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Centre for Life Therapies

154-160 Broadway

Chippendale, NSW 2007


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Is a lack of confidence holding you back?

Are you’re a go-getter, a professional, an entrepreneur, juggling a multitude of responsibilities and yet feeling stuck, as if you are being held back by invisible forces?

Can you think of a time you skipped out on something because you weren’t confident enough? The networking event, the party, the social gathering, the chance to speak your expertise in front of a crowd, getting on a dating site, asking for that promotion, or demanding the respect you deserve?

How many of life’s amazing opportunities have you let pass by due to a lack of confidence?

You have so much to give; so much potential, yet you realize you are playing small. You are trapped by your own fears and doubts, your own limiting beliefs. You are worthy of love and adoration, fulfillment and abundance, but you don’t believe it yet. You want it, consciously you say you want it, but unconsciously you feel you don’t deserve it, you’re not good enough. But I want you to know that you are good enough, more than good enough.

Yet you feel nervous, scared. Held back by your lack of confidence. You’ve given away your power to someone else without even knowing it. The ball is always in someone else’s court. You are living by other people’s programs from your past, and you don’t realize that. Life is passing you by. You feel stuck. You have big dreams but you don’t know how to get started. You’ve tried but you keep coming up against roadblocks to your future again and again.

You are smart, resilient, with a big smile and tons of attitude, but deep down, in your private thoughts, you feel limited, confused, anxious, depressed, drained, always working hard, always giving the best of yourself to others, and not honouring yourself.

Is this you?

  • Earning a good living but not your dream job
  • In a relationship but its troubled, or
  • Single and not attracting the right partner
  • Healthy but unhappy
  • Well liked but feeling alone
  • Full of brilliance and talent but stifled
  • Self aware but unhealed
  • Insecure at work, feeling misunderstood by others
  • Capable but not yet shining at your full magnificence
  • Busy but not clear on what you should be doing
  • Lovable and loving but lacking self-love and acceptance
  • Taking a back seat in your own destiny
  • Having so much potential but not seeing it and owning it
  • Lack of confidence getting in the way of an extraordinary life



My name is Sonya and I’m a Life Coach and Therapist, and a certified trainer of NLP & Matrix Therapies. I specialize in healing emotional pain in my clients, and helping them to move forward, allowing them to see the unlimited possibilities open to them, and supporting them as they choose the right way forward for them.

I have a history of anxiety and depression. I used to play small, doubt myself, give my power to others, accept second best, and accept being treated as less than the shining soul I know I am, particularly in my career.

Finally I stopped all of that. I stopped procrastinating and I invested in myself. I invested in mentors and coaches to help me uncover my confidence blocks that were holding me back. I cleared them, I healed the past. I have created the Centre for Life Therapies and I’ve dedicated my life to helping others heal the weight of their emotional baggage so they feel free to create the life they want.


We all have the right to heal. There is always hope, always possibility, always evolution. Our life’s work is to learn and grow and help others to learn and grow.

You are naturally light and love, full of bliss and knowledge. Knowing that, you have something to move towards, there is always a light to move towards. Always a better life is possible, if you are honest and prepared to go deep within to heal.

You are a good person, you know you are a good person, yet the negative outcomes in your life keep showing up, keep repeating. We need to heal your inner children, the ones who were innocent and vulnerable, who should have been protected but weren’t, who didn’t have the voice or the resources or the strength to stand up for themselves and express their needs. We can give them that now, we can go back and we give them what they need, make them feel better, make them feel loved and safe. Make them whole again.

By healing your inner children, by healing your past, you are healing you. Life feels lighter and brighter and safer. You feel stronger, clearer and happier. And suddenly life is full of positivity and possibility again. It always has been, you have only temporarily lost your way, and now you experience it as true. You have found your way and you shine your light brightly and courageously. You know your boundaries and you respect others also.

Once you are clear on your own power and realize that only your beliefs are limiting you, the sky is the limit.

Watch out world, here she comes! The YOU you have always wanted to be, the YOU you have always known you were, you just needed help to uncover her. Like a diamond covered by the earth, it is still always a pristine perfect jewel. That is you, a perfect diamond, just waiting to be uncovered, polished to your true brilliance and released into the world to the awe of all those who meet you.


  • 6 Private Sessions for deep emotional healing work.
  • Each session between 60-90 minutes.
  • We will heal negative influences from your past,
  • We will heal negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
  • 6 Live webinars. Come together with like-minded women and learn techniques to move you into your power.


  • Healed so many of the unconscious limiting blocks to uncover your natural confidence
  • Feel lighter, brighter, standing in your power, confident to use your voice in the most authentic, powerful and respectful way.
  • Realise the unlimited possibilities available to you.
  • Discover and own the power within you to create the life you want
  • Have actionable steps to move forward into the next chapter of your life


  • To show up 100%.
  • Be committed to change.
  • Be responsible for your own inner work.
  • This is deep transformational work – be ready!



* You can begin your private sessions before then.

Feeling excited? Or feeling nervous, lacking confidence that you can do this? It’s ok, I’ve got your back, and we will do this together. The first step to gain your confidence is to book a 30-minute free discovery session:



Life was becoming quite overwhelming and I struggled to have time for ME. Things had to change as my health and wellbeing were suffering. Then along came the wonderful Sonya, she truly was like a breath of fresh air with her caring nature and very positive outlook on life. I was truly inspired by Sonya's knowledge and what she had to offer. The 6 private sessions were amazing, as we really focused on me and what I needed to change, to be a more balanced and happier person. There have been many changes, but a few significant one's are: I feel stronger in myself, I feel more empowered to speak up and say what I want and how I feel both personally and professionally. ~ Lisa

Sonya is loving and kind, and passionate about supporting people in creating the best life for them. Sonya uses language I understand, builds instant connection, and I trusted her within minutes of our first meeting. I focussed on changing my self talk, being kind to self, putting self first, saying yes, celebrating my achievements, believing a thought is only that and I have the power to change it. I learnt how to be strong and confident and ask for what I want in life... I have lost weight, I love myself more, I speak up for what I believe in and am more myself without inner judgment. I have matured. I care more about me, and I wanted more!!!! Recently I received a promotion at work, a dream job!!!!! I did the work and was rewarded. Without Sonya this would not have been possible. ~ Carly

Sonya's coaching and therapy helped me to unpack past events and understand the dynamics in my relationships - and how they impacted my current behaviour and self belief. She helped me to overcome feelings that were blocking my ability to be open to love. The process allowed me to identify with my more authentic self, which gave me the confidence to take chances again and attract what I wanted in a relationship. I always considered myself to be a relatively self aware person, but I was constantly surprised by the revelations Sonya helped me uncover week to week. I had tried conventional therapy before but had never experienced the results I did with Sonya. The life events that unfolded during and after my sessions with Sonya are a testament to her skill and her process. It wasn't long before I met a beautiful man and I am now in a healthy committed relationship. ~ Jessica

Are you ready to reclaim your power and shine your light brightly? It will be my pleasure and my honour to help you.

Check if this is right for you. Book a free discovery session:


Love and light


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Centre for Life Therapies

154-160 Broadway

Chippendale, NSW 2007


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