ACCMP Stage 3 Canberra Trip 2019

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1222 Federal Hwy Service Rd

sutton, ACT 2620


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Year 5 and 6 Excursion to Canberra

About this Event


The Canberra Experience Information Pack contains all the details of the program, registration procedure, and what students will need to pack for camp. Please keep this information for future reference.

N.B. A hard copy of this pack has been sent home with students and a soft copy emailed to parents.

1. Information Letter to Parents and Students

2. Step-by-Step to Camp

3. Camp Program

4. What to Bring to Camp

Camp Registration Pack

Parents are required to complete all the forms in the Camp Registration Pack, and return them in soft or hard copy to Miss Mayo by Friday, 20 September 2019.

5. Parental Consent Form (to be completed and returned)

6. Student Code of Behaviour Agreement (to be completed and returned)

7. Camp Registration and Payment Information (to be completed on Eventbrite)

8. Assumption of Risk form (to be completed and returned)

9. Student Medical Requirements form (to be completed and returned)

10.Consent to Administer Medication form (to be completed and returned)

11.Special Dietary Requirements form (to be completed and returned)

Introductory Letter

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Dear Parents & Guardians,

We are pleased to remind you of our upcoming Stage 3 Canberra Experience. This is an exciting initiative for students to visit our nation’s capital and participate in various learning opportunities about our nation’s history, the Australian political system, and developments in science and technology.

The Canberra Experience is an integral part of the Stage 3 learning program, providing a range of unique opportunities that cannot be experienced at school, and as such, students are expected to attend.

Details of the Canberra Experience are as follows:

Dates: Wednesday, 13th November to Friday, 15th November 2019

Accommodation: Ibis Styles Eaglehawk, Canberra

Cost: $375.00

Activities List (subject to change)

• Australian Institute of Sport

• Australian War Memorial

• Mount Ainslie Lookout

• Museum of Australian Democracy

• National Library of Australia

• National Capital Exhibition

• Parliament House

• Questacon

• Royal Australian Mint

• Tour of Embassy & Lodge districts

Additional information is contained on this page.

The students will be sleeping in motel style rooms at the Ibis Styles Eaglehawk. Catering is provided, however, for those students who have allergies, intolerances, or religious / lifestyle choices, dietary requirements will be forwarded to the camp provider.

This may be the first camp that your child has attended, and they may be a little apprehensive. Please be assured that we will do everything we can to support your child as they overcome any anxiety before or during the camp.

We are excited about this Canberra Experience and all the opportunities for relationship building and deep learning it will provide.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.

Kind Regards,

Shelby Mayo

Year 6 Teacher

2. Step-by-Step Guide

There are a number of tasks that need to be completed, in order for the students to attend Canberra Experience. We ask that all our parents and students familiarise themselves with each step in the process, and complete them together, in a timely manner.

Step 1

Read through all the information together, to ensure that you are prepared and ready to commit. All the information you need to know about the Canberra Experience has been included in this pack, however, if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Step 2

Please complete and submit the following forms to Miss Mayo, no later than Friday, 20 September 2019:

• Parental Consent form

• Student Code of Behaviour Agreement

• Canberra Experience Registration and Payment (to be made on Eventbrite)

• Assumption of Risk form

• Student Medical Requirements

• Consent to Administer Medication form

• Special Dietary Requirements form

Step 3

The cost of the Canberra Experience is $375.00 and includes transportation, meals, accommodation and all activities. Payment is required in full on this page by Friday, 29 September 2019.

Your child’s place will be secured upon receipt of the full Canberra Experience payment.

Step 4

Please read through the list of What to Bring to Canberra Experience and ensure you have all the necessary items. It is essential that students understand recommended and prohibited items, and the dress code.

Step 5

Please read 2019 Canberra Experience update emails that may be sent, so that you are informed of ongoing developments.

Step 6

In case of an emergency Ibis Styles Eaglehawk is located at 999 Federal Highway, Sutton, 2602. The phone number is (02) 6241 6033.

3. Canberra Experience Program

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for a full itinerary of the camp.

4. What to Bring


- Underwear + Socks for 3 days

- T-shirts (must cover shoulders)

- Shorts / Skirts (must be mid-thigh or worn with leggings)

- Long Pants

- 1 Warm Jacket / Jumper

- Waterproof Jacket / Raincoat

- Walking Shoes - comfortable, sturdy - no crocs

- Thongs / Flip Flops (for the shower only)

- Pyjamas

- Hat


- Toothpaste + Toothbrush

- Soap

- Shampoo + Conditioner

- Deodorant (No aerosols)

- Sunscreen lotion

- Tissues

- Prescribed / required medicines


- Bible

- Notebook + Pen

- Reusable Water Bottle(s) - 2 litres in total

- Day Pack – for water bottle + jacket + day items

- Small snacks (no nuts)

- 1 x Garbage Bag


All linen supplied


It is essential that all students follow these guidelines:

• Bring old and inexpensive items

• Only bring small amounts of cash for vending machines / souvenirs

• Bring enough spare clothes in case clothes get wet due to weather

• Label all of your belongings

• Clothes must NOT display offensive images or language

• Jewellery – girls only may wear stud earrings

• Inappropriate jewellery or clothing will be confiscated and returned at the end of Camp; disciplinary consequences may be enforced

• DO NOT BRING electronic devices, valuable items, sharp objects / pocket knives, snacks containing nuts, Walkman/iPod, good clothes, electronic games, expensive jewellery, mobile phones, open footwear.

5. Parental Consent


give consent for my child, ______________________________________________________________ presently in Year _________ at ACC Marsden Park, to participate in the 2019 Stage 3 Canberra Experience being conducted by Macquarie Educational Tours.


Regular classes will not be operating for those students who do not attend camp. Supervision will be provided and set work will be expected to be completed during this time.


I agree to pay the total costs incurred by the College for my child, as set out on the Canberra Experience Registration and Payment form.

In the event my child is unable to go on the camp for any reason, any charges incurred by the school on my child’s behalf, including but not limited to, cancellation fees and deposits will be charged to my school account. I will pay any outstanding monies within fifteen (15) days following notice to me of the amount.

In the event of any illness, accident or injury, during the camp, I authorise the obtaining on my behalf of such medical or ambulance assistance as my child might require and accept responsibility for the payment of any expenses thus incurred. I further authorise qualified medical practitioners to administer anaesthetic and blood transfusions if such an eventuality arises. I submit the attached medical information about my child and include details of limitations, which he/she has for the activities concerned.

I have read the Student’s Code of Behaviour Agreement, understand its contents and conditions, and accept the parental responsibilities contained therein. I agree to pay all additional costs, incurred by the school, for the return of my child due to not adhering to the code of behaviour.

Photograph Publication


consent to my child being photographed and/or visual images of my child being taken during activities, for use in Australian Christian College publications.

Parent Name: __________________________________________________

(Please print clearly)

Parent Signature: _______________________________________________ _______/_______/_______

6. Student Code of Behaviour Agreement

The code of behaviour sets out what is expected of students attending the Stage 3 Canberra Experience arranged by Australian Christian College, Marsden Park.

Students are expected to:

• Treat all persons with respect and not cause any intentional harm (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) to any person in any way

• Respect the property of others, including all camp and program facilities

• Follow instructions of all authorised personnel involved in this event, including but not limited to the College staff and Camp leaders, support staff, transportation personnel and administration

• Be on time for all departures and activity times

• Adhere to the Australian Christian College Marsden Park BYOD Guidelines

• Not have in my possession any tobacco, alcohol, sharp objects or any illegal substances/items

• Understand that any illegal behaviour will be referred to the police

I have read and understand the Student Code of Behaviour and agree to abide by its conditions.

Student Name: __________________________________________________

(Please print clearly)

Student Signature: _________________________________ _______/_______/_______

Buddy Request:

Nominating a Camp Buddy can assist with accommodation and activity arrangements. Please list any fellow students with whom you would like to be grouped.

I nominate the following student/s as by Camp Buddy/s:

Student Name: __________________________________________________

Student Name: __________________________________________________

Student Name: __________________________________________________

7. Canberra Experience Registration and Payment

Payment for the Stage 3 Canberra Experience should be made via this Eventbrite page.

8. Assumption of Risk


Students may be participating in supervised activities on camp that have potential risks factors that may, in extreme cases, under extraneous circumstances, cause death or injury. However, it should be noted at least one staff member attending is fully qualified and trained in First Aid, and all duty of care and diligence is exercised.

I understand that at no time will my child be forced to participate in a recreational activity and that the camp adopts a challenge by choice policy. I accept the associated risks with the understanding that all duty of care and diligence will be exercised during the Canberra Experience.

Parent Name: __________________________________________________

(Please print clearly)

Parent Signature: ______________________________________ _____/_______/_______

9. Student Medical Requirements

Student Name: ______________________________________________

D.O.B. _____/_____/_____

Male  Female 

Primary Emergency Contact:

Name: _________________________________________________________


Phone: (Home) _____________________ (Work): _____________________

(Mobile): ______________________________

Secondary Emergency Contact:

Name: _________________________________________________________

Relationship: _________________________

Phone: (Home) _____________________ (Work): _____________________

(Mobile): ______________________________

Medicare No:           Valid to: ________________________

Doctor’s Name: ________________________________________________

Telephone: ________________________


Please tick either Yes or No to all questions If YES, select the relevant response OR provide details

Asthma [ ] N [ ] Y [ ] Existing Management Plan with school?

[ ] Standard First Aid medication only?

Diabetes [ ] N [ ] Y [ ] Existing Management Plan with school?

[ ] Standard First Aid medication only?

Intellectual Impairments [ ] N [ ] Y [ ] Existing Management Plan with school?

[ ] Standard First Aid medication only?

Physical Impairments [ ] N [ ] Y [ ] Existing Management Plan with school?

[ ] Standard First Aid medication only?

Sight / Hearing / Language Impairment [ ] N [ ] Y [ ] Existing Management Plan with school?

[ ] Standard First Aid medication only?

Heart Condition [ ] N [ ] Y [ ] Existing Management Plan with school?

[ ] Standard First Aid medication only?

Epilepsy [ ] N [ ] Y [ ] Existing Management Plan with school?

[ ] Standard First Aid medication only?

Joint / Muscle / Bone problems [ ] N [ ] Y [ ] Existing Management Plan with school?

[ ] Standard First Aid medication only?

ADD / ADHD / ODD [ ] N [ ] Y [ ] Existing Management Plan with school?

[ ] Standard First Aid medication only?

Ear Infections / Issues [ ] N [ ] Y

Any operations or serious injuries / illness in the last 12 months [ ] N [ ] Y

Phobias (e.g. Water) [ ] N [ ] Y

Sleepwalking / Nightmares / Odd sleeping habits [ ] N [ ] Y

Other: learning issues; psychological, emotional or behavioural issues?

[ ] N [ ] Y

Is your child currently on any medications? [ ] N [ ] Y

Other medical condition that may effect participation? [ ] N [ ] Y


Please tick either Yes or No to all questions What is it? How serious is it?

Is there an existing Management Plan with the School?

Food / Medication [ ] N [ ] Y

Chemicals [ ] N [ ] Y

Insects / Animals [ ] N [ ] Y

Plants / Vegetation [ ] N [ ] Y


Please tick either Yes or No to all questions If YES, please complete the Special Dietary Requirements form

Any special requirements? [ ] N [ ] Y

Any specific eating habits? (e.g. only likes certain types of foods)

[ ] N [ ] Y

I declare that the information which I have provided on this form is complete and correct and that I will notify the College if any changes occur. I authorise the teacher or any employee of the school who is with my child, to give consent where it is impractical to communicate with me, and agree to my child receiving such medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary. I give permission for the school to pass this information to a third party (e.g. Doctor, Hospital) to facilitate the medical treatment of my child. I give permission for the school to retain this form for statutory archival requirements, noting that I can access it by appointment as per the College’s Privacy Policy.

Parent Name: __________________________________________________

(Please print clearly)

Parent Signature: _______________________________________________

(Parent/ Guardian)

Date: _______/_______/_______

10. Consent to Administer Medication During Camp

(Valid for the duration of the Canberra Experience and for the purposes of ACCMP Staff)

Student Name: ________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ______/_______/________

Please list all medications that your child requires or may require during the camp (e.g. insulin, Rivotil, Panadol).

Name of Medication:

Strength (e.g. 10mg):___________________________________

Dosage (e.g. 1 tablet): ___________________________________

Route (e.g. oral, via PEG):___________________________________

Times to be given:___________________________________

Start Date:___________________________________

End date:___________________________________

Other useful instructions or information:___________________________________




I hereby grant permission for College staff to administer the necessary medication to my child during the Camp. I agree to notify the College in writing, if there are any changes to the above medication.

I will package the medication for my child in a labelled resealable bag with instructions enclosed. I agree to give the medication to College staff on the morning of Camp departure. I understand that if no medication permission is given, medication will only be given in an emergency situation.

The following points are for security and safety purposes, and act as a guideline to medication management:

• Parents must notify the school in writing to administer medication; this may include written guidelines from the prescribing medical practitioner, including potential side effects or adverse reactions

• Medication must be provided in the original pharmacy labelled container OR in a sealed, clearly labelled container/s including student’s name, dosage, and times to be taken

• Medication must not be out of date

• The student has received a dose at home without any ill effects

• The parents are responsible for notifying the school of any adjusted dose

Parent Name: __________________________________________________

(Please print clearly)

Parent Signature: _______________________________________________

(Parent/ Guardian)

Date Signed: _______/_______/_______

11.Special Dietary Requirements & Itinerary

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Date and Time



1222 Federal Hwy Service Rd

sutton, ACT 2620


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