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121 Marcus Clarke St

Level 2, 121 Marcus Clarke St

Canberra, ACT 2601


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This 1-day short course has been specially developed for executives and leaders interested in achieving leadership excellence in their role. Harnessing the latest research advances from contextual behavioural science, this workshop will teach you how to cultivate a high performing mind in managing change in the service of consistent high performance.

This unique workshop combines the powerful tools of psychological flexibility (PsychFlex), adaptive leadership and human behavioural insights to help leaders more consistently allocate the scarce resource of attention to what is most important and achieve results through people – the key assets for productivity enhancement and successful change transformation. Participants will learn to deal with habitual and negative responses and behaviours in both themselves and others, to name and identify such behaviours and develop the metacognition and perspective-taking to recognise and manage this intrinsically and extrinsically. By taking perspective on your part in a larger system, you will learn how you are modifying the system, and develop a more flexible repertoire of chosen responses to challenging and difficult situations. Such personal responsiveness has been shown to significantly enhance work engagement, communication, stress management, learning and information processing, emotional intelligence, executive functioning, cognitive style, and physical and mental wellbeing.

In addition, by recognising the importance of values-directed action, you will inculcate such behaviour in individuals within your teams. Prosocial approaches will help you to develop teams of people with a united and cohesive sense of purpose guided by established norms of trust and reciprocity and a universal set of principles that reward cooperative and productive behaviours and sanction poor behaviours.

Undergirding this approach is the ability to converse with greater influence, a style based on the latest research advances on language and cognition and an understanding of how words and speech influence covert and overt behaviour that reliably motivates others to act more consistently with what is intrinsically and socially important. The focus is on shaping the ways you listen, speak and track what you do that is directed toward valued living. You will learn to communicate in ways that build a community of engagement, commitment and learning with others. This will significantly enhance your ability to direct your own behaviour and more effectively influence the behaviour of others around you.

The course is led by world-leading contextual behavioural scientist and master leadership coach, Dr Robert Styles, an ANU PhD whose training strategies draw from the latest, empirically-validated and evidence-based research advances in contextual behavioural science.

Learn to:

  • Develop and refine the valuable attributes of psychological flexibility as a leader and manager
  • Identify intrinsic core values for success that facilitate personal adaptability, agility and a dynamic responsiveness
  • Develop a broader repertoire of chosen responses to life's situations
  • Facilitate constructive and productive engagements with others that deliver results and create a positive impact at the workplace
  • Build and sustain a strong team identity and purpose
  • Establish norms of mutual trust and reciprocity
  • Cultivate local autonomy and empower team members to greater achievement
  • Actively listen to and gain the perspective of others
  • Ask powerful questions to increase synoptic awareness and catalyse new insights and perspectives
  • Actively structure a conversation to enhance learning and stimulate positive responses from others
  • Speak authentically and persuasively about your own experience
  • Communicate effectively to ‘manage’ the expectations of others
  • Communicate to empower, motivate and influence the behaviour of others

Who will benefit?

If you are an aspiring leader or manager wanting to cultivate personal wellbeing, a high performing mind and motivate others to achieve the same, and enhance team and organisational communication and performance, then this is the course for you. You will learn to:

  • Analyse what is really motivating and directing behaviour and the results you are getting
  • Clarify your personal values by identifying what is important in the long run
  • Increase your awareness of experience and how attention is allocated
  • Reinforce the value you are striving for in important life domains
  • Act effectively by designing, testing and prototyping new ideas and behaviours
  • Analyse what is motivating and directing individual and team behaviours
  • Review prevailing norms regulating team and inter-team behaviours
  • Consider the required dialogue skills for cultivating prosociality
  • Structure a conversation – facilitate the purpose, process and timing for optimal impact and outcomes
  • Give good information – provide information eloquently and succinctly for optimal impact
  • Listen reflectively - listen actively to gain value, meaning and purpose from others and then test your understanding of their concerns and perspectives
  • Motivate and persuade others to collaborative action - catalyse learning and positively transform behaviour

Course Outcomes

  1. Improve your own awareness and productivity
  2. Enhance your personal productivity and wellbeing
  3. More consistently choose and act in line with your values
  4. More ably catalyse learning and changed behaviours personally, in peers and subordinates
  5. Communicate with impact and positively influence others
  6. Cultivate a culture of prosociality and values-consonant civic engagement
  7. Consider approaches for generalising prosocial principles across the system
  8. Communicate to effectively coordinate efforts that realise tangible goals
  9. Structure dialogue to inspire motivation, cooperation and productivity
  10. Become better prepared for tough conversations through an empathetic understanding of the motivations and interests of others
  11. Learn how to inspire and influence as a leader

Participant Responses

“Impactful in every area of my life – profoundly useful and practical learning that I was able to use in my personal relationships at home – an unexpected bonus”

“Like no other communication or coaching course I’ve attended. Learning how words work to influence what we think and do is powerful stuff …”

“You are taught that listening is to deeply self-reflect and take perspective. It actually made me think very differently about how I am received by others”


Dr Robert Styles is an internationally-renowned academic expert in the field of psychological flexibility and adaptive leadership who has published widely in the field of contextual behavioural science. His PhD examined the influences of language on sustained, positive overt and covert behavioural change in leaders and managers. He has successfully trained hundreds of senior managers, executives, CEOs and leaders from businesses and public agencies throughout the Asia-Pacific and Australasia.


Can’t attend on this date?

Please contact ExecEd@anuenterprise.com.au to find out about future dates and schedules, as well as to enquire about training delivery at your own premises.

Are there any Group discounts?

Group discounts are available for bulk registrations of 3 or more participants.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations or changes to course registrations should be provided in writing to execed@anuenterprise.com.au at the earliest opportunity. Late substitution of registrants and shifting to other advertised courses is permissible but subject to approval and may incur a cost.

What is the refund policy?

Attendees are required to provide no less than 10 working days’ notice to request a full refund. No further refund will be offered once this period has expired. Participants are able to nominate another attendee from their organisation at no charge.

Is my registration/ticket transferable?

Yes, your registration is transferable to another employee at your organisation at any time prior to the day of the event. Please advise new registration details to ExecEd@anuenterprise.com.au

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Date and Time

121 Marcus Clarke St

Level 2, 121 Marcus Clarke St

Canberra, ACT 2601


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