes to flow with your first induction.
  • How to increase your hypnotic vocabulary to make you sound like an expert
  • How to naturally deepen a trance with words and suggestions
  • How to formulate hypnotic suggestions for a therapeutic effect
  • And much more

DAY 2 :

Spotting Unconscious Moments For Hypnosis

We begin your day by introducing you to Scott Jansen's biggest secret known as how to spot unconscious moments. This principle will allow you to see, spot and use unconscious moments to talk directly to the unconscious mind and influence it regardless of your hypnosis experience.
  • Introduction to spotting unconscious moments
  • How to generate natural trances for hypnotic power

Combination Strategies With The 4 Stage Formula

By mastering how to apply the 4 stage hypnosis formula with spotting unconscious moments and create irresistible trances with every client you work with
  • How to apply the 6 principles of unconscious moments for deeper trances
  • Combination strategies for a complete hypnotic routine with a therapeutic outcome

The Secrets Of Business Success

As a special opportunity to you, we invite Beata Cerda to introduce you to business success as a therapist, coach, and motivational speaker. This opportunity will fill your mind with ideas and the untaught secrets of business and LIFE success. Including Beata's personal strategies and exercises, she has used while training billionaires, professional athletes, and global business tycoons.
  • How to bring out the entrepreneur in you with a natural flair for success
  • How to create the business, life, and lifestyle of a wildly successful human being and what it actually takes to have everything you want in life

DAY 3 :

Therapy Suggestions And Mindset Shift

Day 3 will now open your mind up to the perfect therapy suggestion for each individual client and subject. meaning that Scott will present to you how to formulate the correct therapy without ever using a script again
  • Scott's 3 stage therapy method to take you from a good Hypnotist to a great one in minutes

Self Hypnosis & Self Healing

Master the art of self-healing and the simple secrets of how to create your own deep trance during this never taught before self-hypnosis/healing technique that will give you complete access to your own mind instantly

Introduction To Meta Mind Analyses

Get an exclusive look intoMeta Mind Analyses created by Scott Jansen himself. As he reveals the unheard of keys to overcoming your won issues, addictions, challenges and reveals to you why the painful and negative parts of your life will forever continue unless you apply this strategy to your entire life
  • The Meta Mind Equation and locating the negative metaphor in your life
  • How to harness your mind natural healing switch to create a flawless existence with no fuss

Spontaneous Hypnotherapy Session

We leave the best until least as we end the day with a bang. Now you can witness Scott Jansen in action as he puts his 18 years experience into action and performs a Hypnotherapy session with a real volunteer and for a real life issue. With a session rate of over $2500, you will gain a front row seat to what created Scotts career using his style of hypnosis
  • Spontaneous hypnotherapy session from start to finish
  • hypnosis breakthrough with a real volunteer LIVE

Event Wrap Up with Q&A

To finish this wonderful event, Scott Jansen, and Beata Cerda will host a 30 minutes Q&A session with the audience, to answer any questions relating to your experience during your training event

*From hypnosis, career, and business this is a no holds bar Q&A time.

It is amazing! I have another 3 new clients this coming weekend. I love it. Thanks so much for the powerful weekend! We all can do it!

Ailee Shen - Hypnotherapist

Scott took me from shy to courageous. I started pursuing my dreams and now I'm unstoppable. No more hiding from the world and wanting to be invisible. Words can not describe the feeling.

Svetlana Williams - Sleep Coach | Author 'Fix My Sleep'

It was such a blessing for us both to be a part of this amazing way to end such a life changing event.

Pauline Swanson & Doug Swanson - Brisbane Hypnotherapists

I want to thank Scott Jansen so much for everything they have taught me and how much they have helped me realise who I am as a therapist!

Harry Van Koll - Confidence Hypnotherapy Melbourne

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Date and Time


The Junction

470 Anzac Hwy, Camden Park SA 5038

Adelaide, SA 5038


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