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NMIT - Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology - Nelson

322 Hardy Street

Nelson, Nelson 7010

New Zealand

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Let me begin by saying ethical business is our number one priority. If you are interested in get rich quick schemes, scamming the public, or driven by personal greed, then don't waste your time reading further. This training is not for you.

If on the other hand, you want to find ways of making your business offer more value, help more people,become more socially conscious, and generate more profit in the process, then you have come to the right place...

After two days of immersive training, you will walk out with all the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need, to scale and grow your business.

This is proven business and marketing training that has been refined and distilled over the past eight years, to deliver you the most 'no fluff' event you will ever attend.

By the end of the weekend you will learn:

How to find more purpose and passion in your business, giving you more energy and enjoyment from what you do.

How to design your business so that you can scale it, and eventually automate it for passive income, or sell it for a high price.

How to better understand the roles and use of teams and tech within your business, and get better results with less effort.

How to leverage digital marketing strategies for low to no cost and skyrocket your business on a shoestring budget.

How to write words that sell. From sales pages and adverts, to email and social media posts. This maybe the most important skill you will ever learn for your business.

The content is broken down into two sections, one each day. The first will be the business strategy, the second marketing and copywriting.

Both days combine teaching, along with practical exercises and group work to help you properly understand and absorb the content. You will also receive a workbook full of action steps, checklists, and resources, to ensure maximum retention, comprehension, and post event results.

Day 1 - Business Accelerator

Too many business owners lack purpose, clarity, and a well-defined strategy for growing their business. This can lead to feeling stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed. Others are simply unable to escape running the business day-to-day, to really grow their business.

It does not need to be like this though... by the end of day 1, you will discover:

Your purpose in business, and why this drives everything you do, attracts the people you need, and engages customers you could not otherwise reach. (Get this right, and you will lower your marketing costs significantly.)

Your mission in life, and how to use this to create focus and clarity in your goals, and in your daily tasks for enhanced productivity. (Get this one wrong, and you will feel like you are constantly chasing your own tail.)

The formula to business success, and how to avoid wasting time and money (this is so obvious when you are shown it, yet I have never seen anyone teach this. Unfortunately, when business owners get it wrong, they can get stuck for years).

How to identify 80/20 principles in your business to ensure maximum business growth and rapid profits. (This is very easy once you do one easy step - yet 95% plus of business owners I have asked have no idea what to do. However, when you know, it is so simple, and easily the best thing you will do all year to improve your business.)

The only 3 ways to increase profit in any business, and how to create a clear strategy to achieve all 3 for compounded results. (This knowledge really is power, and will easily return your cost of attending many times over.)

Why and how to build a list. Lists are absolute gold, and you will learn a variety of ways to build yours. (Including a simple change that took one business from 20-40 leads a day, to over 500. All on the same amount of traffic.)

How to design and build sales funnels that increase your profits without annoying your customers. (The majority of business don't do this at all, and leave much of their profit potential untapped. Most that do, do it horribly wrong.)

How to build and manage better teams that are more productive, get better results, and are more fun to work with. (Including one strategy borrowed from software development that will accelerate results, while avoiding a lot of wasted time and money.)

How to start and run a mastermind group to provide support, focus, accountability, extended networks and much more. (Napoleon Hill claimed these groups were critical to success in his legendary book 'Think and Grow Rich', and have been used by many famous and hyper-successful people throughout history.)

Day 2 - Digital Marketing Hacks

With good marketing, customers often want to buy before you even try to sell. And unlike traditional advertising, marketing in today's world does not need to cost a fortune.

Finding and converting customers is the lifeblood of any business, so it is important to get it right. That is why by the end of day 2, you will know:

How to write copy that will make people walk on broken glass and sell their own grandmothers to buy what you are selling. (Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little - but without this skill, it does not matter how good your product is, you will only ever convert a fraction of your potential customers.)

How to understand social media so that you can use it the right way, and stop wasting your time like most people. (There are many uses for social media, and different business models can use it in different ways. But, most get this soooo wrong.)

How to take advantage of retargeting to get crazy low click costs, build your brand image, increase your conversions, and make more sales. (I have seen many people use retargeting, but even the professional marketing agencies don't scrape its true potential.

How to decide which types of digital marketing methods will work best for YOU, and more importantly, which you are personally most suited to. (If you don't understand this, it is easy to throw away your money. Truth is there are many types of traffic - you need to consider your team, budget, and industry to decide which ones to use, and when.)

How to combine online and offline marketing into a single plan that work together for enhanced results. (If you only do one, you miss out a lot of sales. Run them separately, and you will only see a fraction of either ones' full potential.)

How to do email marketing properly, and put your relationship building and sales on autopilot - for peanuts. (According to the American Marketing Association, email gives the best return on investment of any type of marketing. Plus, once setup properly, email marketing can literally generate sales while you sleep.)

How to use affiliate marketing to grow your business, while only paying for results. (I will share with you how I personally used affiliate marketing to generate over $2 million in sales in just ten days, and how grew using the same strategies.)

How to use the most simple, elegant, and yet powerful marketing method of all to dramatically grow your business, without spending a cent on advertising. (This is the same strategy that many of the world's largest companies have used, but works just as well for small businesses.)

How to create a message that people want to share, and leverage the highest converting source of leads - free referral traffic. (These same ideas can also help increase your chances of creating content that will go viral, or being picked up and shared by offline media without costing a cent.)

Because Business Is More Than Money...

A while back, I read on one business owners blog that he was 'hungry for money'. He was even proud of the fact.

This makes me rather sad.

Life is not about money. Yes, it is useful. Yes, it is fun to make it. But it is more rewarding to do something useful with it, and to make it in a way that provides value and help to the community.

I wish more people were 'hungry to create positive change'.

I also believe that it is the responsibility of businesses to try their best to balance the negative impact they have on the environment as an unintended consequence of their doing business.Therefore, for every participant who attends the event...

One acre of rainforest will be protected, helping preserve a rich abundance of plant, animal, and bird life in one of nature's most concentrated regions of biodiversity (as well as being one of our best defences against climbing carbon levels).

Ten new trees will be planted. These new trees will not only offset any carbon emissions that come from putting on the event, they also provide food and income to poor rural farmers in Africa.

Support will be given to Nelson's Local Foundation, an organization aimed at bringing help and education to Nelson's budding entrepreneurs. They also work at bringing more tech and sustainability based businesses to the Nelson region, and so helping strengthen the local economy.

Attend FusionDojo Nelson, and become a part of something bigger than yourself...

All Great So Far, But Who Is Speaking?

So, What Is This All Going To Cost?

A very good question, though I would suggest even if you were to pay $10,000 for the weekend, it would actually cost you more in lost profits and wasted marketing budgets not to attend.

Remember, business is about getting a return on investment, not on dollars per hour. If you pay very little, but gain nothing, you would waste both your time and money. If you pay a lot, but use the information and ideas to make far more, then whatever you spent would have been a good investment.

That said, it's not going to cost $10,000. In fact, it is less than a tenth of this.

You can attend the entire weekend for only $995.

!!! Early Bird Special: Book before May 10th and save $300. That's just $695. !!!

What's more, I want to remove any risk for you...

My 'Make Over 300%' Guarantee To You

If at the end, you honestly believe you will not be able to use the strategies you learn tomake at least triple the cost of your ticket , then just say so for a full refund.

In fact, I will give you an extra $50 from my own pocket to go buy yourself a nice dinner as an apology for wasting your time. Yes, it will cost me if you take me up on the offer, but I really don't want your money if you are not happy with the content.

Can't say fairer than that.

(Given past feedback, and the number of returning participants we have had at previous events, I highly doubt anyone will take me up on this offer. But, I want to ensure you at least know you have the option.)

Life and success are defined by the decisions and actions we take. Do nothing and you are almost guaranteed to get nothing. Do something and you are at least guaranteed an experience, and almost certainly much more.

Get excited. Get motivated. Get into gear, and get results.

I look forward to meeting and helping you soon.

Click the big green button below, and secure your place now (limited spaces so be quick to avoid disappointment)...

Some feedback from Leon's previous events and books...

To give you an idea of what you can expect, here is just some of the feedback from previous events, and from readers of the books that provide the foundation to this weekend:


"If FusionDojo ever offers another chance, I don't care if it's on the frigging
moon, you need to come."


"Coming to this weekend has made it so simple!"


"Leon Jay’s work stands in stark contrast to wannabe gurus who say, ‘Follow me and I’ll make you rich.’ That’s an old song & dance designed to sell you seminar tickets and expensive products. Leon doesn't want to be your guru. He wants you to have the wisdom and knowledge to make solid business decisions for yourself. You’ll finish knowing where to begin and which direction to travel."


"A succinct, humorous and thorough guide to business and personal success through value based decisions demonstrating what science is now confirming is the most reliable way to accelerate your productivity and profits in the modern world."


"Create, Automate, Accelerate cuts through the fluff of most other business books. Jay's book will challenge you and force you to define your endgame in business. It's Thiel's "Zero To One" meets Kahneman's "Thinking, Fast and Slow." This one just might save you a decade in your career. Highly recommended."


"This book is designed to make you think. And then think again. There are dozens of short but probing questions and a myriad of strategies divined from the authors fascination with what makes a business tick. Reading Create Automate Accelerate will clear the fog and give a new perspective on how and why you are in business - leading to a better result and happier life with less effort and less stress."


"Part philosophy, part life story, this entirely insightful online business book is written in Leon's no-nonsense, straight forward style. A distillation of more than a decade of experience leads to some wise words and proven ways of working that will offer something valuable to readers of all levels from those just beginning to explore business to gnarly old veterans of the online business world. Highly enjoyable read."


"Few books bring together the various elements of business and marketing into such a complete and user friendly format for entrepreneurs and small business owners."


"Leon has created an unusually high quality information source for online marketing."

Book your place now, and experience for yourself what all the excitement is about...

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Date and Time


NMIT - Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology - Nelson

322 Hardy Street

Nelson, Nelson 7010

New Zealand

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