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A New Beginning, A New You

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The Tower Hotel & Leisure Centre

The Mall

X91 VXE0 Waterford


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Free yourself from the ongoing cycle of negative experiences and thoughts. Empower yourself to live life without suffering, stress or abuse.

About this Event

Heal the pain of past Hurts and Traumas

  • Are you a man or a woman who is reliving past hurts over and over?
  • Are you a person with constant aches and pains, grief, guilt, shame, depression, addictions, phobias or fears that you would love to get rid of?
  • Are you a person who wants to free yourself from the loop of frustration of repeating the same old destructive patterns and wants to learn the tools to help yourself and others too?
  • Are you a PRACTITIONER, COACH or HEALER who wants to learn the best techniques to get FAST EFFECTIVE LONG TERM RESULTS for your clients?

If life is driving you around the bend....

This is for YOU!


At this convention you will learn the following and much more......

Valued at over €2000 if you had these treatments as individual appointments.


  • How to let go of Hurt, Grief, Shame, Guilt, Anger, Resentment & Anxiety.
  • How to release past traumas with compassion
  • How to be aware of your thoughts and emotions
  • How to accept better from yourself therefore into your life
  • How to be your own hero
  • How to create your own pain relief system
  • How the power of words works – positive or negative
  • How to heal things quickly
  • How to change your mood instantly
  • How to connect to your guardian angel
  • How to Meditate easily
  • How to forgive fully – to truly forgive
  • How to use gratitude in everyday life
  • How to thank people for triggering you
  • How to be grateful for past traumatic experiences.
  • How to change your perspective on an event
  • How to find the learnings, that silver lining
  • Connect with your inner peace
  • Connect with the healer within
  • How to change your belief systems
  • How to create new decisions with the awareness you never had before.
  • How to understand your own personality
  • How you can talk your way into a new reality
  • How to communicate with yourself effectively
  • How to truly love yourself

Are you ready to step forward and welcome a new reality a new life for you?

"We were born into an imperfect world of imperfect parents who expected us to be perfect and we expected them to be perfect".

We have unrealistic expectations of people including ourselves.

Let’s remove this dysfunctional belief and allow ourselves to be human and unlearn the old ways so that we can step into a brighter future with Love and Compassion as our guides.


Friday 10th 5.45pm to 9pm

Saturday and Sunday 11th & 12th 10am to 6pm

Lunch provided - Soup and a variety of sandwiches, water, Tea's & Coffee's

Car parking behind the Hotel. Take a parking ticket at barrier.

FREE Parking can be redeemed from Reception on entrance.

The Presenters


My name is Shakara. I am a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Timeline Transformation, NLP, Life coach, Psychic medium , Reiki Master and Intuitive

I have been working in this field for almost 30 years. I have assisted in excess of 25,000 people on their healing journey and on their awakening. Bringing mindfulness and awareness of their thoughts and actions into their lives.

I was born in Australia to a Russian mother and Polish father. Both my parents were intuitive. No getting away with stuff they just knew!! What we were up to. I was one of eight. 6 girls and 2 boys. Yet I am the only one that has developed the gifts of intuition.

I found it hard growing up with migrant parents I actually carried shame because they spoke differently and had different ways. When I started school, I could not even speak English. I learned to compare our family with other families and I never felt good enough. I tried to fit in, it just didn’t work so my school life was shit. I hated school, I felt dumb because I couldn’t speak the language but now when I look back, they couldn’t speak mine!!!! And they weren’t dumb so neither was I!!

Like many people I have a lot of crappy experiences in life. I was raped, abused and lost my first born to suicide. Fortunately I was able to work through it and come out the other side with gratitude for all my experiences and some amazing tools to assist others to heal their lives and to live a better future. That is when I made a promise to help others and to commit 100% to awaken to who you really are, not told who you are but who you really are. I feel that I have been asleep and now coming back in.

I am a mother of four and a grandmother of seven children and I too knew everything that they were up to!!! The kids also thought that I was listening in to their plans!!!!

Most of my life I knew things before they happened and I thought I was creating it, there was no one to ask. And in those days my gifts were not spoken of as they could not be understood. It was not accepted that a child could have this valuable knowledge. I tried shutting it down but knowing was always there.

I feel so honoured and grateful to have the opportunity to stand in front of you all and to give 100% and know that it is going to make a huge difference in your life. You cannot walk out of our convention without being changed. Once you know you cannot unknow!

I have never stepped foot out of Australia, so this is an amazing opportunity and adventure and to go to the one place that I also wanted to go – Ireland. I find the Irish accent is like music to my heart. I am really looking forward to listening to you all!

Dreams do come true as this has been a dream for me. When you focus on what you want you allow it in to become a reality.

My name is Martina. I am a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Timeline Transformation, NLP, Life coach, Reiki Master.

I was born in Galway in the west of Ireland. I grew up on a lovely farm near Glenamaddy the youngest of 6 siblings – 1 boy and 5 girls. I was the menopause baby – “the mistake”. My Mother was 43 years old when I was born, and my Father was 50. There was such an age gap with my own siblings I grew up with my two nephews. I remember feeling ashamed when I was a teenager of having older parents as many of my friends thought they were my grandparents. I would laugh when my friends spoke about their grandparents as I found it very funny that their grandparents were still alive whereas all mine had passed away before I was even born. My mother was a strict catholic with a huge heart. She helped everyone she could. My father was so easy-going who got on with everyone no matter what age. Our house was always full of people, just like mine is today! Growing up in Galway was magical, I was surrounded by love, happiness, best friends and lots of fun & humour. Even now I say if I can give my children half the childhood I had I will have done a fantastic job.

At 19 years old I moved to London and began my career as an Accountant. I married at the age of 20 and realised I had married the wrong person for me. I tried my hardest to make it work and in fact stayed 15 years in that marriage just out of spite to myself and others that it was not going to fail. I did not want to be a divorce statistic. I did not want the stigma of being divorced. I put myself through an array of negative emotions such as shame, guilt and a whole lot more and constantly punished myself for allowing myself to be in this situation. My life felt very empty and I was just existing, I ate, I slept, and I worked but I was not enjoying life one little bit.

During those 15 years I had also lost a number of people who I loved very dearly including my parents. I was carrying around a lot of grief with me and felt like I had no one to express my feelings to. I felt so alone. I was in a deep dark hole. I was never one for taking medicine because I grew up watching my Mother pop 18 plus tablets a day for all her ailments, so I turned to Mindset Training to help me. I believe these tools and the fact I was a positive person in nature helped me escape a long life of suffering.

It took another death in the family for me to wake up and decide to leave that marriage and to start living again. It took me 5 months to hatch my escape and when I did – within 3 weeks of leaving that marriage the love of my life came in and whisked me right off my feet! My life changed instantly like a flash of a magic wand!! Was I looking for another relationship? Heck NO!

That was a decade ago, I am now happily married with two amazing children and we really are living the life of our dreams in sunny Perth Australia. I absolutely love our life!

I found my purpose in life through being grateful for the 15 years of suffering in an unlovable abusive relationship. My purpose is to help people realise that suffering can be turned around and changes in your life can be made instantly. We don’t have to wait for happiness to find us – we are the creators of our own happiness!

I am really looking forward to coming back home with all the tools and wisdom that I have learned to help you make a better life for you and your loved ones. I want to help you overcome the traumas you have experienced so that you are no longer carrying it around with you. This can really hold you back from achieving the life of abundance that you were meant to live.

Don't miss this chance to STEER YOUR LIFE into the direction that you want to go! Jump into the driving seat!

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Date and Time


The Tower Hotel & Leisure Centre

The Mall

X91 VXE0 Waterford


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